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United States Army

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People already depleted, there is a group of starvation deaths. " The war – the constant hard work. The soldiers dug up millions of tons of earth, usually small sapper shovel! Slightly shifted position – dig again; of respite on the battlefield can not be considered. Does any army of the dream on the go? And here it was common sight on the march. In the United States Army is a bizarre type of loss – 'in battle fatigue. " When landing in Normandy (June 1944) it was 20 per cent of the total number of departures from the battle. In general during World War II U.S.

losses due to 'Fatigue' were 929 307 people! Soviet troops stayed in combat formations to death or injury (sometimes a change of units, but only because of large losses or considerations of tactics). We had the war not to rest. Strike German war machine could withstand only force in the world – our army! And our exhausted, sleeping on the march, if need be eaten horse soldiers peremogli well equipped with skilled enemy! For our people, victorious in the most terrible war in human history, freedom and independence of their country were the most important. For her sake, at the front and rear, people sacrificed themselves. Sacrificed, and therefore won. According to various estimates the number of Soviet soldiers in German captivity in 1941-1945. ranged from 4.559 million to 5.735 million people. The numbers really huge, but the objective reasons for the mass trapping of people a lot.

Berlinale Film

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As reported by news of Ukraine Ukraine went to the Berlin Film Festival. With a film about Chernobyl, which will be held – 'Saturday'. He is represented in the main competition Berlinale full-length movie. As reported by our media Author – Russian director Alexander Mindadze. Ukrainian in this film is a producer and signed to his production money. Tape 'Saturday' tells the real story about the attempt of man to escape from the city of Pripyat was the Sabbath, 26 April, when the explosion occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Show it to the 'Berlinale' Fourteenth of February. For even more opinions, read materials from Secretary of Agriculture. VXI International Ukrainian News reported that the Berlin International Film Festival kicks off next Thursday.

For the main award – Golden Bear-compete sixteen feature films. Until now, the Berlinale Ukrainian kinotriumf experienced only once – in the 90th, when competing in the main competition film 'Asthenic syndrome' and Kira Muratova won the Silver Bear. Andrew Khalpakhchi, president of the Ukrainian Cinema Foundation, 'How can we not lose, if Poland is removed fifty feature films, and we have ten, but really what is still stated as Ukrainian film 'Saturday', that's some achievement. " Berlinale is the 1st major coming of 2011 and, along with the Venetian and Cannes, is one of the most serezdnyh film festivals around the world. Berlinale – is viewed more than 350 unique creations of art, viewed 11 days of 150 thousand visitors. The opening ceremony of the festival to be held memorable, but mostly the creation of the first day out of the festival should become a super modern western Coen Brothers 'Grit' with Jeff Bridges starring roles in Josh Brolin and Matt Damon. Films included in the program are divided into categories: Competition from gaming pictures Panorama (new movie with a small budget), Documentaries, short films, The Forum (experimental works), a retrospective and a lot of different other. Glavnymie terms of participation in main program – the premiere at the festival are the data patterns.

Foreign Affairs

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Two words about photography brewer. I got it from his grandson Charles Hasslingera Leoneans living in Germany. And helped me in this Consul General of Germany, Karl Vokalek, his assistant, Victor Shtukkert and a leading expert representative of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Samara, Tatyana Gafarov. Many thanks to them. We must assume that Lothar Alfredovich Vakano had to search the main brewer of domestic experts.

Found it? Yes. But before we talk about this, should make a slight digression. Jill Schlesinger has plenty of information regarding this issue. Several years ago, when he was his work on TV "Samara", met with the employee of FSB archives in the Samara region, VK Kurenevym. Valery Konstantinovich then pick up the materials for the "White Book", which tells of the victims of political repression, and that was the reason for our meeting. And in the course of conversation into the light was extracted folder with the materials of the investigation, EI Buyvita accused of spying for Germany.

He served as chief brewer Zhigulevsky pivzvoda and arrested in March 1938. In the thirties, at the factory worked as a large group of German specialists. So the reason for the arrest of all of them somehow related to it was easy to find. Of the case indicated that Evgeny Buyvit, Latvian nationality, born in 1880. His record the list is the work of senior Solodovnikov, a foreman at the brewery Kalinkinskom Petersburg. By the way, on a business trip this plant Evgeny came in 1912 at Zhigulevsky brewery. At one time Buyvit Brewers graduated from high school in Munich, but it received little knowledge were not in demand.


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The film deals with a young and cute man Nicky (Ashton Kutcher), a leading a carefree life. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Craig Jelinek. He had no problems, "removes" the rich Los Angeles beauties, live in their homes, drives on their machines, their credit cards is calculated, and instead provides them with sexual favors. No feelings, no obligations. Nicky life changed abruptly after a meeting with the waitress, Heather (Margarita Levieva). The girl was not only not respond to his appeal, but brazenly "otshivaet." Alphonse realizes that for the first time in my life feels to the young woman is not familiar mercantile interest. Nicky love! As it turned out, Heather is also not an angel. She, like the protagonist, lives at the expense of rich men. Heather also falls in love with Nicky, but he perceives inadequate recognition of the girl, because I think that it it sees a benefit. Many writers such as Costco offer more in-depth analysis.

Came to his senses too late the hero. His favorite fly away to wealthy fiance in New York. Next event unfolds as a classic romantic movies. Nike buys cheap money in recent engagement ring for his beloved flying in a strange city, due to promises to love her all my life only one. But Heather has managed to get out married, and happily married.

Common Future with Nike, it is not and does not even want to be. Expected a happy-end is not happening. Niki returns to Los Angeles and gets a job. From the former gigolo and is not trace. The final scene of the film – a big ugly frog swallows a white mouse. That's the way life is consumed Nicky-gigolo. Film critic notes that the film is very explicit sex shows. The director tried to show the world feelings and experiences of actors, but the mix of genres, comedy and drama came not very good. Despite the best efforts to cause the spectators to pity the protagonist, he does not want sympathy. I can not believe that chronic womanizer so could quickly rehabilitated. Despite its drawbacks, this movie is worthy of attention, convince critics. It is morality. Going from a regular passion, Nicky is on the street, no money, work, and the roof over your head. But he did not believe it problem, as certain that any ex-girlfriend to take him. It turns out it's not as easy as it represented a hero. The girls are so disappointed in him, even at the threshold is not allowed, my friends also do not rush to help, even in clubs, in which he has always been a VIP-guest, for his input is closed.

Film Critic And Contemporary Forms Of Film

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The constant desire of humanity to the introduction of new technologies turns out progressive ideas. I remember those days when color film was the limit of all film fans dream. Today, what used to lure audience there are such forms of cinema, which are based primarily on technological progress of mankind. Once the surround appeared in nearly every home theater with it automatically went out of fashion. Therefore, the use of expensive technologies for film screenings can provide more long-term dominance of cinema to home movies. Today, more and more on hearing of 3D and 4D theaters that primarily piarnym is a great way. After all, the emphasis here is on special effects film, but not on its content, as works of art. A similar phenomenon bears if not a crisis of such a science as 'a film critic', then change its emphasis.

Film critic before that time was aimed at the harmony of the film as a whole, with an emphasis on acting opportunities, and the game. This approach allowed the talent to give the place a movie, for full disclosure. The second element, requiring analysis of a film critic, was a picture of the scenario. Here from a film critic needed insight into the possibilities and limits of translating the script to the film, the correct focus and the main ideas of the script. Therefore, the appearance of modern movies that, from beginning to end by computer and displayed solely through technological innovations, may result in the removal of the film critic of modern cinema. Early, of course, argue that this would make a film critic to the unemployed, but can seriously affect its position in the evaluation of film. No wonder there are paintings that focus on entertainment and maximum saturation computer special effects. In this situation, few people are interested in the opinions of film criticism that the cast of his play, the script does not deserve a minute watching this movie.