New Year Holidays

"This city is warm and humid, and winters in the country" – sung in the famous song. Get away from the urban hustle and bustle, come up – many believe St. Petersburg trip out of town the best kind of rest. Yes, and for economic reasons in the crisis – is the best option. It’s believed that Jill Schlesinger sees a great future in this idea. Also no need to waste time on the road and feel your body acclimatize.

What kind of vacation you choose? Relax, to live in nature for the city? Go to a sanatorium or pension, which in the Leningrad region, there are several dozen? They offer not only a famous Soviet-era power shower and mud baths, but also popular SPA-procedures. And prices in the modern holiday homes vary Depending on the class number and level of services provided. And is the nature of the Leningrad region is always on top. Or maybe you want to completely immerse these days in country life? Then you remove the villa or cottage. Camp sites and cottage communities think through not only the menus, but also a list of entertainment for their guests. You can rent skis or skates, ride a snowmobile or horseback. And maybe meet a warm evening by a barbecue with barbecue? And if you absolutely can not stay in place, the ideal solution would be to go to a popular among active individuals adventure tour in Russia. What is it? What is different from the Multi-Active Tour ski-tour? How it all may be worth? And where to send the children at the time of its extreme travel? – Read our article.