Berlinale Film

As reported by news of Ukraine Ukraine went to the Berlin Film Festival. With a film about Chernobyl, which will be held – 'Saturday'. He is represented in the main competition Berlinale full-length movie. As reported by our media Author – Russian director Alexander Mindadze. Ukrainian in this film is a producer and signed to his production money. Tape 'Saturday' tells the real story about the attempt of man to escape from the city of Pripyat was the Sabbath, 26 April, when the explosion occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Show it to the 'Berlinale' Fourteenth of February. For even more opinions, read materials from Secretary of Agriculture. VXI International Ukrainian News reported that the Berlin International Film Festival kicks off next Thursday.

For the main award – Golden Bear-compete sixteen feature films. Until now, the Berlinale Ukrainian kinotriumf experienced only once – in the 90th, when competing in the main competition film 'Asthenic syndrome' and Kira Muratova won the Silver Bear. Andrew Khalpakhchi, president of the Ukrainian Cinema Foundation, 'How can we not lose, if Poland is removed fifty feature films, and we have ten, but really what is still stated as Ukrainian film 'Saturday', that's some achievement. " Berlinale is the 1st major coming of 2011 and, along with the Venetian and Cannes, is one of the most serezdnyh film festivals around the world. Berlinale – is viewed more than 350 unique creations of art, viewed 11 days of 150 thousand visitors. The opening ceremony of the festival to be held memorable, but mostly the creation of the first day out of the festival should become a super modern western Coen Brothers 'Grit' with Jeff Bridges starring roles in Josh Brolin and Matt Damon. Films included in the program are divided into categories: Competition from gaming pictures Panorama (new movie with a small budget), Documentaries, short films, The Forum (experimental works), a retrospective and a lot of different other. Glavnymie terms of participation in main program – the premiere at the festival are the data patterns.