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A Beamer For Traveling

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Compact device to present to show the folks back home spontaneously the nicest holiday pictures on your digital camera or Smartphone can be a challenge, especially if several people at the presentation would take part. In addition, that little details are on the small screen. In such situations, a mini-Beamer can remedy. The online Department store shopping.de reveals how the system works. No home theater is required for a surprise slide show with friends.

With the mini laser projector Microvision ShowWX, presenting the most beautiful holiday photos is easy, only a device with video output and a projection screen will be needed. The projector offers a resolution of 848 x 480 pixels and throws the images in 16:9-format on the wall. With a contrast ratio of 5000:1 and a brightness of 10 ANSI lumens provides good picture quality the Microvision ShowWX. Thanks to an electro-mechanical mirror system, the images always remain in focus. Of course the Beamer falls for the trouser pocket due to its handy dimensions on. The device is 11.8 inches long, 6 inches wide and 1.4 inches high.

The images can be projected to a distance of 15 up to 250 centimeters. At maximum distance, the screen size is 254 cm (100 inch). The battery has a runtime of up to two hours and can be recharged via USB port and socket adapter. More information: news.shopping.de/neuheiten/… Shopping.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Eva Otter

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Select printer settings correctly and save ink jet printer ink and other multi-function devices can be bought today very inexpensive. But quickly it becomes clear that the pressure due to the purchase of the printer cartridges in the weight fees. When purchasing you should pay attention to some differences, because many of the discounted printer are sold only with cartridges of low capacity. Sometimes it can be worthwhile to spend slightly more on the device if supplied with a full set of cartridges. The following tips will help you to lower your costs. Who uses only once in a while an inkjet print regularly, damaging the print head. Here it depends on whether the corresponding model is changed only the cartridge or always the entire head. In both cases, an irregular use affects negatively.

Because ink dries up the printer after a time. Who prints only a little, better quite opts not to purchase and leave the task to a copy shop. Otherwise you should take care that at least 3-4 times a month to print. Printer useful settings the default settings for the printer are not necessarily cost effective. Most devices too much ink consuming mode in normal print.

As for the fewest documents, print quality is really crucial. The highest level of quality is important especially for photos totally unnecessary for pure text documents. Try out the settings and quiet slightly reduce the image quality. The so called design mode may be too bad for a formal letter, for documents that you print for yourself, he is often sufficient. By the way, it doesn’t if you print color documents in grayscale mode. Many people choose the grayscale mode because they believe it to save so color ink. That’s not true but for all devices, because who changes the mode just have to expect that the printer represents the grays by mixing colored ink. To prevent this, the document must be in an image editing program on black and white”be modified and saved. Then the printer will print with black only. Are printer cartridges original justified? Who wants to buy printer cartridges, often faces the choice to buy original cartridges or a cheaper replica of it. It is common to hear that the alternative products are not as good and could damage the printer.

But so easy to say that, because it depends very, for which product you choose. If you purchase compatible cartridges of other brands such as housing or Pelican, you can assume, that the quality is good. Also printer cartridges of the discounter for example by Aldi are recommended. However, avoid offers that you don’t recognize or so-called refilled cartridges. This is again filled cartridges that are not checked for quality. Myth: Printer never turn off it is really true that is lowered the cost of printing, if you the printer never turns off? There is the rumor that the devices restart consume ink to clean the nozzles. But don’t worry, the cartridges not saying empty only if you switched the device turns off. Think about that the ink in this case would have to go somewhere, you won’t find a container for cleaning ink, because he doesn’t exist. However, ink is consumed at the start of the cleaning or maintenance program.