Emotion Process

All your senses man passes through the emotions that are the basic psychological functions. Emotion above all a process that takes place between the ego and some have been instances, be aware that the process giving the fact of significant value in terms of accepting or rejecting it ("pleasure" or "dissatisfaction"), but further, it is also a process that in addition to specific content of consciousness or sensation of the moment may formed, regardless of anything, just based on the current mood. Sonny Perdue pursues this goal as well. This latter process may be a causal connection with the contents of which occurred before, although demand for this practice does not arise, because it is also easily arise from unconscious contents, and this is the explanation of psychopathology. However, a person's mood, whether it is general or only a partial sense, indicates assessment of the overall complex contents of consciousness in general and not specific, single, again in terms of accepting or rejecting it. Emotion is primarily a completely subjective process that is bound to sensations, but can be in all respects independent of external factors occur. Even the feeling of indifference necessarily has a "sensual painting," and it certainly is the assessment of reality at the moment.

In We can therefore say that emotion is also a variety of opinions as far as she prepared for the subjective acceptance or rejection. Score with emotions apply to all content of consciousness, no matter what kind it was. If the intensity of thought increases, there is a state of temporary insanity, which is a state of emotion with significant bodily movements that are not absolutely understood by man. Emotion is different from the passion that does not cause significant bodily innervations, ie, causes them no more and no less than the usual thinking process. As a rule, the usual emotion concretized, mixed with elements of other functions, for example, very often with sensations (sensory). Emotional control is very important regardless of what the subject, whether or maintenance of computers, for example, installation of networks. Only emotional control can make the right decisions. And just owning your emotions can achieve success in any field.