Japanese Forsythia

Hippodrome was opened, built funicular – inclined rail road for the delivery of summer visitors to the sea and back. On the sea shore on stilts built a wooden promenade deck, a promenade, which led a few descents, serpentine. At the height of the season in the top part of the city operated 20 hotels, inns and resorts with restaurants and cafes. Most of them closed in winter. Although the resort and had not regained all-German values, he had a strong reputation sea climatic health resort with good infrastructure. During the First and Second World Wars, the city turned into a big hospital.

In April 1945, Rauschen, and its surrounding villages was not busy fighting the Red Army, and in 1947 Rauschen year got a new name, which became known throughout the country – Svetlogorsk. Since 1970 he had the status of the resort of national importance, and in August 2000 became a federal holiday destination. Modern Svetlogorsk – one of the most beautiful resorts in the Baltic Sea region. Svetlogorsk attraction is its unique green spaces, mostly preserved from before the war. In the parks, squares and forested area grow a number of interesting decorative forms of conifers: Pine Banks, Murray pine, fir, Douglas fir barbed, Canadian spruce, and arborvitae, which, before settling in Europe, had to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Most prevalent in Svetlogorsk are the usual spruce and pine. Pinkish-orange color of the young pine bark gives the landscape, even on a cloudy day sunny. Quite common larch.

This pine “tree eternity, “flavored and healthier surrounding air. Walking through the city like visiting the botanical garden. Here you can find a magnificent evergreen rhododendron, azalea the Japanese, North American wild Grapes, buzz building walls; Japanese Forsythia, bright yellow blooms in early spring, boxwood, privet from Southern Europe. In Svetlogorsk has an excellent modern health resort facilities, the city has about 12 resorts, 15 hotels, 6 boarding houses and 11 guest houses. The city is rapidly developing cultural and international links here constantly go through various seminars, conferences and summits. Svetlogorsk became a place festivals such as the Film Festival “Baltic Debuts” Arts Festival “Baltic Seasons”. Despite the fact that the Svetlogorsk is traditionally considered a seasonal resort, we are waiting for all year round. The mild climate, comfortable hotels and resorts and a beautiful seaside nature will make you forget everyday worries and relax from the stress.