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Diving In Cuba

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Long and narrow, covering about 112,000 kilometers, the island of Cuba is the largest of the Antilles. The central position of Cuba in the Caribbean near the other islands of the Antilles arc and continental America explains the fact that the fauna inhabiting these waters, their shapes and variety is the entire Caribbean region. One particular advantage of Cuba lies in the fact that it is surrounded by a coral reef, and almost four thousand islands, collected in the archipelago. This resulted in a lack of strong currents around Cuba, which provides horizontal visibility at an average of 40 meters. With broad and relatively shallow submarine platform covering the island, and tropical climates the water temperature ranges from 24 degrees Celsius in winter to 29 degrees in summer.

This allows you to enjoy scuba diving throughout the year. Diving Centers offer as swimming snorkeling, and day and night diving to a depth of 40 meters for monitoring coral reefs, vertical walls, wrecks, caves, tunnels, etc. Contrasting colors and peculiar shape of the underwater world in more than 500 different species of fish and 200 species of sponges (round, tubular and branched), a wide variety of mollusks, jellyfish, seaweed and other amazing creatures of nature. The development of diving in Cuba is based on the principles of protecting and preserving the underwater ecosystems. Modern equipment is available for use at all points of immersion, most of which are declared natural reserves zones. Comfortable beachfront hotel on almost all islands are connected with a diving center, which creates additional opportunities for vacationers.

Grand Foyer Shop

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Decorated with wooden panels, known worldwide for its acoustics Kontserrtny Hall Maysterzingerhalle may provide in its Great Hall 2121 on space, while in the – from 230 to 500 seats. During public events in Grand Foyer is located about 1300, and in the Small Foyer 420. Located in front rooms and a patio area of 2,000 square meters and 550, they also offer exhibition space and make the concert and lecture pauses for a sweet pastime. A picture of this elegant cultural facilities complement four conference rooms, can accommodate about 100 people, three restaurants, room for small public events, terrace, accommodates about 700 people, fully automatic bowling alley, 700 parking spaces and a modern first class hotel near the concert hall Maysterzingerhalle. In addition, more than 140 hotels, as well as the construction of halls and rooms in restaurants throughout the city provide the opportunity for them to meetings. By the way, only in the city of more than 11,500 hotel rooms waiting for their guests, as at Nuremberg, together with its suburbs, with well-established Here, the system of transport logistics, for a total of around 20 000 seats.

For shopping – to us! Nearly 500,000 people live today in this great city, whose heart beats in the heart. But it was in the old city is concentrated third of the retail stores. The choice of goods is enormous – from a good specialist shops to large department stores, from boutiques to shop the Bavarian national dress, from the discounter, trading at discount prices to a jewelry shop and the antique shop to the supermarket.

Romans Property

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The coast is almost deserted since mid-September to mid-May. The ski season begins mid-December and lasts until April Trends and Prospects Today, analysts are increasingly talking about economic growth in Bulgaria. Why? Improved credit rating: BBB; Falling unemployment rates Reduced interest rates on loans The emergence of additional sources of financing for the purchase of property (real estate investment funds, housing cooperatives); Tax law encourages investment in Bulgaria Low property tax on real estate in Bulgaria is currently one of the most attractive countries for investment. By this view comes most experts in the sale of foreign estate in England, Scandinavia, Russia and other countries. In the past three years have seen a steady and natural growth in property prices in Bulgaria. In 2004 Bulgaria joined nato since 2007, this country – a member of The European Union.

Increased investment in the economy of Bulgaria is currently determined by the increase of the retail sector, with the purchase of shopping centers implemented throughout the country. Attractions Bulgaria Sofia City which "is growing, but does not get old" – Sofia for almost a half century is Bulgarian hail. Surrounded on all sides by beautiful mountains of Sofia, to which are three mountain pass, marked on the map of Europe for seven thousand years ago, when convenient plain founded his settlement called Serdica Thracian tribe angry. Later, the beauty of Sophia interested in the Romans. Succeeded the ancient Slavic rulers have given the city a new name Sredets, which in the xiv century evolved a to Sofia.

New Year Holidays

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"This city is warm and humid, and winters in the country" – sung in the famous song. Get away from the urban hustle and bustle, come up – many believe St. Petersburg trip out of town the best kind of rest. Yes, and for economic reasons in the crisis – is the best option. Also no need to waste time on the road and feel your body acclimatize.

What kind of vacation you choose? Relax, to live in nature for the city? Go to a sanatorium or pension, which in the Leningrad region, there are several dozen? They offer not only a famous Soviet-era power shower and mud baths, but also popular SPA-procedures. And prices in the modern holiday homes vary Depending on the class number and level of services provided. And is the nature of the Leningrad region is always on top. Or maybe you want to completely immerse these days in country life? Then you remove the villa or cottage. Camp sites and cottage communities think through not only the menus, but also a list of entertainment for their guests. You can rent skis or skates, ride a snowmobile or horseback. And maybe meet a warm evening by a barbecue with barbecue? And if you absolutely can not stay in place, the ideal solution would be to go to a popular among active individuals adventure tour in Russia. What is it? What is different from the Multi-Active Tour ski-tour? How it all may be worth? And where to send the children at the time of its extreme travel? – Read our article.

What To See In Paris

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Catch all – is simply unrealistic, if vynapravlyaetes in another trip to the French capital Paris. It's just a stunning city, so filled with different sights and monuments, which see their Everything is possible in just a few months, maybe more. But at the first visit you will have to choose what is left in your mind, you should choose for themselves the most vivid memories from this trip. Among Attractions France has 6 of those who circumvent the terms simply can not. Here they are: the Champs-Elysees – the main street of Paris, which takes all the important public events, parades, etc. Arc de Triomphe – Arch built in the 19 century, is now near which burns an eternal flame in memory of the Unknown Soldier.

Notre Dame, or some other Noter Dame De Paris – this council is not even worth telling, as its name in on everyone's lips – it should just see their eyes. Eiffel Tower – a symbol of Paris, a monument to the metal, which is among the most famous wonders of the world. Jardin du Luxembourg – in the past to enjoy its views could only be distinguished lady, now in the Luxembourg Palace The Senate meets, and the garden is accessible to everyone. Disneyland Paris – a place where your children will have so much emotion that he will remember them for life. Moreover, even adults, visiting a place are children. There are in Paris and other famous places, but without the six sites in your journey do not exactly.

International Airport Grantley Adams

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10 reasons to choose Almond Resorts from the variety of hotels in Barbados: 1. Hotels offer accommodation to plan all inclusive for singles, couples and families, 2. best value for money 3. best offer on the market 4. food any of the restaurant chain hotels Almond Resorts, located on the island 5. residence of the child under the age of 16 years in room with parents free of charge 6.

Free Offers for honeymooners 7. Free Offers for weddings 8. free golf, golf lessons, if necessary 9. Free tennis, tennis lessons, if necessary 10. All hotels are located directly on the beach Almond Beach Club & Spa Hotel is located on the west coast of Barbados, which is so also called the golden coast of Barbados. In 20 minutes from the capital Bridgetown, 30 minutes from International Airport Grantley Adams.

Quiet, romantic atmosphere prevails at the hotel. The hotel only accept children of 16 years. This all inclusive resort offers wonderful selection of packages for honeymooners, spouses wishing to repeat their wedding vows, as well as, and just for friends and families wishing to enjoy the luxury of the Caribbean islands. Meals: Almond Beach Club & Spa offers restaurants with 4mya varied menu each day. Continental cuisine and a rich island forge. Also the hotel provides free shuttle service to any of the restaurants at other hotels network Almond Resorts in Barbados. Rooms: Almond Club & Spa offers offers accommodation in 161 rooms, which are located in 7-three-and four-colored buildings, which is U-shaped around a central courtyard with a garden and swimming pool.


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Any man will appreciate the excellent taste of this noble beverage. Buy your boss a gift on a full and a bottle of the famous the world of bourbon Maker's Mark. Beautifully decorated gift wrap, a classic that does not change over the centuries logo – cork, covered with red sealing wax – all it does present a weighty and serious. Your boss be touched, especially if, presenting a box of bourbon, you will emphasize that only the beverage can be brought from Kentucky to the chief, with the impeccable taste. Do not leave without attention and best friend, who can not Forgive you if you bypass it such a wonderful gift.

To prevent this, immediately buy a gift several varieties of Kentucky bourbon, the benefit is that neither brand – that celebrity. With such a wealth of material For comparison, your friend will be able to arrange a full tasting of the product. And then you decide what kind of grades you prefer. The main thing that the material for comparison was in plenty:) But that party failed to glory, do not forget to buy more and branded cigars produced in the state. A box of cigars add to your "set for a real man." And if you want something more interesting, then buy another pack of chewing Tobacco – imagine, there is! Who knows, maybe it was like an exotic missed him, to feel the spirit of a brave pioneer! Different varieties of cigars individually wrapped, with different tastes and odors are ideal as gifts for colleagues.

Volga Recreation

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Today, the recreation center on the Volga River – a comfortable cottage communities with an exclusive program of entertainment and attentive staff. Recreation and fishing requires a modern person, because such active recreation helps gain strength and charge a good mood. Relax completely and accurately to rest only in a calm and peaceful atmosphere of fishing lodges of the Volga. Vacation on the Volga akin meditation – it saves you from bad thoughts and the accumulated negative energy will bring peace and tranquility to your soul and provide an unforgettable vacation and soul and body. Fishing and hunting tourism is getting more and more popular destinations. People around the world willing to spend their only vacation or a holiday weekend to come to the recreation of the Volga. For fishing, hunting and recreation services to the tourists there is now a large selection of various fishing lodges on the Volga. Volga delta inhabit more than 120 species of fish.

Since ancient times, fishing was one of the main lessons the residents of the Volga Land. From December to March it is time to winter fishing, when you can catch pike, perch, roach, bream, perch. Privolny places of the Volga has long chosen and hunters. In the period from October to December on wetlands of the delta is allowed to hunt game birds. Holiday Village Volga – freedom for underwater hunters. Not necessarily you should have the professional equipment for spearfishing. Sufficiently mask, snorkel and flippers.

Objects spearfishing are catfish, carp, grass carp, pike, perch, Buffalo, tench. Many fishermen, divers have already done tradition to spend holiday on fishing recreation centers Volga, engaging in this kind of sport fishing their relatives and friends. Come here with children. Fishing on the Volga – is an opportunity to improve their skills and enrich the experience catching more than a dozen different species of fish. All waterfowl fowl inhabiting the Volga River delta, will be at your beck and call.

In Staritsa

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It was in those days Starica acquired its fabulous views. After the killings of Ivan the Terrible with the last princes, Starica becoming one of the country residences of Ivan iv, rebuilt and stronger, continue to develop trade and crafts. Since Starica their princes no longer had. Flowering Staritsa did not last long. In the Time of Troubles, the town was almost completely destroyed by Polish troops. But since Bayou remains an important strategic point, the king ordered to restore the fortifications of the city. But from the strategic plans of Peter I Starica left out and lost the value of a fortress.

In 1708 year Starica entered the province of Smolensk, and in 1775 became a district city of Tver governorship. In the xviii – xix centuries Starica was quite a large marina on the way from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The city lit up the construction of public buildings, churches and town houses. Built of local white stone and brick, oxbow was elegant and cozy. And in the middle of the xix century to frequent at that time because of – the railroad had passed the city and passed through – Starica has lost its meaning and turned into a quiet county town. Today Starica is a unique historical and architectural monument, the town harmoniously blended into the surrounding landscape.

On the Volga River in Staritsa worth Assumption monastery, according to legend, he founded in the xii century. Home monastic building – Assumption of white stone cathedral, built in 1530, due to complex pyramidal composition, the shape of the cathedral a little unusual. Not far from the Cathedral of the Dormition 1819 built Holy Trinity Cathedral (tomb kind Tutolmin). On the other bank of the Volga in the years 1808-1816 by the architect L. Rusca and supervision of M. Chernyatin was built Cathedral of Boris and Gleb. In the years 1817-1827 with him built a detached belfry. The building of the cathedral and bell tower, built in the style of mature classicism, and visible from afar on the high banks of the Volga, as the dominant modern oxbow lakes. Among the monuments of the city it should be noted located on the slope of the settlement church. Nearby are located right in the land of ancient forges of boards of white stone, they still recall the craft is well developed in Staritsa in the xviii century. Forges were built in the late 1790-ies from the remnants of walls and towers Staritskogo citadel, built by Ivan the Terrible. Interesting and residential urban development. In Staritsa many white-stone houses with stone gates built XVIII-XIX centuries. The researchers and tourists from all over Russian special interest Staritskys cave. The surrounding estate is located Staritsa Bernovo, it is a museum, as Pushkin. Visit Staritsa not leave indifferent any lover of Russian antiquity, no specialist the history and architecture, or the photographer. Seldom meet with such a combination of beauty and peace, comfort and harmony of the old Russian city.

Air France

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For example, in the city are flying one or two companies, do they agree? " – Says the studs. While there is this monopoly, it is not necessary to wait for cheaper, he said. Discount policy foreign airlines more democratic. Since the end of July you can buy a ticket for Air France flight from Moscow to Rio de Janeiro and back for 385 euros, Lufthansa will take you to Milan and back and is for 149 euros. True, the fly will have to transplantation in a European city. Since the tickets are not cheap, popular prescription anti-crisis 'travel without travel agencies' is justified only under certain conditions, which, moreover, should match. If we talk about foreign countries, the individual trip will be more profitable if you go long (over ten) days and / or find some really inexpensive and even free housing.

'It could be two-three-star hotel in a major city ", – said . At the same time better if you have selected the country does not need to apply for the visa in advance. Now the Russians can visit without a visa nearly 100 countries, though mostly exotic and distant state. Exceptions – Turkey, Egypt and Montenegro. This year, because of the crisis visas for Russian citizens on the tourist season canceled three other Balkan states – Croatia, Serbia and Albania. 'Ride own benefit if you are looking for something exotic, which is not in the standard package – then for the individual selection of the tour operator will ask to pay – said . – But there may be difficulties in obtaining visas, and meals be costly.

" Trips to Russia, most people plan without the help of tour operators, but there is a general rule – the cheaper the worse. While abroad, with a discount you can relax in the four hotel costs '', we have the cost of services decreases in direct proportion to its quality. But the high price of this very quality is not guaranteed. Note on the network you can find many tips on how to relax more cheaply. Tourists costs in advance to think through your vacation, then the savings will be required.