New Technology Management Indoor Climate

For productive work and a good rest in the room are not only quality equipment and furniture, and favorable climatic conditions. Comfortable temperature and good ventilation help create an atmosphere in which people will feel comfortable, which means that their activities will be most effective. It is for this purpose there is a separate area – the creation of climate conditions and management practices climate. Year after year, developed and produced more of the new HVAC equipment, which includes heating, ventilation and air conditioning. All HVAC equipment or buildings space is divided into two main groups: primary and secondary. The first is the complex aggregates: the central and rooftops, chillers (chillers), fan coil units, air supply local installation. The second group includes equipment that complements the main (heaters, fans, air curtains), as well as a number of components required to connect the main system elements: air ducts, fittings, automation management, pipelines, etc. In general, a complex climate system provides ventilation, air conditioning and heating facilities.

Ventilation is designed to create airflow and is divided into supply and exhaust. Forced ventilation provides fresh air right temperature and humidity and is performed using suction units and central air conditioners. Exhaust ventilation removes air from the premises and carried out by setting up separate exhaust fans. To achieve good air exchange is necessary to ensure its adequate intensity: the amount of incoming air must be in proportion to the amount allotted, otherwise the room will create excessive pressure or negative pressure. An indicator of the ventilation is its multiplicity, ie the ratio of applied or removed in 1 hour of air to the internal volume of the room. For different types of rooms, this index has a value, which is regulated by the building codes and regulations (SNIP): the more air pollution and higher its quality requirements, the higher should be the multiplicity of air .