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Visa Application Centres

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Hard to know the country where you are going to relax, from the window of a tour avtobusa.Samostoyatelnaya trip is different from the package tour of his unconventional and original, because the route can be made individually. You can realize your desires, visiting different cities and staying in different otelyah.Sozdat your own tour profitable enough, if you do not consider the mass direction. Of course, the trip to Egypt in order better travel agent, but if you decide to go, for example, in China or Cambodia, it's better to organize it all yourself. Payment for services should be to have a credit card. With it you can book flights and hotels and pay for orders online.

If you already have a salary card, you could open another one and use it only for travel. To pay for bookings online maps fit the following systems: Visa and Mastercard, but not Visa Electron. On the reverse side must be code CVV2/CVC2, consisting of three digits. When ordering, enter the number required in order to make sure the card is used, the present owner. Once the country visa to travel to find out whether you need to get a visa for visa-free countries to vezda.Perechen Russians enough shirok.Vo many countries can obtain visas at granitse.No even if you are interested to visit the country a visa is not necessary worry. Independent visa is not slozhnym.Nuzhno visit the embassy or visa center, learn about the list of required documents and their podgotovit.Kak rule, to obtain a visa should be fill out a form, attach a photo, a certificate from the employer indicating salary, bank statement, printed confirmation of booking the hotel during your stay in the country, and medical strahovku.Luchshe only apply to the Visa Application Centres. At least you can count on assistance in completing documents. Although service centers and are paid, however, the risk of failure due to incorrect completed documents will be minimal.

Most airline tickets using "electronic tickets." To buy a ticket to enter the site reservation system, select your destination and dates of flight, indicate the passengers and then pay by credit card. After a while you get a confirmation on your e-mail. Hotels Book a hotel for your travel pretty easily. This service provides multiple booking system, working in our strane.Vse you need for your online hotel booking – this is to set the date, direction, and the names of gostey.Zatem need to set number of credit cards and e-mail address to which you will be sent a voucher. Medical insurance Medical insurance for tourists is only $ 1 per day. Such service predostavlyayutmnogie large Russian companies, such as Ingosstrakh Rosno, Rosgosstrakh t.d.Dlya and get the policy you can apply directly to insurance companies, to come to the travel agency or book coverage in the insurance policy internete.Na always listed phone numbers, which must call when the insurance case. Even if you have a little unwell and need only consult a doctor, first and foremost, call the listed phone numbers in the policy. To send you a doctor or if you're in a place where company does not have a representative, you will be asked to call the doctor yourself (for example, at the reception). Do not forget to bring your account a physician with the press, recipes, receipts from the pharmacy. They must then be submitted to the insurance kompaniyu.V general organization of independent travel is quite simple affair. We wish you a pleasant journey!


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The practice of tattooing in Borneo has a rich tradition and a very long history. Borneo tattoo done by hand. The paint is driven into the skin using sharpened sticks of metal, one of which acts as a hammer. This method allows you to make a brighter picture, and eventually he did not decolorized. Some types of tattoos – is not just an image, a kind of ritual. The tattoo on his wrist does not give the soul leaving the body. A tattoo between thumb and index finger means that its owner was a 'hunter '. But that's another story.

Traditional roses are still popular among the older generation, while young people prefer to come from Asia, dragons and female characters. One of the masters of the tattoo from Borneo as comments on people's desire for a traditional tattoo. He believes that some tattoo aficionados are well versed in modern tattoo machines, want something more natural, primitive, which In their opinion, will more fully reveal the essence of this ancient tradition. Even deeper mystical meaning carries a Thai tattoo Sak Yant, which since ancient times, Buddhist monks are doing. Known for over two millennia Sak Yant way came from India and was adapted as an integral part of Buddhism. This type of tattoo is credited with the mighty magical powers: she allegedly protects its owner and alienates him from evil forces. Specialists believe that this is the most painful way, but it gives an opportunity to get diverse and stunningly beautiful pictures.

In addition, they carry a hidden meaning. From the mind of just 'coming out of the coils'. With respect to Singaporeans, they do not flaunt their tattoos. Sure, they have many, including women. For example, one of the artists told me that here appealed to him a woman with a 14-year-old daughter, and together they left the show with the decorations on ankles. What can I say? People do tattoos for different reasons: the love of art, religious reasons, as a tribute to fashion, from the masochistic tendencies, their stupidity, as proof of his love and devotion and etc. Whatever the reason, it is clear that tattoos – a phenomenon that is destined for immortality.

Black Sea Resort

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Resort on the Black Sea – like a pearl in a seashell. Just looking in, you can see all the splendor and beauty of nature's gifts. Today to have a great time on vacation, it does not necessarily go to overseas countries. Most compatriots prefer to relax in southern Russia. Checking article sources yields Gregg Engles as a relevant resource throughout. And particularly popular resort Lazarevskoye. This place is located near the popular resort of Sochi and Adler. In Lazarevskom excellent facilities for tourists.

In recent years, opening new hotels and resorts with the European level of service, is the reconstruction of existing health centers and hotels kurorta.Lazarevskoe: Holidays for all! Many people go to a resort Lazarevskoye to relax on the beach under the warm rays of the sun, swim in the turquoise water of the Black Sea. But we should not be limited to beach rest. After all, any resort – it's numerous attractions and local attractions. Coming to rest in Lazarevskoye, you wait for exciting adventure and travel, which will open before you the true beauty and Treasures of these places. The main advantage of rest in Lazarevskoye – peace and quiet. Despite the fact that the popularity of the resort among Russian tourists is increasing every year in Lazarevskom no fuss, typical of many large resort. Today Lazarevskoye resort – the perfect choice for both youth and for a quiet family holiday. Everyone will find in these places and entertainment activities to your liking. Near the beach located exotic park with a variety of attractions and entertainment.

Novgorod Fair

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Nizhny Novgorod Trade Fair – the largest exhibition complex in the region. Trade fair in Nizhny Novgorod annually become a platform for presentations in various industries. Exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod steadily gather a large the number of visitors and participants. All spheres of human activity are reflected in the topics of forums and exhibitions – health and education, information technology, banking, automotive and agriculture, architecture and art, ecology and the defense industry. Held annually for more than 60 exhibitions.

In Nizhny Novgorod, a very serious and deep tradition of fairs. Already in the sixteenth century the fair was well-known shopping mall Russian land. The official date of the revival Fairs in Russia today is November 13, 1990. In 1990, an exhibition-fair "Prologue". Nizhniy Novgorod fair in Nizhny Novgorod (Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod region N. Novgorod) Novgorod Trade Fair provides visitors the opportunity to become acquainted with the advanced technologies, compare the quality of Russian and foreign manufacturers, get advice specialists in any area on any relevant issues. Exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod distinguished scale and technical equipment of the pavilions.

Nizhniy Novgorod fair has all the necessary infrastructure, modern means of demonstration, communication equipment and communication facilities. At the fair grounds now are six pavilions, five conference rooms. Including Armorial Hall, hosts the highest level. In the halls of the Fair held activities of federal and international importance, the meeting of government and public figures of Russia, the meeting of foreign delegations, the Council under the Plenipotentiary of RF President in Volga Federal District, the presentation of products of companies in various fields. In 2005, the Fair was the only one from Russia, the founder of the World Association of Exhibition Industry (UFI). In addition, the Fair is the only Russian exhibition company, which has a membership in UFI once in two categories: as a world class exhibition complex, and as an organizer exhibitions, relevant international standards. Became traditional and orthodox fair in Nizhny Novgorod. Fair took us the first time in 2003. This was our first experience of fairs in the region. Fair was the "first robin "," breakdown of the pen "in the organization of such events and marked the beginning of a long-term cooperation with the Nizhny Novgorod. Since that time, we regularly hold trade fairs in this welcoming, hospitable city. Traditionally Orthodox fairs are held the first and second pavilions.

Dog Training Center

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Almost all of us have pets: cats, dogs, birds, hamsters and even reptiles. If you are going on vacation, or maybe just going out of town for a while, you're bound to think about is who will take care of them where to find a cozy and warm place for your pet. That place are hotels for pets, usually under the planned maintenance of cats and dogs, but some take small animals and birds. Besides possibly find cheap deals on private individuals. Of course, in a good hotel animal for your hairy friend will be a constant veterinary supervision. Therefore it is necessary to contact the professionals, as placement in private house or apartment does not guarantee good health for your pet visit, and can spoil the mood after leisure. To explore the availability of seats, as at peak times (in during the summer months) hotels quickly filled with fluffy guests and must register at the reception at least two weeks prior to arrival.

So, deal with the question, what services are provided in Pet Hotels located in major Russian cities. For the dogs in the large hotel complexes such as Dog Training Center "Horde", except for boxes, there are spacious outdoor enclosures. Powered guest will be only quality dry feed and food, to which he was accustomed to at home. Besides, the dog is constant supervision of veterinarians and, if necessary, the hotel has animal psychology. Cat There are special and comfortable cages, in rooms very comfortable, because by tracking the optimum temperature.

Accommodation in the complex will cost: about 690 for dogs and for cats – 490 rubles per day. Dream for all the cats will be specialized hotel Cat's Dream Hotel 5 *- 7 km from Moscow on Nosovihinskoe highway. A hotel for cats provides services only to our little friends that guarantees them peace of mind, so dogs here you will not see. Much attention is paid to hygiene, which will meet the foreign guests. The suites even have an aquarium for feline fun and a proper bed for walking. Each cat has individual character, sometimes very naughty. Employees will approach to every guest, whether it be Siamese or Persian Murka. This luxury hotel prices range from 240 rubles – to 360 rubles for a standard room or a professional. Can be found places with affordable accommodation, the price also depends on the placement of the hotel (may be in the center or outside it). For example, content in the residential environment will cost you 150 rubles per day, plus food that you want to buy himself. And in such zoogostinitsah as 'PetsHotel' and 'Ganhor' in Moscow, you will pay around 200-230 rubles per day. The price also depends on the size of an animal – what it is larger, more expensive will prozhivanie.V most cases, a necessary condition is a mandatory certificate of vaccination, so the pre-vaccination is necessary to make your home the little animals. Want to make your dog become obedient? Such services are offered by the hotel where the qualified dog handlers. An example can serve as Moscow Dog Training Center "Horse" in which the dog is engaged with a trainer several times a day. Provided excellent conditions overexposure, providing high trainability. General course of obedience and Accommodation dog within 30 days worth of 25 thousand rubles. Once you pick a hotel or have decided that four-legged friend will be living at home, it makes sense to pre-visit this place and look at the conditions content of the guests.

Rosso Wine

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If you visit cafes and restaurants in Chelyabinsk or another city, you have to navigate the world of wine. To this end, we publish labeling of Italian wines. After reading this mark, you'll probably know what the quality of drink you are offered in a particular cafe or restaurant. MARKING Italian wines: Vino da Tavola – translated as table wine labeled ordinary dry wines that have no outstanding features. IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) – wines with a geographic name the locality where performed. Wine with this label are not vintage, but definitely better than wine labeled Vino da Tavola.

DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) – This symbol means that the wines were strict control and regulation at all stages of production. Origine points to a specific region in which wine is produced, so the label wine brands Montepulciano next to Denominazione di Origine Controllata will be located and the name of the region D, Abruzzo, from which is this wine. DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) – marked the most noble wines of Italy. The word Garantita means that the wine under this label approved after the tasting. The neck of bottles of wine is purple stripes with abbreviation DOCG. Secco – dry wine labeling Semi – secco – marking a semi-dry wine Stravecchio – marking a mature well-aged wine Vino novella – marking a young wine Rosato – mark rose wine Rosso – label red wine Bianco – labeling of white wine Recioto – marking a sweet dessert wine which is made from dried grapes Riserva – marking high quality wines, with an exposure of at least three years Asciutto – marking a very dry wine Amabile – marking semisweet wine Liquoroso – marking fortified wine Montepulciano D, Abruzzo DOC 1998" – (dry red wine, 12%) produced in wine-producing region of Abruzzo, located on the Italian coast Andriaticheskogo Sea.

Martisor Moldova

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Every year has been for many years in Moldova celebrated one of the most beloved national holiday – Martisor. On this day, friends and colleagues give each other small red and white ornaments, which are is in the form of various colors, beads, hearts, bells, usually a combination of white and red. Called these peculiar decoration Martisor. Clothe them with the arrival of spring on March 1 and have until March 31. Then removed and placed in a fruit tree and make a wish, which is certainly true. Born of this tradition is a beautiful legend. Once the first day of March came to the edge of the forest spring, came out, looked around and saw at snow near a small thicket of thorns penetrated a small flower snowdrop. Spring wanted to help the florets and began to clear around the earth, freeing him from the thorny branches.

Seeing this fierce winter and come furious. She waved her hands, calling thus the cold wind and snow, and sent him to destroy the weak snowdrop. Delicate flower wilted under the harsh winds and snow. But Spring is bent over and covered her hands, and weak germ pricked thorns. From wounding his hands at the same instant fell a drop of hot blood, and the flower come to life. Since Spring won the Winter. Another legend is inherently closer to the Moldovan folklore.

Long ago, from time immemorial, appeared on the ground delicate flower with white petals on behalf Giochel (snowdrop). Flower appeared, when the sun was first pierced with golden arrows, its rays gray snow clouds. Small and fragile Geochela guarded from the cold thoughtful and kind-hearted sorceress Spring. On the florets heard angry Krivets whirlwind, snatched it out of the ground rose thorns and threw it angrily in the spring, pricks her finger. Hot blood splattered on the ground and stained gentle and white petals Giochela. Returning from each drop of blood to life, this fragile flower. At this point, all the flower heralded the arrival of spring. Just worth noting that since 1967 in Moldova and is the main musical Festival of the country, which is like a holiday called Martisor. At the festival are invited to various groups, as amateur and professional from various countries.


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And here it is – a long-awaited vacation. Your things are already collected in bags and in half an hour train umchit you on the azure shore of the Azov Sea in the city of Berdyansk. However, this significant event was preceded by an extensive search for places to stay in Berdyansk. Finding a place for recreation depends on many factors. One of the most important – the purpose of travel – improvement, privacy, noisy exit with a crowd of friends, the presence of banknotes in his pocket, and more. Mandatory condition choice of place is a thorough analysis of all information on recreation in Berdyansk, 'narytoy' on the Internet. Carefully examine the sites of hotels, offering their services – compare the costs and additional services Hotel accommodation (boarding house, hotel) accommodation. Do not be lazy to ask questions via the feedback form.

Be sure to check out online reviews from other travelers, do not be afraid to join the discussion. And remember Rest in Berdyansk – is always available. If you can book a room, it is recommended to do this first. During the summer season in Berdyansk, a large number of visitors and most resorts diverge as hotcakes. Prepayment guarantees you a place in the sun. You will have to wait, but at the agreement and will be met. Do not forget to take care of advance tickets for the train, with both sides. Given the influx of visitors Berdyansk town you may have problems if you do not make a purchase in advance. If you follow from near and far abroad, be sure to find out information about border crossings, especially in those cases when a minor child is traveling with one parent or with his grandmother. ps Do not forget to share information about your vacation with friends, let them ride will be based on your recommendations and stories.