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Pizza One

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Success – it's pizza! Moreover, for each has its own pizza. For one – "Margarita", for another – "Neapolitan", and for someone to do the meat with olives, four kinds of cheese, cherry tomatoes and five species zeleni.Chislo ingredients and their proportions are known only to you. Can not copy someone else's success. Can not take the same ingredients and cook them in the same sequence. Because you do not like no one other person in this mire.No but it is possible to confidently say that without certain ingredients you can not create a successful life, just as without water, flour and cheese, you can not cook pitstsu.Formula success is hidden in ourselves and not be imposed from outside, do not looking for ready-made formula for success! Look for the constituent parts, which will build your Uspeh.Bezopasnost – such as a comfortable home, comfort – for example, comfortable car, recognition – for example, others for their work, confidence – For example, in the future of their children, an abundance of – for example, travel to different parts of the world, and many other ingredients that combine in its pizza can you alone. Well, for someone to safety – it is an opportunity to live close to another, comfortable – the warm sea, recognition – thanks to the child confidence – the ability to have choices and abundance – a refrigerator, scored edoy.Podlinny success – is something that we can only define yourself. And only we can decide how successful we .U we can all dream about what people around us, but do not have a sense of achievement. We may not be that, from what others have fun, but it will be something that will make us uspeshnymi.Ne looking for ready-made solutions! Let's dear friends are not going to look around and take a look at yourself and understand their true needs.

Secrets of Success hidden within ourselves, only we can understand what is we want. Another question is how to get it all. In any case, do not try to copy the success of others, quite possibly, getting all the same, you will not feel uspeshnym.Dostignuv desired objective, we satisfy their need and, therefore, we take pleasure and a sense of happiness and success. But as time goes on, and the acquisition of machinery no longer provides us with a large .Uspeh – is a process rather than outcome. We are successful in development, movement. And if we stop, the feeling of success began to elude nas.Uspeh – is a process of work and development in areas that bring us pleasure and that are important to us.

Congruence Therapist

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Relatively to as and third estimated behind statements, Rogers gave a particular relief to the form as the person enters in relation with another one. Thus, it enumerated and it defined a set of attitudes that considered facilitadoras of the communication process Inter-human being. In in case that specific of the thematic one in reference, the quality of relation that if establishes in the pedagogical context, nominated the attitudes of the professor stops with the pupil, not only determines the level quality of the learning, as well as the proper personal development of the pupil. Although, in the perspective of Rogers these attitudes to be part of a set that must be integrated in the person of the professor, we will go definiz them each one, as form of better explicitarmos. 3,1 Congruence That is, absolute authenticity of the part of the therapist stops with the customer. Acme contributes greatly to this topic.

The therapist must be he himself, without ' ' fachada' ' of professional. The term transparency of the bigger one meant to this concept. The therapist must express its positive feelings completely, is of compassion, understanding, as well as its negative feelings, as fear, and never its opinions or judgments on the customer. When the customer perceives that the therapist if of the right o of being authentic, it can discover this same freedom. 3,2 Unconditional acceptance therapist must show an acceptance attitude that the customer allows to live deeply any feeling. This demands not the envolvement of the judgment and the manipulation, or the friction the customer.

When this flows in a natural way the probability of success in the therapeutical process is bigger. The therapist cannot face this as an obligation, he must be part of its process of relationship with the people, mainly with the customer. 3,3 Emptica understanding The therapist ' ' entra' ' in the fenomenal field of the customer, he feels its feelings, and he looks for to understand its meanings personal as they are being lived deeply for the customer.

TOC Behavior

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Therefore, such relation if keeps in a set of classrooms of similar answers or that they are kept by one same consequence. For even more opinions, read materials from The Rolling Stones. These classrooms of answers that we consider external come from the exacerbado consumption that is part of the mannering repertoire of the citizen or the organism. For Skinner (1988) exactly being obvious the biological advantage of the avoidance, the emotional standard of the anxiety seems not to have useful intention. In this in case that an interference of the normal behavior of the individual occurs disorganizing the avoidance behavior that, of another form, it would be efficient to deal with the circumstances. However, the private events of the mental behavior that are interpreted as compulsions, persist of private form becoming public as, for example, to think insistently about making purchases. The associations of the independent and dependent 0 variable (cause and effect) are changedded into a functional relation between different events that we consider as obsessions and compulsions happening at the same time in certain order inflicted for the patient. Thus being able, to prioritize the ambient 0 variable through the behavior as necessary conditions for installation maintenance of any behavior. In this meantime, it has a necessity of the analyst of the behavior to analyze and to intervine from the history of life of the individual, being identified the last and current contingencies to be able to understand and to interpret the 0 variable that control and keeps the indesejados mannering standards.

We can, thus evidence the mannering repertoire of the citizen as learned in the measure where the organism presents one definitive sensitivity to the last behaviors (modelao) that the act is reflected in the gift to buy and thus to know why the stiffener one strengthens. Being evidenced the imitation in the cultural process. However, when dealing with the TOC for the technique the prevention of escape-esquiva answers (where a substitution of behaviors occurs where subject it tries to dribble the act to buy or to try not to buy), in this in case that, the compulsion (act to buy, if not to contain), customer to the aversivos events is displaying the citizen/, in this case the obsession (idea to buy).

Emotion Process

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All your senses man passes through the emotions that are the basic psychological functions. Emotion above all a process that takes place between the ego and some have been instances, be aware that the process giving the fact of significant value in terms of accepting or rejecting it ("pleasure" or "dissatisfaction"), but further, it is also a process that in addition to specific content of consciousness or sensation of the moment may formed, regardless of anything, just based on the current mood. Sonny Perdue pursues this goal as well. This latter process may be a causal connection with the contents of which occurred before, although demand for this practice does not arise, because it is also easily arise from unconscious contents, and this is the explanation of psychopathology. However, a person's mood, whether it is general or only a partial sense, indicates assessment of the overall complex contents of consciousness in general and not specific, single, again in terms of accepting or rejecting it. Emotion is primarily a completely subjective process that is bound to sensations, but can be in all respects independent of external factors occur. Even the feeling of indifference necessarily has a "sensual painting," and it certainly is the assessment of reality at the moment.

In We can therefore say that emotion is also a variety of opinions as far as she prepared for the subjective acceptance or rejection. Score with emotions apply to all content of consciousness, no matter what kind it was. If the intensity of thought increases, there is a state of temporary insanity, which is a state of emotion with significant bodily movements that are not absolutely understood by man. Emotion is different from the passion that does not cause significant bodily innervations, ie, causes them no more and no less than the usual thinking process. As a rule, the usual emotion concretized, mixed with elements of other functions, for example, very often with sensations (sensory). Emotional control is very important regardless of what the subject, whether or maintenance of computers, for example, installation of networks. Only emotional control can make the right decisions. And just owning your emotions can achieve success in any field.