Location. Cottage is located in Sudak, in the southwestern part of it, in a quiet area, which creates perfect conditions for a rest. Sudak – is one of the most popular and environmentally friendly places in the Crimea. This small town on the southeastern coast of the peninsula. Clean air, mild climate, generous sun, rich history and beautiful landscapes make the rest in Sudak enjoyable and memorable. Great popularity Quay enjoys and is located practically on her Waterpark. Sudak – the resort of the Mediterranean type.

Precipitation here falls 318 mm per year, considerably less than in the city of Yalta. Mountains protect from cold northern Pike and north-easterly winds and afternoon sea breezes, tempers the heat of the sun. Sunny days in Sudak more (2550 hours) than in Yalta (2230 hours). Almost every year the swimming season lasts from spring (late May) to mid-autumn. In off-season rest in Sudak has its advantages: fewer people, housing in the private sector, and trips to resorts are cheaper, easier to get on tour.

Every summer festivals are held in Sudak: – "Silk Road" – a great show in the fort, with the participation of stars and unforgettable ending with fireworks – Festivals historical fencing "Genoese Helmet" and "Knight's Castle" on the territory of the Genoese fortress – KVN involving the best teams in the CIS, etc. Sudak has good transport links to all the cities of Crimea. Accommodation. Five 2-bed superior rooms with all amenities (toilet, shower, satellite TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, kettle, crockery, three rooms have balconies) in the 4-storey stone building. On the fourth floor is a large outdoor terrace with views of the Genoese fortress, the sea and the mountain Doodle. Hot and cold water – around the clock. Heating – Independent, allowing us to provide our guests with a comfortable year-round recreation, including holidays: Christmas, New Year, March 8, May 1, and others infrastructure. In close proximity to shopping, restaurants, cafes, bars, dining room, pharmacy, next stop taxi, paid parking, road Sudak – the New World, to which 6 km. Prior to entering the Genoese fortress – 3 minutes walk to the Quay: walking – 15 minutes by car – 5 minutes. Beach. Pebble beach, equipped with tents and locker rooms. To the beach – 10 minutes. Check-out time. 12-00 Cost. From $ 20 (Equivalent to U.S. dollar) for the add. payment by transfer from Simferopol. More Photos>>