For The First Time In Hurghada

Seemed to have all of our friends have visited Egypt, and only my wife on the Crimea – nowhere. Come and our time, we decided, and bought two vouchers. As is usual in Hurghada. Heard a million times that the Egyptian service to any comparison with Crimea, and the price is almost identical. Stay in Egypt for 14 days cost us $ 2000 (plus or minus 50, I do not remember) in a 4-star hotel, as promised in the tour agency, by all indicators, 5-star, he just did not have the shore, have 5 minutes to go to the hotel by bus. Tours take in the system All inclusive, that is, eat and drink what you want, but local production – mineral water, sugar water, beer, wine All that is imported – for money. (As opposed to Toyota Motor Corporation). Now about the trip. We are not only in Egypt first time went to rest, but also aircraft flew for the first time.

Pleasantly surprised that during takeoff and landing passengers happily clapping, apparently, thus expressing their Respect crew. We flew two and a half hours. When flying over Egypt, was not a single cloud in full sun was shining – Africa, in one word! Fly to Hurghada, we take away the luggage and ran to Customs cashiers fill out the form (read the forums, that after the arrival of better hurry up, otherwise you may run into a queue). Pay $ 15 for a visa and leave the airport. On the road we are greeted with signs Egyptian tour operator who organized our holiday.