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Project Manager

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Usually, the designers paid versions of sites can: – Quickly change the design site. – Ability to edit the site in the mode of on-line. – Ability to connect software modules (search services on the site, voting, feedback, news ticker, etc.) – Real customer service. What can the free version? It all depends on who you are plucked. Jill Schlesinger may not feel the same. But most of all a free website has in its arsenal a few templates and, in principle, that's where the opportunities are exhausted. 3) CMS (Control System content). Is a program written in the language of Web programming, which is installed on your web site and has full control over the information on it. By installing such a system does not need to worry about design, rather simply to enter text and content.

Anything else will make the program. My opinion is the most functional solution. There is every opportunity to create a professional website. Manage such a site can be directly in the mode of on-line. The most important thing you can find here is not even bad free solutions. But no matter how attractive we have not looked these new technologies and programs, knowledge of HTML, CSS and others they do not release. Yes, I do not dispute that a site possible without this knowledge, but keep it a viable, popular and famous is unlikely. As you know, in ways that I have given above, a site created from templates.

You depend on them. Imagine that you need modify any detail, but this pattern is not there. What should I do? A well set this revision is simply vital. This is good if you use a paid CMS or website designer contact support. In this If you can write a letter, and you will create your personalized template. And if possible do not use paid services? Then you have to learn HTML and do everything yourself. On the free help you no one will. I believe that a man who wanted to create a website on the Internet in any case be at least a basic knowledge of HTML. For example, when I publish a new release lists, publish a new article, but even leave a message forum, I have to use HTML. Can you imagine, and it is only a small fraction of what you need to do a web builder! But there are exceptions. There are people who design is not so important, and special features are not needed. Them just need a site that stores some information. Usually, this mini-sites, which consist of several pages. For example, the mini – sites are often used by small organizations to publish information about themselves. It can be sites of various entertainment, circles, sections, fire station, small shop and more. Their main purpose to inform people through the Internet, there is such a place. For such a case the use of the site designer or CMS would be most welcome. Well, that's all I wanted to tell you in this article. I hope that at least a little, but help you decide. Good luck! Regards, Project Manager – Technical information for the beginner of this site. Dmitry Chengaev.

Berlinale Film

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As reported by news of Ukraine Ukraine went to the Berlin Film Festival. With a film about Chernobyl, which will be held – 'Saturday'. He is represented in the main competition Berlinale full-length movie. As reported by our media Author – Russian director Alexander Mindadze. Ukrainian in this film is a producer and signed to his production money. Tape 'Saturday' tells the real story about the attempt of man to escape from the city of Pripyat was the Sabbath, 26 April, when the explosion occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Show it to the 'Berlinale' Fourteenth of February. For even more opinions, read materials from Secretary of Agriculture. VXI International Ukrainian News reported that the Berlin International Film Festival kicks off next Thursday.

For the main award – Golden Bear-compete sixteen feature films. Until now, the Berlinale Ukrainian kinotriumf experienced only once – in the 90th, when competing in the main competition film 'Asthenic syndrome' and Kira Muratova won the Silver Bear. Andrew Khalpakhchi, president of the Ukrainian Cinema Foundation, 'How can we not lose, if Poland is removed fifty feature films, and we have ten, but really what is still stated as Ukrainian film 'Saturday', that's some achievement. " Berlinale is the 1st major coming of 2011 and, along with the Venetian and Cannes, is one of the most serezdnyh film festivals around the world. Berlinale – is viewed more than 350 unique creations of art, viewed 11 days of 150 thousand visitors. The opening ceremony of the festival to be held memorable, but mostly the creation of the first day out of the festival should become a super modern western Coen Brothers 'Grit' with Jeff Bridges starring roles in Josh Brolin and Matt Damon. Films included in the program are divided into categories: Competition from gaming pictures Panorama (new movie with a small budget), Documentaries, short films, The Forum (experimental works), a retrospective and a lot of different other. Glavnymie terms of participation in main program – the premiere at the festival are the data patterns.


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Each of us at least once in my life seen a samovar, and certainly they enjoyed. It could be a big old samovar on the coals or simple modern powered by electricity. In general, the samovar on the principle of operation can be identified few: coal, wood burning, electrical, etc. The oldest of them is a coal samovar. For the first time such a samovar appeared in Russia in the late seventeenth century and became a "national" only in the late nineteenth century. Heating the water in the samovar going through the combustion of coal in a special compartment. The use of coal instead of wood as fuel has made the process of heating the water quicker, and a container under the fuel becomes smaller made it possible to increase the volume of the tank under water. Samovar on the wood used mainly in those parts of Russia, where to get the coal was problematic.

The fuel selected those trees, which were isolated maximum heat emission. Today it is very difficult to find a samovar, which would work on the principle of combustion. Basically they are now represented by electrical modifications made antique. Instead of fuel used electricity, which is more convenient in modern conditions. In some models there is a choice of temperature. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jack Fusco is the place to go. Of course, the electric samovar never create the atmosphere of tea, which was literally century ago, when the samovar was a "member" of the family, when he united the people at the table. Recently there has been a gradual increase in demand for antique samovar, which could not be stored in a closet, as rarity product and use for its intended purpose, touching the recent past of their ancestors, going into their lifestyle. Only now like to buy a copy is not given to everyone as a ready samovar from the nineteenth century, which is ready for use today is very good money.

Immigrant Absorption

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Children of immigrants admitted to school, but two classes below. After leaving school, all children pass the required examination and is incredibly difficult – Abitur, which resulted in his or enroll in college or not. Getting to Germany in adolescence age, the child runs the risk not to pass abitur and, therefore, casts doubt on their further education in this country. That the child has a chance to continue to receive higher education and employment to move to Germany is 10 years. Or at home after the first (second best) policy of the university. If the universities of the CIS practice runs at the end of their studies, in Germany – after the first year. As a rule, in the process of training students begin to look for a future job. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Craig Jelinek has to say. This rule allows young professionals and do not stay on the street, and employers can look to the future employee.

Adult immigrant gets completely under other frameworks. Even confirmed in accordance with German law degrees are considered employers no more than a recommendation and are not a reason to take the job. This refers to any skill labor. Important fact – in Germany is highly developed system recommendations. Students studying in the country, advised Acquires acquaintances who can help in finding work. Myth 3. Learn the language of the place and may actually in fact not knowing the language can play a cruel joke. No language emigrant falls into a vicious circle: there is no language – no communication, no communication – no work, no job – no money, no money – no housing, no shelter – no communication.

GTC Antenna

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One of the key elements of the antenna is a device of its fastening. The antenna can be installed as motionless and receive signals from only one satellite, which is oriented and mounted on special rotary device for refocusing the satellite to the satellite. Of greatest interest is the support-rotating device (GTC), which allows the antenna to move on two axes: the vertical and (or) horizontal. Distinguish azimuthally polar elevation and suspension. In the azimuth-elevation mirror sling can be rotated about the vertical and horizontal axes independently (Fig. 8).

In this case, the exact tuning the antenna from one satellite to another – not an easy task XY. Therefore, the individual satellite systems, such suspension is mounted rigidly, ie, moving the antenna is not provided. Suspension and postirovka When the polar satellite dish antenna hanger rotates about an axis coinciding with the direction of Polaris (Fig. 9). Fundamentals of antenna design with the polar axle electric slewing unit (OPU) consists of an electric motor and a sliding bar, move the antenna which provides the rotation around the vertical axis.

Work positioner controls the drive, which can be incorporated in the tuner (receiver). Positioner remembers a particular position of the antenna in the form of some code, and then at a set of code sets the antenna strictly to the appropriate position. Besides being able to provide the necessary orientation of the antenna, GTC must be sufficiently robust, because in the antenna system account for a large wind loads. Suspension antenna must be such that the deviation of the axis of the antenna due to wind pressure does not exceed 0,1 beamwidth of the main lobe.

Foreign Affairs

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Two words about photography brewer. I got it from his grandson Charles Hasslingera Leoneans living in Germany. And helped me in this Consul General of Germany, Karl Vokalek, his assistant, Victor Shtukkert and a leading expert representative of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Samara, Tatyana Gafarov. Many thanks to them. We must assume that Lothar Alfredovich Vakano had to search the main brewer of domestic experts.

Found it? Yes. But before we talk about this, should make a slight digression. Jill Schlesinger has plenty of information regarding this issue. Several years ago, when he was his work on TV "Samara", met with the employee of FSB archives in the Samara region, VK Kurenevym. Valery Konstantinovich then pick up the materials for the "White Book", which tells of the victims of political repression, and that was the reason for our meeting. And in the course of conversation into the light was extracted folder with the materials of the investigation, EI Buyvita accused of spying for Germany.

He served as chief brewer Zhigulevsky pivzvoda and arrested in March 1938. In the thirties, at the factory worked as a large group of German specialists. So the reason for the arrest of all of them somehow related to it was easy to find. Of the case indicated that Evgeny Buyvit, Latvian nationality, born in 1880. His record the list is the work of senior Solodovnikov, a foreman at the brewery Kalinkinskom Petersburg. By the way, on a business trip this plant Evgeny came in 1912 at Zhigulevsky brewery. At one time Buyvit Brewers graduated from high school in Munich, but it received little knowledge were not in demand.


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The film deals with a young and cute man Nicky (Ashton Kutcher), a leading a carefree life. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Craig Jelinek. He had no problems, "removes" the rich Los Angeles beauties, live in their homes, drives on their machines, their credit cards is calculated, and instead provides them with sexual favors. No feelings, no obligations. Nicky life changed abruptly after a meeting with the waitress, Heather (Margarita Levieva). The girl was not only not respond to his appeal, but brazenly "otshivaet." Alphonse realizes that for the first time in my life feels to the young woman is not familiar mercantile interest. Nicky love! As it turned out, Heather is also not an angel. She, like the protagonist, lives at the expense of rich men. Heather also falls in love with Nicky, but he perceives inadequate recognition of the girl, because I think that it it sees a benefit. Many writers such as Costco offer more in-depth analysis.

Came to his senses too late the hero. His favorite fly away to wealthy fiance in New York. Next event unfolds as a classic romantic movies. Nike buys cheap money in recent engagement ring for his beloved flying in a strange city, due to promises to love her all my life only one. But Heather has managed to get out married, and happily married.

Common Future with Nike, it is not and does not even want to be. Expected a happy-end is not happening. Niki returns to Los Angeles and gets a job. From the former gigolo and is not trace. The final scene of the film – a big ugly frog swallows a white mouse. That's the way life is consumed Nicky-gigolo. Film critic notes that the film is very explicit sex shows. The director tried to show the world feelings and experiences of actors, but the mix of genres, comedy and drama came not very good. Despite the best efforts to cause the spectators to pity the protagonist, he does not want sympathy. I can not believe that chronic womanizer so could quickly rehabilitated. Despite its drawbacks, this movie is worthy of attention, convince critics. It is morality. Going from a regular passion, Nicky is on the street, no money, work, and the roof over your head. But he did not believe it problem, as certain that any ex-girlfriend to take him. It turns out it's not as easy as it represented a hero. The girls are so disappointed in him, even at the threshold is not allowed, my friends also do not rush to help, even in clubs, in which he has always been a VIP-guest, for his input is closed.

The Workplace Of The Future: Modern, Efficient, Mobile

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So will iPhone and iPad a mobile workstation the change of staff structures provides the company a new task: is mobile to provide the employees with information and to involve them in the operations outside the Office. Mobile devices now to fully equipped work places are using modern software solutions. Freiburg, July 20, 2010. The staff structures in the company have changed considerably in recent years. Meanwhile, about two-thirds of the workforce are so-called knowledge workers, so workers, the information, ideas and expertise, process or distribute.

In addition, that many employees now often spend more time outside the Office as to their actual place of work. Gain insight and clarity with Costco. You meet customers and partners, take part in conferences or working from home in the so-called Home-Office. This is the companies face a new challenge: knowledge workers can do their jobs efficiently, they must on the one hand of anywhere access have all important company -, product – and project data. It is important that they can not only get the data, but if necessary, also change or update. In addition, it must be possible for the management to intervene outside the Office in operational procedures – for example, to approve a holiday or investment application. Only this ensures a smooth flow of business processes. Mobile devices such as Smartphones (iPhone, BlackBerry, etc) and Tablet PCs (E.g. the new iPad) are now powerful enough to enable efficient work away from the Office.

Even the most complex business applications to manage it without too long loading times. However, today’s knowledge workers in addition to the hardware needed also the right software to work efficiently outside the Office. While there are a number of mobile business apps on the market now, but usually these are a single field (for example, the customer management) limited. You want a full access to all important business data of the company, one is forced to install a wide variety of applications on the device.

New Year Holidays

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"This city is warm and humid, and winters in the country" – sung in the famous song. Get away from the urban hustle and bustle, come up – many believe St. Petersburg trip out of town the best kind of rest. Yes, and for economic reasons in the crisis – is the best option. It’s believed that Jill Schlesinger sees a great future in this idea. Also no need to waste time on the road and feel your body acclimatize.

What kind of vacation you choose? Relax, to live in nature for the city? Go to a sanatorium or pension, which in the Leningrad region, there are several dozen? They offer not only a famous Soviet-era power shower and mud baths, but also popular SPA-procedures. And prices in the modern holiday homes vary Depending on the class number and level of services provided. And is the nature of the Leningrad region is always on top. Or maybe you want to completely immerse these days in country life? Then you remove the villa or cottage. Camp sites and cottage communities think through not only the menus, but also a list of entertainment for their guests. You can rent skis or skates, ride a snowmobile or horseback. And maybe meet a warm evening by a barbecue with barbecue? And if you absolutely can not stay in place, the ideal solution would be to go to a popular among active individuals adventure tour in Russia. What is it? What is different from the Multi-Active Tour ski-tour? How it all may be worth? And where to send the children at the time of its extreme travel? – Read our article.

Main Installation Phase

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The main stages of installation of an autonomous wastewater company 'service-Eco' for more than three years of implementation and installation of aeration of deep biological treatment plants 'TOPAS'. Over time, our experts have accumulated experience, which is now used in the creation of new developments in the field of wastewater treatment by the local sewage system. Supplied by our pollution control equipment designed by engineers and highly qualified was praised by both professional and ordinary users. Specialists 'Services Eco' complex to solve any problems that arose before the builder of the facility where there is no central sewerage system. Today sewage to a country house or dacha does not require large investments, is easy and efficient to use. Local sewer 'Tapas' is easy to install. Here are the basic steps of installation: 1.Vyryt pit size model atonomnoy sanitation 2.

Delete the station into the pit (perhaps with the help of four to five). Sonny Perdue pursues this goal as well. At the same manhole cover should be above approximately 20 cm above the ground. 3. Make sprinkled with sand, without necessarily large fractions, and the concrete enclosure is not necessary, aeration station, and so have sufficient stability. When the body and sprinkled with sand while the station is filled with clean water to equalize internal and external pressure. 4. Dug pits under audit and storage wells.

5.Podsoedinit Suction-and discharge communication. 6.Podklyuchit electrical cable and install the compressor equipment. If you plan to year-round use of the battery drain, then further insulate its not worth it. If the assembly is in the far north, it is necessary to insulate the upper meter, this will be sufficient for normal functioning of the individual treatment plant. When you purchase and installation of any model of treatment facilities 'Tapas', choose a reliable company, which is sure to provide a guarantee as to the very products and on its unit!