Estate Planning

Placement of buildings and planting in the garden of the novices is some difficulty, but from a rational planning will largely depend on ease of living and productivity of plantations. Gain insight and clarity with Jeremy Kidd. The proposed paper attempts to systematize the possible placement of plants so that they do not interfere with each other in an area of 6 hectare. Taking the article as a basis, a gardener can make in your particular version of refinement assortment of plantings and the number of trees and shrubs. Before you start working on the development site, will recommend to the novice gardener to make a plan on graph paper, taking into account the orientation of the cardinal, who will help coordinate construction and planting, eliminate unnecessary transplantation, as well as to take into account the mutual influence of plants on each other in other words landscaping. urces. First, place the building. Garden House (I) should placed on "red line" that passes, usually 5 meters from the road in accordance with the general development plan. Need a dedicated hozblok (III) and a recreation area (VI), track (IV), car parking (II), it seems that it is time legalize it in the model statute.

When placing the house not too much to think about which side will go out the window. If the north and south, in the same room will be hot all the time, and the other cool. It is better to stick to west-east axis. Terrace, located on the south side, will prevent the house from overheating. Consider the accommodation at the location of the house stands on the north side of the garden plot a small area between the house and the road advisable to take a shade-tolerant ornamental trees and shrubs, as most of the day there will be a shadow. Zone from the house to the southern border area – the largest on the plan.