The film deals with a young and cute man Nicky (Ashton Kutcher), a leading a carefree life. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Craig Jelinek. He had no problems, "removes" the rich Los Angeles beauties, live in their homes, drives on their machines, their credit cards is calculated, and instead provides them with sexual favors. No feelings, no obligations. Nicky life changed abruptly after a meeting with the waitress, Heather (Margarita Levieva). The girl was not only not respond to his appeal, but brazenly "otshivaet." Alphonse realizes that for the first time in my life feels to the young woman is not familiar mercantile interest. Nicky love! As it turned out, Heather is also not an angel. She, like the protagonist, lives at the expense of rich men. Heather also falls in love with Nicky, but he perceives inadequate recognition of the girl, because I think that it it sees a benefit. Many writers such as Costco offer more in-depth analysis.

Came to his senses too late the hero. His favorite fly away to wealthy fiance in New York. Next event unfolds as a classic romantic movies. Nike buys cheap money in recent engagement ring for his beloved flying in a strange city, due to promises to love her all my life only one. But Heather has managed to get out married, and happily married.

Common Future with Nike, it is not and does not even want to be. Expected a happy-end is not happening. Niki returns to Los Angeles and gets a job. From the former gigolo and is not trace. The final scene of the film – a big ugly frog swallows a white mouse. That's the way life is consumed Nicky-gigolo. Film critic notes that the film is very explicit sex shows. The director tried to show the world feelings and experiences of actors, but the mix of genres, comedy and drama came not very good. Despite the best efforts to cause the spectators to pity the protagonist, he does not want sympathy. I can not believe that chronic womanizer so could quickly rehabilitated. Despite its drawbacks, this movie is worthy of attention, convince critics. It is morality. Going from a regular passion, Nicky is on the street, no money, work, and the roof over your head. But he did not believe it problem, as certain that any ex-girlfriend to take him. It turns out it's not as easy as it represented a hero. The girls are so disappointed in him, even at the threshold is not allowed, my friends also do not rush to help, even in clubs, in which he has always been a VIP-guest, for his input is closed.