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Location. Cottage is located in Sudak, in the southwestern part of it, in a quiet area, which creates perfect conditions for a rest. Sudak – is one of the most popular and environmentally friendly places in the Crimea. This small town on the southeastern coast of the peninsula. Clean air, mild climate, generous sun, rich history and beautiful landscapes make the rest in Sudak enjoyable and memorable. Great popularity Quay enjoys and is located practically on her Waterpark. Sudak – the resort of the Mediterranean type.

Precipitation here falls 318 mm per year, considerably less than in the city of Yalta. Mountains protect from cold northern Pike and north-easterly winds and afternoon sea breezes, tempers the heat of the sun. Sunny days in Sudak more (2550 hours) than in Yalta (2230 hours). Almost every year the swimming season lasts from spring (late May) to mid-autumn. In off-season rest in Sudak has its advantages: fewer people, housing in the private sector, and trips to resorts are cheaper, easier to get on tour.

Every summer festivals are held in Sudak: – "Silk Road" – a great show in the fort, with the participation of stars and unforgettable ending with fireworks – Festivals historical fencing "Genoese Helmet" and "Knight's Castle" on the territory of the Genoese fortress – KVN involving the best teams in the CIS, etc. Sudak has good transport links to all the cities of Crimea. Accommodation. Five 2-bed superior rooms with all amenities (toilet, shower, satellite TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, kettle, crockery, three rooms have balconies) in the 4-storey stone building. On the fourth floor is a large outdoor terrace with views of the Genoese fortress, the sea and the mountain Doodle. Hot and cold water – around the clock. Heating – Independent, allowing us to provide our guests with a comfortable year-round recreation, including holidays: Christmas, New Year, March 8, May 1, and others infrastructure. In close proximity to shopping, restaurants, cafes, bars, dining room, pharmacy, next stop taxi, paid parking, road Sudak – the New World, to which 6 km. Prior to entering the Genoese fortress – 3 minutes walk to the Quay: walking – 15 minutes by car – 5 minutes. Beach. Pebble beach, equipped with tents and locker rooms. To the beach – 10 minutes. Check-out time. 12-00 Cost. From $ 20 (Equivalent to U.S. dollar) for the add. payment by transfer from Simferopol. More Photos>>

Eva Otter

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Select printer settings correctly and save ink jet printer ink and other multi-function devices can be bought today very inexpensive. But quickly it becomes clear that the pressure due to the purchase of the printer cartridges in the weight fees. When purchasing you should pay attention to some differences, because many of the discounted printer are sold only with cartridges of low capacity. Sometimes it can be worthwhile to spend slightly more on the device if supplied with a full set of cartridges. The following tips will help you to lower your costs. Who uses only once in a while an inkjet print regularly, damaging the print head. Here it depends on whether the corresponding model is changed only the cartridge or always the entire head. In both cases, an irregular use affects negatively.

Because ink dries up the printer after a time. Who prints only a little, better quite opts not to purchase and leave the task to a copy shop. Otherwise you should take care that at least 3-4 times a month to print. Printer useful settings the default settings for the printer are not necessarily cost effective. Most devices too much ink consuming mode in normal print.

As for the fewest documents, print quality is really crucial. The highest level of quality is important especially for photos totally unnecessary for pure text documents. Try out the settings and quiet slightly reduce the image quality. The so called design mode may be too bad for a formal letter, for documents that you print for yourself, he is often sufficient. By the way, it doesn’t if you print color documents in grayscale mode. Many people choose the grayscale mode because they believe it to save so color ink. That’s not true but for all devices, because who changes the mode just have to expect that the printer represents the grays by mixing colored ink. To prevent this, the document must be in an image editing program on black and white”be modified and saved. Then the printer will print with black only. Are printer cartridges original justified? Who wants to buy printer cartridges, often faces the choice to buy original cartridges or a cheaper replica of it. It is common to hear that the alternative products are not as good and could damage the printer.

But so easy to say that, because it depends very, for which product you choose. If you purchase compatible cartridges of other brands such as housing or Pelican, you can assume, that the quality is good. Also printer cartridges of the discounter for example by Aldi are recommended. However, avoid offers that you don’t recognize or so-called refilled cartridges. This is again filled cartridges that are not checked for quality. Myth: Printer never turn off it is really true that is lowered the cost of printing, if you the printer never turns off? There is the rumor that the devices restart consume ink to clean the nozzles. But don’t worry, the cartridges not saying empty only if you switched the device turns off. Think about that the ink in this case would have to go somewhere, you won’t find a container for cleaning ink, because he doesn’t exist. However, ink is consumed at the start of the cleaning or maintenance program.

Managing Director

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The world’s first roasting grinding scalding – coffee machine should farmers and consumers more powerful and the market grossner under make s the motto Let change coffee. Together the Berlin startup Bonaverde has, to revolutionize the world of coffee with the world’s first filter machines, which not only grinds the beans and brews, but also roasts. In addition, the Bonaverde concept envisages that consumers take their beans directly from the producer and thus full control and transparency throughout the value chain. Matching, the founder in Berlin venture the world record for the fastest path from the coffee farmers of the coffee cup on November 14. Our machine allows the consumer to perform the entire process of brewing coffee at the push of button, by roasting the beans over the grinding and the broths”, explains Hans Stier, Managing Director of Bonaverde.

The company has produced already 135 prototypes of the coffee machine, more than 15,000 people have the freshly prepared Coffee is enjoyed. The feedback was overwhelming, the testers praise above all, the taste and the wholesomeness”, as Hans Stier next. It has confirmed us is to develop our innovation to the market.” The concept aims not only to the roasting, scalding and grinding process, but starts immediately with the value chain. Bonaverde take the raw green beans directly from farmers clients so that when compared to the traditional processing and distribution process 17 steps are eliminated. Another advantage: The beans are delivered in Jutesackchen, so that no paper, plastic, or aluminum waste accumulates. In addition, it is planned to create an own community in the life of coffee makers and coffee fans can interact.

Consumers want increased transparency in the coffee market, across the entire value chain”, says Hans Stier. Our approach means a complete break with the established market. We give our customers now also the complete “Control of the roasting process and make sure that comes more money at the coffee-growers.” The power of the masses to the further implementation of the project requires Bonaverde but home to Rost grinding scalding coffee machines in the future users.

Common Denominator

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KS aluminium technology and KS KOLBENSCHMIDT certified project manager Frankfurt, March 5, 2013 reports a new successful project the IAPM (International Association of project managers): in the background of the reorganization of KSPG in 2012 a series of selected project manager from the auto-motive areas KS aluminium-technologie GmbH (ATAG) and KS KOLBENSCHMIDT GmbH certified according to international standard of IAPM were group now. The aim is the strengthening of project management, as well as the optimization of cooperation within the international project teams in both areas. Jorg Voller, long-time project manager at KS aluminium technology, justified the decision for the IAPM certification: the IAPM certification program is specifically tailored to the needs of committed project managers. In my tight schedule, this was only possible, that I could prepare myself training with us in the company and take the exam online. I am pleased to have found the time for the certification and for the effort so great to be rewarded.” Certified project manager and senior project manager were in the areas of project management and information technology. To Voller: just for the young colleagues, who came from the College fresh to us, was very helpful, in everyday practice structured to go before certification. We have then deliberately in the next project applied the learned and related changes in the procedure thus open communicates the stakeholders as a result of the certification”. Bring different methods to a common denominator the reorganization of project management was associated with greater operational responsibility of the areas and at the same time stronger strategic focus to the respective business unit. Additional advantages of the new structure from the perspective of the company include the improved possibilities of processes across business to make and continue to improve it. A first step in this direction was their uniform certification of all project managers, as both car subject areas Projects implemented according to different methods of project management.