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Pizza One

Published / by Syd

Success – it's pizza! Moreover, for each has its own pizza. For one – "Margarita", for another – "Neapolitan", and for someone to do the meat with olives, four kinds of cheese, cherry tomatoes and five species zeleni.Chislo ingredients and their proportions are known only to you. Can not copy someone else's success. Can not take the same ingredients and cook them in the same sequence. Because you do not like no one other person in this mire.No but it is possible to confidently say that without certain ingredients you can not create a successful life, just as without water, flour and cheese, you can not cook pitstsu.Formula success is hidden in ourselves and not be imposed from outside, do not looking for ready-made formula for success! Look for the constituent parts, which will build your Uspeh.Bezopasnost – such as a comfortable home, comfort – for example, comfortable car, recognition – for example, others for their work, confidence – For example, in the future of their children, an abundance of – for example, travel to different parts of the world, and many other ingredients that combine in its pizza can you alone. Well, for someone to safety – it is an opportunity to live close to another, comfortable – the warm sea, recognition – thanks to the child confidence – the ability to have choices and abundance – a refrigerator, scored edoy.Podlinny success – is something that we can only define yourself. And only we can decide how successful we .U we can all dream about what people around us, but do not have a sense of achievement. We may not be that, from what others have fun, but it will be something that will make us uspeshnymi.Ne looking for ready-made solutions! Let's dear friends are not going to look around and take a look at yourself and understand their true needs.

Secrets of Success hidden within ourselves, only we can understand what is we want. Another question is how to get it all. In any case, do not try to copy the success of others, quite possibly, getting all the same, you will not feel uspeshnym.Dostignuv desired objective, we satisfy their need and, therefore, we take pleasure and a sense of happiness and success. But as time goes on, and the acquisition of machinery no longer provides us with a large .Uspeh – is a process rather than outcome. We are successful in development, movement. And if we stop, the feeling of success began to elude nas.Uspeh – is a process of work and development in areas that bring us pleasure and that are important to us.

Inner Voice

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Yes, many people do in my life seen this, but few know how to use and, moreover, to listen to their inner voice. But this is not the skills, this man was born … But people are not accustomed to take everything on faith. He needed proof. A man needs a logical explanation of a fact, because he wants to explain it logically, and, as he seems reasonable. Yes, but here's the trick: once a person starts trying to explain something that is outside the realm of reason, he comes to a standstill.

It is the mind and pushes people into a corner at Finding answers to questions of this kind. You're not trying to open a tin can with a wrench? So the mind can not find an explanation for what is beyond the scope of its competence. But this man is justified – if something can not be explained, so it does not exist … many really difficult to understand, and most importantly, take some things, but after some setbacks and troubles that we have experienced, often laments: "That's not listening to their I Inner Voice, "" I felt the same way that you should not do this "and stuff like that. Agree how often we use the word soul, not believing what she is. But this soul is everywhere we meet the terms. Animate object, Encouraged, I'm with you in body and soul … Yes, many can not take something that has no explanation. But we try to understand.


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Homebody rush in long journeys, and even those who are afraid to fly, will be on the plane and will be successfully overcome their doubts and fears. But all the planets in May will help the first signs of Fire – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, and also to those who have a horoscope in varying degrees, expressed by the symbol of Fire. But even they may have difficulties and problems if they show qualities such as unprincipled, cruel to the competitors, ruthlessness, the desire to fight, threaten, and to behave rudely, are rude. These individuals will be severely punished, their actions will be made public, and much spoil their reputation. Consequently, in May, a favorable exercise of fire Quality – lust for power, the desire for expansion, the desire to make a career, to become successful and famous. But you can not pass certain limits and go for the sake of his goal to take extreme measures.

In this case there would be no need to – features themselves will come to you to hand. For signs of water in May could be a very interesting month of travel, discovery of something entirely new. Fish, crabs and scorpions will be able to skillfully adapt to new circumstances and it is easy to build relationships with new acquaintances. We advise you to travel much, to communicate, build relationships. These signs can, in May to do a lot of cases and resolve many problems. Most difficult to have May air sign – Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.