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Estate Planning

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Placement of buildings and planting in the garden of the novices is some difficulty, but from a rational planning will largely depend on ease of living and productivity of plantations. Gain insight and clarity with Jeremy Kidd. The proposed paper attempts to systematize the possible placement of plants so that they do not interfere with each other in an area of 6 hectare. Taking the article as a basis, a gardener can make in your particular version of refinement assortment of plantings and the number of trees and shrubs. Before you start working on the development site, will recommend to the novice gardener to make a plan on graph paper, taking into account the orientation of the cardinal, who will help coordinate construction and planting, eliminate unnecessary transplantation, as well as to take into account the mutual influence of plants on each other in other words landscaping. urces. First, place the building. Garden House (I) should placed on "red line" that passes, usually 5 meters from the road in accordance with the general development plan. Need a dedicated hozblok (III) and a recreation area (VI), track (IV), car parking (II), it seems that it is time legalize it in the model statute.

When placing the house not too much to think about which side will go out the window. If the north and south, in the same room will be hot all the time, and the other cool. It is better to stick to west-east axis. Terrace, located on the south side, will prevent the house from overheating. Consider the accommodation at the location of the house stands on the north side of the garden plot a small area between the house and the road advisable to take a shade-tolerant ornamental trees and shrubs, as most of the day there will be a shadow. Zone from the house to the southern border area – the largest on the plan.

Plaster Walls

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If you decide to renovate an apartment, office or any other room, he will surely think about the methods of implementation of the forthcoming work. If you would like to know more about Gagosian Gallery, then click here. In this case it is clear that for high-quality finish before all necessary pre-alignment of all surfaces, whether ceiling or wall. There are three basic ways to align the walls and ceiling – dry with drywall or other building panels, wet – plaster, and combined. Michelin Star Restaurant brings even more insight to the discussion. The latter usually involves plastering walls and ceilings of piece goods. In this article we shall discuss in more detail in the preparation of the ceiling and walls before the finish finished with plaster. By the absolute advantages are high quality made of plaster and the lack of solidity of the inevitable when using any finishing panels seams, joints and voids. Durability (Service life of more than 25 years), suitability for almost any application, even the most capricious in terms of fundamentals of finishing materials.

As well as technological accuracy (quality plaster walls and ceiling aligns with a tolerance of 1-2 mm per 2 m) and plasticity, allowing to perform complex design projects. In addition to all of the above, the wet walls eliminate the problem of fixing arising from the hitch mount and items of furniture. Well chief among the advantages of stucco – environmentally friendly due to the use of natural ingredients in its composition, and practicality of use. In Russian conditions, utility and imperfections heterogeneity of communication is particularly important waterproof plaster. In practice, this means the following. If you have filled in the neighbors, for example, top, or directly in the apartment was accidental water leakage, when timely action taken (water harvesting, drying and aeration), plaster coating to maintain their quality. And the water had time to absorb already, plaster gradually give up, keeping the interior in its original form, whereas in decorated plasterboard interior, like this photo plasterboard ceilings, do not succeed, regardless of the measures taken. Another unquestionable advantage of plaster – it saves space.


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Anything that uses a person has long since devised by nature. And we only study of its properties, and copy it to the power of knowledge and technology available. No exception and the local sewage system. Man only uses natural Bioregulators nature of its engineering only concentrating and enhancing the natural course of things. The term "locality" means a complete closed loop on a single small area. You may find that Craig Jelinek can contribute to your knowledge. After all, if you look carefully and urban sewage – the same thing, but to a far larger scale. So, what is a system of local waste water treatment? It consists of two and a half items. First – in-house sewer network.

They can connect to both local as well as to urban networks, so we are talking about "half" of the element))). Second, the responsibility – a septic tank. Septic tank is responsible for the deep processing of wastewater and household waste. Design and capacity of septic tanks will vary, but all are subject to two basic rules: a) the volume of the septic tank is designed on the basis of the estimated volume of waste water re-entry. b) The septic tank should provide a complete splitting of waste to let a dirty state, but without the suspended impurities and liquids. The third part, and no less important than the septic tank – filter system effluent. Call this structure differently.

Field irrigation, field trench or filtering, or sewer drain. The essence of the name does not change. The clarified water in the septic tank must be completely absorbed by the soil. Otherwise, no septic tank will not help. A simple example: according to calculations by septic a small family – it's capacity in a couple of cubic meters. One bathing in the bathroom – is 200-300 liters of water consumed. Proponents of routine care of any septic tank will fill in a few days. To do this, and there are filter field (trench) Water entering the house to a septic tank according to the law of communicating vessels, pushing out the septic tank, "the other water." Which has already settled down in a septic tank for a while. Next, it enters by gravity into the drain pipe. Not exactly tube, and the whole system, although the system – it's too loud. Drainage consists of distributing the well through which water goes evenly into several drainage pipes. Why some, and why not do the same drainage pipe? First, it ensures uniformity of filtration at the same time a large area. Secondly – a few pipes easier to cope with peak demand. And thirdly – silting system sooner or later, but it happens. If it comes from a standing drain pipe, the rest will continue to work, taking its strain on yourself. And so on until filtration system no longer cope with the volume coming from the septic tank. To sum up the brief, what is local sewer system. Contaminated water from the house enters the septic tank,. In the septic tank is fermentation, aerobic decomposition of organic matter and decomposition by bacteria. Unsplit precipitated to the bottom from regularly pumped assenizatorskoy machine. Conventionally treated water moves into the drainage ditch, where gradually seeps into the soil, spreading over a large area. Ultimately, our former dirty water go deep, deep underground, where the continental soil quality and the most sensitive filter-water returns to its original state drinking.

New Technology Management Indoor Climate

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For productive work and a good rest in the room are not only quality equipment and furniture, and favorable climatic conditions. Comfortable temperature and good ventilation help create an atmosphere in which people will feel comfortable, which means that their activities will be most effective. It is for this purpose there is a separate area – the creation of climate conditions and management practices climate. Year after year, developed and produced more of the new HVAC equipment, which includes heating, ventilation and air conditioning. All HVAC equipment or buildings space is divided into two main groups: primary and secondary. The first is the complex aggregates: the central and rooftops, chillers (chillers), fan coil units, air supply local installation. The second group includes equipment that complements the main (heaters, fans, air curtains), as well as a number of components required to connect the main system elements: air ducts, fittings, automation management, pipelines, etc. In general, a complex climate system provides ventilation, air conditioning and heating facilities.

Ventilation is designed to create airflow and is divided into supply and exhaust. Forced ventilation provides fresh air right temperature and humidity and is performed using suction units and central air conditioners. Exhaust ventilation removes air from the premises and carried out by setting up separate exhaust fans. To achieve good air exchange is necessary to ensure its adequate intensity: the amount of incoming air must be in proportion to the amount allotted, otherwise the room will create excessive pressure or negative pressure. An indicator of the ventilation is its multiplicity, ie the ratio of applied or removed in 1 hour of air to the internal volume of the room. For different types of rooms, this index has a value, which is regulated by the building codes and regulations (SNIP): the more air pollution and higher its quality requirements, the higher should be the multiplicity of air .

Janz Aysinin

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This allows you to implement the most complex architectural projects, where the use of conventional heaters can not. Thanks to the incredible expansion coefficient at a time can cause layer of thickness 30 cm, which corresponds to the thermal resistance three-meter concrete wall, while the pressure on the frame design is only 6 kg/m3. Video coating process Foam insulation is Aysinin more than 20 years, used in Canada, the United States, Europe and Japan for insulating the roof, floor, facade or interior walls and insulation integrated frame houses. Warming of the roof or attic – is just three steps to isolate the largest source of heat loss building. 1.

Setting the frame 2. Directly from inside the slab is applied Aysinin. 3. Plating coating materials inside. With Aysinin not need to control the execution of the installation of barriers, gluing seams, and surface preparation.

More – no headaches, that the workers did not survive the complex technology, as with conventional heaters. Thermal insulation of the facade is similar to warming attic. The rate of deposition of the material is impressive – the day you can warm the area up to 200m2, and trim the siding or block-house you can start the next day. Video of the process of warming facade penoyu Aysinin. Aysinin excellent suitable for a frame house when the heater is not extra, but most of the load for the thermal resistance. The material fills the cavity between the outer and inner walls, leaving no any gaps and crevices, creating a strong "breathable" barrier to the movement of cold air, preventing it from entering inside. The technology of open pores allow moisture control in the house, which gets along with air, and thus prevent mildew and damp. With a young family Aysinin can build a wooden house on their own in just 2-3 months. Aysinin – it is really versatile material, suitable for thermal insulation of buildings for any purpose, whether it is architectural complexity in all climatic conditions. This is evidenced by the following examples of world-building as a ski resort in Dubai, Temple Wat Pacman in Japan, shopping center HayBrend in Seoul, ski resort in the Janz-ji and others. More information about the projects using Aysinin in section "Projects"

The Well

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I had to do inexpressive karerchik directly on the site. Practice has shown that the straw for the future of adobe house easier to procure during the pre-harvest. The following year, in spring or early summer to find enough Straw is very problematic. If possible, try to buy building materials in the winter or during the peak sales season. You can save considerably. For example, the material for the roof is the most expensive in the late summer – early autumn, when all is done and the walls began to roof. In addition, it may be that's exactly what you need to have inexcusably long wait.

In late December, roofing materials is significantly cheaper. Having shed a couple of near from estates, we buy construction materials in advance and at the lowest possible price. Have a sizeable savings, also during intensive construction delays due to the fact that something was not in stores or warehouses firms reduced to zero. Moment, which perhaps is more delayed construction of our home – the lack of a well or wells on the site. For cob need much water, too much.

We started work on finding no pre- site water. In a sense it was a big mistake. While on the other hand, well, we still do not, and the house is worth. It is unlikely that we would have a house, if we had the last couple of years spent in the well. The fact is that well we do not want a water in our area until we can find. Our site has sullied the reputation of the two lozohodtsam. Idly, we certainly do not sit. During this time, hand-made for 4 exploration wells by bailer. While empty, although the latter is not hopeless. With water we have largely solved the problem by inventing collect rainwater from the aid of a simple device as well ustelennoy vinyl and watershed from the same vinyl.