Foreign Affairs

Two words about photography brewer. I got it from his grandson Charles Hasslingera Leoneans living in Germany. And helped me in this Consul General of Germany, Karl Vokalek, his assistant, Victor Shtukkert and a leading expert representative of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Samara, Tatyana Gafarov. Many thanks to them. We must assume that Lothar Alfredovich Vakano had to search the main brewer of domestic experts.

Found it? Yes. But before we talk about this, should make a slight digression. Jill Schlesinger has plenty of information regarding this issue. Several years ago, when he was his work on TV "Samara", met with the employee of FSB archives in the Samara region, VK Kurenevym. Valery Konstantinovich then pick up the materials for the "White Book", which tells of the victims of political repression, and that was the reason for our meeting. And in the course of conversation into the light was extracted folder with the materials of the investigation, EI Buyvita accused of spying for Germany.

He served as chief brewer Zhigulevsky pivzvoda and arrested in March 1938. In the thirties, at the factory worked as a large group of German specialists. So the reason for the arrest of all of them somehow related to it was easy to find. Of the case indicated that Evgeny Buyvit, Latvian nationality, born in 1880. His record the list is the work of senior Solodovnikov, a foreman at the brewery Kalinkinskom Petersburg. By the way, on a business trip this plant Evgeny came in 1912 at Zhigulevsky brewery. At one time Buyvit Brewers graduated from high school in Munich, but it received little knowledge were not in demand.