Dog Training Center

Almost all of us have pets: cats, dogs, birds, hamsters and even reptiles. If you are going on vacation, or maybe just going out of town for a while, you're bound to think about is who will take care of them where to find a cozy and warm place for your pet. That place are hotels for pets, usually under the planned maintenance of cats and dogs, but some take small animals and birds. Besides possibly find cheap deals on private individuals. Of course, in a good hotel animal for your hairy friend will be a constant veterinary supervision. Therefore it is necessary to contact the professionals, as placement in private house or apartment does not guarantee good health for your pet visit, and can spoil the mood after leisure. To explore the availability of seats, as at peak times (in during the summer months) hotels quickly filled with fluffy guests and must register at the reception at least two weeks prior to arrival.

So, deal with the question, what services are provided in Pet Hotels located in major Russian cities. For the dogs in the large hotel complexes such as Dog Training Center "Horde", except for boxes, there are spacious outdoor enclosures. Powered guest will be only quality dry feed and food, to which he was accustomed to at home. Besides, the dog is constant supervision of veterinarians and, if necessary, the hotel has animal psychology. Cat There are special and comfortable cages, in rooms very comfortable, because by tracking the optimum temperature.

Accommodation in the complex will cost: about 690 for dogs and for cats – 490 rubles per day. Dream for all the cats will be specialized hotel Cat's Dream Hotel 5 *- 7 km from Moscow on Nosovihinskoe highway. A hotel for cats provides services only to our little friends that guarantees them peace of mind, so dogs here you will not see. Much attention is paid to hygiene, which will meet the foreign guests. The suites even have an aquarium for feline fun and a proper bed for walking. Each cat has individual character, sometimes very naughty. Employees will approach to every guest, whether it be Siamese or Persian Murka. This luxury hotel prices range from 240 rubles – to 360 rubles for a standard room or a professional. Can be found places with affordable accommodation, the price also depends on the placement of the hotel (may be in the center or outside it). For example, content in the residential environment will cost you 150 rubles per day, plus food that you want to buy himself. And in such zoogostinitsah as 'PetsHotel' and 'Ganhor' in Moscow, you will pay around 200-230 rubles per day. The price also depends on the size of an animal – what it is larger, more expensive will prozhivanie.V most cases, a necessary condition is a mandatory certificate of vaccination, so the pre-vaccination is necessary to make your home the little animals. Want to make your dog become obedient? Such services are offered by the hotel where the qualified dog handlers. An example can serve as Moscow Dog Training Center "Horse" in which the dog is engaged with a trainer several times a day. Provided excellent conditions overexposure, providing high trainability. General course of obedience and Accommodation dog within 30 days worth of 25 thousand rubles. Once you pick a hotel or have decided that four-legged friend will be living at home, it makes sense to pre-visit this place and look at the conditions content of the guests.