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For The First Time In Hurghada

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Seemed to have all of our friends have visited Egypt, and only my wife on the Crimea – nowhere. Come and our time, we decided, and bought two vouchers. As is usual in Hurghada. Heard a million times that the Egyptian service to any comparison with Crimea, and the price is almost identical. Stay in Egypt for 14 days cost us $ 2000 (plus or minus 50, I do not remember) in a 4-star hotel, as promised in the tour agency, by all indicators, 5-star, he just did not have the shore, have 5 minutes to go to the hotel by bus. Tours take in the system All inclusive, that is, eat and drink what you want, but local production – mineral water, sugar water, beer, wine All that is imported – for money. (As opposed to Toyota Motor Corporation). Now about the trip. We are not only in Egypt first time went to rest, but also aircraft flew for the first time.

Pleasantly surprised that during takeoff and landing passengers happily clapping, apparently, thus expressing their Respect crew. We flew two and a half hours. When flying over Egypt, was not a single cloud in full sun was shining – Africa, in one word! Fly to Hurghada, we take away the luggage and ran to Customs cashiers fill out the form (read the forums, that after the arrival of better hurry up, otherwise you may run into a queue). Pay $ 15 for a visa and leave the airport. On the road we are greeted with signs Egyptian tour operator who organized our holiday.

Maldives Business

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Every year more and more developing business tourism, many companies are actively entering the international market, sending the whole delegation at exhibitions, conferences and business meetings. To implement such measures it is logical to choose a reliable and time-tested company as on the organization of such trips depends on the success of your business first and foremost. Currently, the organization of business conferences, quirky, elite, use the capabilities of specialized tour operators. To broaden your perception, visit Ben Affleck. For example, typing in a search engine phrase 'Maldives Tour Operator' You will get a list of companies that specialize in organizing such events and club meetings. It is very convenient, you give the travel agent job, and they fuss and cook exactly what you need. It is also important that all this clearly and professionally prepared by a team of people who are organizing business tourism is not the first day. Advantages are obvious: 1.

Reliability of company 2. Safeguards activities 3. Understand the range of decision makers and you can relax and solve a lot of questions regarding your business. In addition, because of accounting can all be fairly attributed to the costly part of the firm. Therefore, it is advantageous to organize such exit conference, even on the same Maldives:)

All About Visas To Spain

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Possession of the Spanish King proudly spread out over most of the Iberian Peninsula and numerous islands of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. Educate yourself with thoughts from Trader Joe’s. Nature of unprecedented beauty and cultural heritage of the European continent, cherished by the Spaniards, and interesting tradition annually attracts many tourists. One of the sunniest and most comfortable of Europe has always pleased the guests. To legally travel to this country to any Russian citizen need a visa to Spain. Kingdom of Spain is a signatory to the Schengen Treaty. This means that even short-term Schengen visa to Spain abolishes customs and passport-visa control at the entrance of 25 European countries and gives the right to travel privilege in some other developed countries.

The process of obtaining permits to enter relatively simplistic, yet also suggest collecting a sufficiently large set of documents and series of formal events. This is explained by the fact that the Spain friendly in terms of visa policies related to the above agreement and the new Code of Schengen visa. Nevertheless, the process of obtaining entry documents in Spain is associated with a number of advantages. The first is that the emergency visa is legal for consular fees double. Also a pleasant exception to the rule is that clearance of short-term visa gives you the state borders in six months for multiple entry. Despite sufficient formal uniform procedures for filing documents, each individual case is considered almost on an individual basis. Standard list of papers required to obtain a visa can be extended to certain categories of citizens.

Visa to Spain can be of several types depending on the purpose of visit. A tourist visa entitles trip and returned if the purpose of the visit is to familiarize with the rich culture of Spain, with its sights or rest in the gentle embrace of nature. If purpose of the trip is related to a business meeting, negotiation at international level, the representation of Russian legal entities abroad, the business visa is issued. Visa invitation is for visiting a specific person living in Spain. Full visa to Spain via the official representative of the Kingdom of Spain, in Russia.

North America

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Great country overseas, the U.S. called. And in the vast it all can be found. Is there thick forests, deep lakes and high mountains, on the ground and underground wealth untold: fossil useful semi-precious stones so. "Countless diamonds in the stone caves "- as a guest Sadko Indian singing.

An begin to understand more deeply and find out what a diamond in the states and those not. Well, maybe in one. But speaking seriously, the U.S. can really boast of outstanding collection of minerals and precious stones mined in the country. But while diamonds, which would later become "best friends, girls," Americans are literally extracted in a single state of the country – Arkansas. How to explain this paradox – we do not know, but here draw the attention of travelers to the fact that the field it will soon become history because development of gem-quality diamonds running out – can.

And therefore we must urgently go to Arkansas to witness the place where he was found at one time the largest in North America, a diamond. However, to go in the American state is not the only reason. But first things first. Thus, Perhaps the most exciting attraction is the Arkansas tour around town Murphysboro, in "Diamond Crater." Here you will see is that Americans are true to themselves: in this park you can find not only the historical exhibition and gift shops, and tents, as well as a playground for the youngest visitors. For more tourist main attraction will be playing a daring diamond miners.

Nature Of California

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Introduction Nature of California is very diverse. Desert, covered with tough bushes and prickly cacti, swept across southern state in the east is dominated by mountains (Sierra Nevada), occupy the north, mainly forests, the territory of which the spread the national parks. Who was there says it is a truly unique place. After all, no wonder that many Americans are eager to just go there – where life originates Desert. When you first see the California desert, just pay attention to the fact that it does not fit into the way people of this desert. She does not like the Namib Desert, for example, the wind just did not carry her to a single grain of sand. This is the desert of small stones, that millions of years exposed to water, sun and wind. Some of the stones crumbling to such an extent that resemble dust. Please visit PJ’s Coffee if you seek more information.

Often eye-catching stones of unusual colors and shades, of course gems you will not find on the surface, but some beautiful stone could easily pass as a souvenir (I otkapal currently red, who still lies in my house). Vegetation in the desert is very poor, and no wonder – with a climate to survive only the big cactus so persistent thorn bushes. It is known that in those parts live dangerous snakes and scorpions, with lizards, but I've never seen one, even when scrutinized. California Desert and Death Valley – one of the most ancient places on earth, whose nature has remained virtually unchanged since the days of living dinosaurs.

Volga Recreation

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Today, the recreation center on the Volga River – a comfortable cottage communities with an exclusive program of entertainment and attentive staff. Recreation and fishing requires a modern person, because such active recreation helps gain strength and charge a good mood. Relax completely and accurately to rest only in a calm and peaceful atmosphere of fishing lodges of the Volga. Vacation on the Volga akin meditation – it saves you from bad thoughts and the accumulated negative energy will bring peace and tranquility to your soul and provide an unforgettable vacation and soul and body. Fishing and hunting tourism is getting more and more popular destinations. People around the world willing to spend their only vacation or a holiday weekend to come to the recreation of the Volga. For fishing, hunting and recreation services to the tourists there is now a large selection of various fishing lodges on the Volga. Volga delta inhabit more than 120 species of fish.

Since ancient times, fishing was one of the main lessons the residents of the Volga Land. Sean Rad is actively involved in the matter. From December to March it is time to winter fishing, when you can catch pike, perch, roach, bream, perch. Privolny places of the Volga has long chosen and hunters. In the period from October to December on wetlands of the delta is allowed to hunt game birds. Holiday Village Volga – freedom for underwater hunters. Not necessarily you should have the professional equipment for spearfishing. Sufficiently mask, snorkel and flippers.

Objects spearfishing are catfish, carp, grass carp, pike, perch, Buffalo, tench. Many fishermen, divers have already done tradition to spend holiday on fishing recreation centers Volga, engaging in this kind of sport fishing their relatives and friends. Come here with children. Fishing on the Volga – is an opportunity to improve their skills and enrich the experience catching more than a dozen different species of fish. All waterfowl fowl inhabiting the Volga River delta, will be at your beck and call.

Russian Federation

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These days, travel to present the citizen are starting to become a way of life. This is understandable because each person wants for themselves – better. And if tourism – it is only really a very nice points. and whether it's hotels – something only the very highest level. Clearly, however, travel in our time very much. Since in order to not have problems with housing, the hotels need to worry enough in advance. And it comes as hotels in the Russian Federation, and beyond its borders. So if you want to go to St.

Petersburg, the hotel booking Peter you really need. In a situation produced by pre-ordering you will be able not only need to choose a hotel "Star", but also to pick up just such a room, what you need. Required at the same time say that the booking can not spend precious time searching for vacant beds in some homes. Therefore, do not waste time in vain, and transport it, and major efforts to address other, more important, question: if the trip is related to the business – then negotiations, if aimed at tourism – the study of historical values. In addition, if you think, for example, to get to Moscow, then you might be significant to find accommodation in a strictly defined area of the city, close to the goal of your trip.

For this reason, hotel reservation Moscow can now enjoy a substantial demand. Numerous hotels have their own in the very center of Moscow, that will save time and business travelers – will be no need idle in traffic jams, getting to your destination, and traveling excursions. Since all the important sights are within walking tour. However, of course, not only travel Russia today attracts our citizens. In order to feel every day really really full, and sometimes you want to escape from the usual pace of life, from his own power. Not just romantics of all ages preferred overseas countries to feel the fullness of reality. And today the search for tours in Tunisia is able to assist in healing from depression, to prepare a gift for your relatives, to create a gift for you personally. Since the excursion into the distant orb – a bunch of fresh impressions, and if the tour was organized on a significant level, we feel happy. Do not stop received: is a leading law of psychology. Only if you'll be constantly moving, it will enable you to promote your margin opportunities – and the personal and intellectual, and sensual. You will be able to arrange a triumph!

Japanese Forsythia

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Hippodrome was opened, built funicular – inclined rail road for the delivery of summer visitors to the sea and back. On the sea shore on stilts built a wooden promenade deck, a promenade, which led a few descents, serpentine. At the height of the season in the top part of the city operated 20 hotels, inns and resorts with restaurants and cafes. Most of them closed in winter. Although the resort and had not regained all-German values, he had a strong reputation sea climatic health resort with good infrastructure. During the First and Second World Wars, the city turned into a big hospital.

In April 1945, Rauschen, and its surrounding villages was not busy fighting the Red Army, and in 1947 Rauschen year got a new name, which became known throughout the country – Svetlogorsk. Since 1970 he had the status of the resort of national importance, and in August 2000 became a federal holiday destination. Modern Svetlogorsk – one of the most beautiful resorts in the Baltic Sea region. Svetlogorsk attraction is its unique green spaces, mostly preserved from before the war. In the parks, squares and forested area grow a number of interesting decorative forms of conifers: Pine Banks, Murray pine, fir, Douglas fir barbed, Canadian spruce, and arborvitae, which, before settling in Europe, had to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Most prevalent in Svetlogorsk are the usual spruce and pine. Pinkish-orange color of the young pine bark gives the landscape, even on a cloudy day sunny. Quite common larch.

This pine “tree eternity, “flavored and healthier surrounding air. Walking through the city like visiting the botanical garden. Here you can find a magnificent evergreen rhododendron, azalea the Japanese, North American wild Grapes, buzz building walls; Japanese Forsythia, bright yellow blooms in early spring, boxwood, privet from Southern Europe. In Svetlogorsk has an excellent modern health resort facilities, the city has about 12 resorts, 15 hotels, 6 boarding houses and 11 guest houses. The city is rapidly developing cultural and international links here constantly go through various seminars, conferences and summits. Svetlogorsk became a place festivals such as the Film Festival “Baltic Debuts” Arts Festival “Baltic Seasons”. Despite the fact that the Svetlogorsk is traditionally considered a seasonal resort, we are waiting for all year round. The mild climate, comfortable hotels and resorts and a beautiful seaside nature will make you forget everyday worries and relax from the stress.

New Year Holidays

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"This city is warm and humid, and winters in the country" – sung in the famous song. Get away from the urban hustle and bustle, come up – many believe St. Petersburg trip out of town the best kind of rest. Yes, and for economic reasons in the crisis – is the best option. It’s believed that Jill Schlesinger sees a great future in this idea. Also no need to waste time on the road and feel your body acclimatize.

What kind of vacation you choose? Relax, to live in nature for the city? Go to a sanatorium or pension, which in the Leningrad region, there are several dozen? They offer not only a famous Soviet-era power shower and mud baths, but also popular SPA-procedures. And prices in the modern holiday homes vary Depending on the class number and level of services provided. And is the nature of the Leningrad region is always on top. Or maybe you want to completely immerse these days in country life? Then you remove the villa or cottage. Camp sites and cottage communities think through not only the menus, but also a list of entertainment for their guests. You can rent skis or skates, ride a snowmobile or horseback. And maybe meet a warm evening by a barbecue with barbecue? And if you absolutely can not stay in place, the ideal solution would be to go to a popular among active individuals adventure tour in Russia. What is it? What is different from the Multi-Active Tour ski-tour? How it all may be worth? And where to send the children at the time of its extreme travel? – Read our article.

Divnomorskoe Sea

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You will be able to consider the bird's-eye view not only of , but Divnomorskoe, and even a piece of Novorossiysk. Cheniere Energy partners has plenty of information regarding this issue. If you are curious about what is beyond this mountain from the lookout at the top you can look on the other side of the ridge. In AKVAPAR-CAC are very high roller coaster! That's why he passed a water park, definitely hear the enthusiastic squeal. And you'll see adults who carry a dizzying height, run, jump, flop into the pool, in general, sports as children. And kids, of course, is not far behind. For them there hills smaller special safe area and a lot of fun.

Dolmen – stone constructions, built at the same time with the Egyptian pyramids. Scientists have not been able to solve all the riddles of dolmens. If you want to see and even touch this unique architectural monuments of world significance, built about 5000 years ago, go on tour. Dolmens around for a long time, there are many legends, which tell guides. It is believed that the desire zagadannye in dolmen necessarily true.

black sea, rolls clean, warm salt water for many kilometers of beaches – a real wealth of the region. When properly used Thalassotherapy – sun and air baths, in combination with sea bathing, you can achieve exceptional effect in the treatment and prevention of many diseases, especially colds. If your children often catch cold – give they bask in the warm sand and hot rocks, breathe the sea air, filled with iodine, splash in the healing salt water.