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I liveed in small cities and a great metropolis, and during a time in a mission aborgine in the interior of Australia.I have good souvenirs of that time that I passed with my cousins and uncles fishing, hunting, making bumerangues and other things in wood. My father was boxer and started to teach to me to fight when I well young age. The violence started to be part of my life. In the adolescence, it drank very in bars. I and my friends liked to look fight.

We used knives and batons of baseball to attack groups of up to 20 people or more. It gained money vendendo drugs and products stolen for people who worked in the port. Also it made collections for dealers of drugs and threatened the debtors, using metal rings and guns. It wanted to become me an assassin. My motto was: to kill or to die.

AS THE BIBLE CHANGED MY LIFE: When I age child, heard to speak of the Witnesses of Jehovah. To the 20 and few years, I remember to ask to my mother if it wise person where I could find them. Two days later, Dixon, that is Witness of Jehovah, beat in my door. After one soon colloquy, invited me to it to go to one of its Christian meetings. I was to that meeting and never more I stopped to attend they, this already for more than 20 years. All question that I made, the Witnesses of Jehovah answered using the Bible. I was happy to learn that Jehovah if interests for the people, even though for the mpios. (2 Peter 3:9) I discovered that it is a loving Father who would take care of of me, exactly that nobody more took care of.


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To the side of the vestiges of the construction, the cemetary of the villagers was located. The mission of the village of the island of the Installation is esteem that she has been established in 1722, occasion where the local indians had donated lands to the Matrix of Cabrob. This dependence of the ecclesiastical headquarters, possibly hindered that this mission was enrolled in 1746. If you have read about Mark Null already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The excuse of that the lands of the village belonged to the matrix, a judge of chapels leased the island in auction per nine years and vendeu the cattle that belonged to the indians. In 1872, similar fact would come back to occur. The Judge of Cabrob not only put in lease the small islands where the aboriginals cultivated, as the proper village, with more than 150 years of existence. In 1861, little more than the six hundred existing individuals in 1855, were reduced one hundred and seventy and one.

With the extinguishing of the villages in 1879, its inhabitants they had started to live in bandos, also in the proper island, around the small church constructed next to the ruins to the church of the mission, in whose opposing side to the river the cemetary met. Today notice of dispersed families is had since the north of the Cear until the south of the Bahia. Currently the island is divided between diverse proprietors. The natives who in it had remained had occupied in the last years the 60 habitations constructed for the colonists of a governmental project of settling that fails and has the abandoned installations. For 1981 return, FUNAI and agency of the Government of the State of Pernambuco negotiated the possibility of if instituting an aboriginal reserve with 600 ha for the Truk (Condepe 1981). For 1987 return, igrejinha in way to the plantation was with the ruined ceiling and the icons under the cares of one octogenria lady who inhabited to the edges of the stream of the Brgida.

United States Army

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People already depleted, there is a group of starvation deaths. " The war – the constant hard work. The soldiers dug up millions of tons of earth, usually small sapper shovel! Slightly shifted position – dig again; of respite on the battlefield can not be considered. Does any army of the dream on the go? And here it was common sight on the march. In the United States Army is a bizarre type of loss – 'in battle fatigue. " When landing in Normandy (June 1944) it was 20 per cent of the total number of departures from the battle. In general during World War II U.S.

losses due to 'Fatigue' were 929 307 people! Soviet troops stayed in combat formations to death or injury (sometimes a change of units, but only because of large losses or considerations of tactics). We had the war not to rest. Strike German war machine could withstand only force in the world – our army! And our exhausted, sleeping on the march, if need be eaten horse soldiers peremogli well equipped with skilled enemy! For our people, victorious in the most terrible war in human history, freedom and independence of their country were the most important. For her sake, at the front and rear, people sacrificed themselves. Sacrificed, and therefore won. According to various estimates the number of Soviet soldiers in German captivity in 1941-1945. ranged from 4.559 million to 5.735 million people. The numbers really huge, but the objective reasons for the mass trapping of people a lot.

Foreign Affairs

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Two words about photography brewer. I got it from his grandson Charles Hasslingera Leoneans living in Germany. And helped me in this Consul General of Germany, Karl Vokalek, his assistant, Victor Shtukkert and a leading expert representative of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Samara, Tatyana Gafarov. Many thanks to them. We must assume that Lothar Alfredovich Vakano had to search the main brewer of domestic experts.

Found it? Yes. But before we talk about this, should make a slight digression. Jill Schlesinger has plenty of information regarding this issue. Several years ago, when he was his work on TV "Samara", met with the employee of FSB archives in the Samara region, VK Kurenevym. Valery Konstantinovich then pick up the materials for the "White Book", which tells of the victims of political repression, and that was the reason for our meeting. And in the course of conversation into the light was extracted folder with the materials of the investigation, EI Buyvita accused of spying for Germany.

He served as chief brewer Zhigulevsky pivzvoda and arrested in March 1938. In the thirties, at the factory worked as a large group of German specialists. So the reason for the arrest of all of them somehow related to it was easy to find. Of the case indicated that Evgeny Buyvit, Latvian nationality, born in 1880. His record the list is the work of senior Solodovnikov, a foreman at the brewery Kalinkinskom Petersburg. By the way, on a business trip this plant Evgeny came in 1912 at Zhigulevsky brewery. At one time Buyvit Brewers graduated from high school in Munich, but it received little knowledge were not in demand.

Soviet Union

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In 31 of January of the following year it only is that the North Americans had obtained to launch its first satellite, the Explorer-1, but with plus some months of delay in relation to Soviets (CLARKE, 1968; WHITE, 2003; WALNUT, 2005). Other Soviet successes still would come. In January of 1959 the not-manned sounding lead Luna-1 passed the 6,000 km of the Moon and was changedded into the first spaceship to fall in the orbit around the Sun. In the same year, in 14 of September, the Luna-2 became the first object made for the man to reach the Moon, even so has been destroyed in the impact with the ground lunar. In 4 of October the Luna-3 was launched, that became first investigates it to obtain images of the occult face of the Moon, that one that never is turned toward the Land. Each Soviet success was ovacionado for the world-wide press (CLARKE, 1968). Meanwhile, even so the United States had surpassed the Soviets in the amount of satellites launched to the space, none of its facts if equaled to the ones of the Communists.

Still in 1959 the United States had selected its first team of astronauts, in 9 of April, in a total of seven men, all egresses of the Armed Forces. The Soviet reply lode in 25 of February of the following year, when they had chosen twenty men, all pilots of the Air Force, as the first group of cosmonauts of the Soviet Union (SPACEFACTS, 2010). Although the North Americans have selected its astronauts almost one year before the Soviets will choose its cosmonauts, in 12 of April of 1961 the Soviet Union came back to surprise the world when launching on board the spaceship Vostok-1 with the young Yuri Gagarin. It became the first man to travel to the space and, to the end of one hour and stocking, having completed a return around the Land, returned in security (GREENE, 2008).

Regionalistic Tradition

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According to given biographical offered for Select the Literary one of Amazon (1966), of Prof. Lins, FranciscoXavier Galvo, as well as its Anatlio personage, came to the world in 1906, nacidade of Manicor, region of the River Wood, Amazon and, January faleceu in 1956 in the Riode. Son of cel. Sundays Hermilo Galvo and Maria Cabral de VasconcelosGalvo, made its studies in Manaus, the Gymnasium Peter II. The author entered ‘ world of letras’ . He was state deputy for Amazon in two legislatures and, poca of the Revolution of 1930, travelled for Rio De Janeiro, where if it formed emDireito and it wrote in diverse agencies of the press. There it published, in 1934, Land of Nobody.

Francisco Galvo in accordance with the SeletLiterria of Amazon of Lins Professor (1966) belonged to the movement doparnasianismo in Amazon, with the workmanship Regal Victory. The poems are loaded of romantic emotions dresses for the formaparnasiana with all the rights that the same one dictated: metric perfect and rimasricas and precious. It is in the expression of social romancista, that if perfaz the social paper deFrancisco Galvo, that stops J.M. Gomes de Almeida, in the Regionalistic Tradition in the Brazilian Romance, writes: ‘ ‘ The writers now seem maispreocupados the direct questioning of the reality of what with the renewal dalinguagem narrativa’ ‘ reality, at the same time, to offer to the social historian deacordo with Sevcenko: ' ' The positions, the emphases, critical the gifts in the obrasnos had served as guides of reference to understand and to analyze the suastendncias marcantes in its social levels of framing and its escolade valores' ' (SEVCENKO, 1999, P. 22). Therefore, Land of Nobody, foiescolhida from a long research amongst as many workmanships of the temticaextrativista in Amazon, but, for being a romance that deals with the social ehistrico of the Amazon region. finally, for terms entered in contact comalgumas people who had lived at the time of ' ' cycle of borracha' ' , especially osoriundos of last the great race of the rubber between 1942 and 1945, incentivadospelo president of the Getlio Republic Vargas.