Martisor Moldova

Every year has been for many years in Moldova celebrated one of the most beloved national holiday – Martisor. On this day, friends and colleagues give each other small red and white ornaments, which are is in the form of various colors, beads, hearts, bells, usually a combination of white and red. Called these peculiar decoration Martisor. Clothe them with the arrival of spring on March 1 and have until March 31. Then removed and placed in a fruit tree and make a wish, which is certainly true. Born of this tradition is a beautiful legend. Once the first day of March came to the edge of the forest spring, came out, looked around and saw at snow near a small thicket of thorns penetrated a small flower snowdrop. Spring wanted to help the florets and began to clear around the earth, freeing him from the thorny branches.

Seeing this fierce winter and come furious. She waved her hands, calling thus the cold wind and snow, and sent him to destroy the weak snowdrop. Delicate flower wilted under the harsh winds and snow. But Spring is bent over and covered her hands, and weak germ pricked thorns. From wounding his hands at the same instant fell a drop of hot blood, and the flower come to life. Since Spring won the Winter. Another legend is inherently closer to the Moldovan folklore.

Long ago, from time immemorial, appeared on the ground delicate flower with white petals on behalf Giochel (snowdrop). Flower appeared, when the sun was first pierced with golden arrows, its rays gray snow clouds. Small and fragile Geochela guarded from the cold thoughtful and kind-hearted sorceress Spring. On the florets heard angry Krivets whirlwind, snatched it out of the ground rose thorns and threw it angrily in the spring, pricks her finger. Hot blood splattered on the ground and stained gentle and white petals Giochela. Returning from each drop of blood to life, this fragile flower. At this point, all the flower heralded the arrival of spring. Just worth noting that since 1967 in Moldova and is the main musical Festival of the country, which is like a holiday called Martisor. At the festival are invited to various groups, as amateur and professional from various countries.