Project Manager

Usually, the designers paid versions of sites can: – Quickly change the design site. – Ability to edit the site in the mode of on-line. – Ability to connect software modules (search services on the site, voting, feedback, news ticker, etc.) – Real customer service. What can the free version? It all depends on who you are plucked. Jill Schlesinger may not feel the same. But most of all a free website has in its arsenal a few templates and, in principle, that's where the opportunities are exhausted. 3) CMS (Control System content). Is a program written in the language of Web programming, which is installed on your web site and has full control over the information on it. By installing such a system does not need to worry about design, rather simply to enter text and content.

Anything else will make the program. My opinion is the most functional solution. There is every opportunity to create a professional website. Manage such a site can be directly in the mode of on-line. The most important thing you can find here is not even bad free solutions. But no matter how attractive we have not looked these new technologies and programs, knowledge of HTML, CSS and others they do not release. Yes, I do not dispute that a site possible without this knowledge, but keep it a viable, popular and famous is unlikely. As you know, in ways that I have given above, a site created from templates.

You depend on them. Imagine that you need modify any detail, but this pattern is not there. What should I do? A well set this revision is simply vital. This is good if you use a paid CMS or website designer contact support. In this If you can write a letter, and you will create your personalized template. And if possible do not use paid services? Then you have to learn HTML and do everything yourself. On the free help you no one will. I believe that a man who wanted to create a website on the Internet in any case be at least a basic knowledge of HTML. For example, when I publish a new release lists, publish a new article, but even leave a message forum, I have to use HTML. Can you imagine, and it is only a small fraction of what you need to do a web builder! But there are exceptions. There are people who design is not so important, and special features are not needed. Them just need a site that stores some information. Usually, this mini-sites, which consist of several pages. For example, the mini – sites are often used by small organizations to publish information about themselves. It can be sites of various entertainment, circles, sections, fire station, small shop and more. Their main purpose to inform people through the Internet, there is such a place. For such a case the use of the site designer or CMS would be most welcome. Well, that's all I wanted to tell you in this article. I hope that at least a little, but help you decide. Good luck! Regards, Project Manager – Technical information for the beginner of this site. Dmitry Chengaev.