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International Museum

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International Museum International Museum of espionage Espionage (The International Spy Museum) – is one of the most intriguing museums in America. It contains more than 600 exhibits covering all aspects of this legendary career. It is located next to National mole in the heart of Washington, where a stone's throw and the main attractions of the city, and until the FBI headquarters. It still can be called a museum of errors, because it is because of them the names of many agents have known as their "arsenal" joins museum collection. One of the founders and a board member of the museum – our countryman, the former Soviet resident O. Kalugin. He managed to gather quite amazing artifacts not only from the history of American intelligence, but also the history of the Soviet Union, Russia and other countries. The museum occupies the entire 5 buildings, whose history is very trivial.

In one of them from 1941 to 1948 in a room 306 headquarters of the Fourth District Branch of the Communist Party USA, where, according to U.S. counterintelligence, Soviet spies were hiding. "All around – not what it seems." This idea is pursued any visitor to the museum. Here you can see quite unusual exhibits seized from the spies: the lighter-camera, hidden camera, mounted in a wristwatch (West Germany, 1949. The agent could make 6 shots, pretending that verifies that hour), pistol in a case out of lipstick, nicknamed "The Kiss of Death" (USSR, 1965.

firing single-shot device capable of great destructive power), an umbrella with a deadly poison, a coat with buttons, cameras (USSR, 1970. According to museum curators, this device is so well proven, that are still used today), "bugs" in the stumps and flower pots, in ties and high heels, a cigarette packs and the ladies' trinkets. Bugs beginning and the museum itself. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as County Dollar General Store by clicking through. Wearing headphones, you can hear the conversations of visitors who are in another room. And on the walls hung pictures unmasked spies from various countries. The very first thing you hear when you enter the museum and get up in the queue for tickets, it's endlessly repeated questions: "Your real name? Who are you working? To whom do you work? "… This record questioning the detainee spy bad helps pass the time. A voice from the speaker warns that spying on you is already underway, but the most important thing you learn – lousy intelligence and counter-intelligence swarm in large cities and capitals and in Washington, almost every second, most likely a spy. You may end up plunge into espionage atmosphere, choosing for himself a legend, a cover and try to remember all the related details – biography, purpose of visit and contacts. At the end of the trip computer will check your history. If you make a few mistakes and forget any details, start trouble. The question arises – to release you from the country or to surrender to special services. Leaving the museum, you can buy something as a souvenir of your visit. In a special museum store what is there not! The costumes and weapons, James Bond, music from the movie about him and the films themselves, suitcases with false bottoms, pens with invisible ink, night vision equipment, encryption (cryptographic) games and puzzles spetskantstovary (folders for papers stamped "Top Secret", the press, which is cut: "Upon reading – burn" or "Do not copy") and much more. It is a museum for the real connoisseurs of art spyware!

Russian Weapons

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From the first minute, held at the Center, children and adults are immersed in an atmosphere of a medieval town at the entrance of their encounters Herald (costumed animator-guide) and gives all the decorations (ribbons of four different colors), which divide the children into 4 medieval armies. Finally, the main action begins. From the gate of the fortress there are medieval warriors – Russian "Boyarin Dobrynya" nomad "Khan Tokhtamish" viking "Earl Ragnar, a knight "Master Frederick of Bavaria." Each of the soldiers vyberaem banner of a different color, thus becoming voinonachalnikom newly recruited troops. Warriors demonstrate techniques with various weapons possession, and then will compete in the duels. The guide will hold an interesting, informative and, most importantly, very visual trip on the development of protective and offensive weapons in the Middle Ages in Russia and in neighboring states, the development and evolution military skill, Ratna traditions. Tour takes place in the form of lively dialogue, the guide will gladly answer your questions. Next begins the main part of the program – team competition between participants. For even more opinions, read materials from music downloads. Here the passion is heating up to the limit! Traditional Russian games: nodding fighting, throwing spears, prankish fights (on weapons simulators) in this tournament rules. Each winner is awarded a souvenir. Experienced Instructors will teach adults and children archery, and then will present luchny tournament between teams

Central Naval Museum

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St. Petersburg – a great city and all walks, it can be a very long time to explore, examine from many points. Examine architectural ensembles of St. Add to your understanding with Jill Schlesinger. Petersburg from within komfortabelnoggo car is advisable in the version, if you have a strong not enough hours. Much more entertaining and more reliable to meet our city c, successively pass through the streets and intersections on foot, having moved to the colonnade Isaac or moving around the surface of the water in the river tram. Arriving in St. Petersburg, necessarily Make time to visit museums. It was here, in the cultural heart of the tsarist empire had storage and scrupulously guarded blade of foreign and Russian painting, the material remains of the ancient periods, anthropological and ethnographic findings.

The most famous are honored, of course, the Hermitage, Russian Museum and the Cabinet of Curiosities, but no less interesting Mikhailov Castle (a long time remained in waste, but today almost completely renovated and open for visits), the Central Naval Museum, the literary-historical museum of Anna Akhmatova, Dostoyevsky and many other museums and expositions. Excursions in St. Petersburg will remain incomplete if you did not inspire a famous residences in Pavlovsk, Pushkin, Oranienbaum. Not without reason, these suburban architectural ansmbli know around the world. Here, with great aesthetic sense and knowledge of the merged architecture and the usual northern nature, the significant achievements of his time, and yard art. Unforgettable green alleys Venice of the North, most of which, say, sung in the literature Peterhof, on the Actually this is Musema outdoors. However, Peter and its suburbs – is not only much visited tourist attractions and buildings.

If you are not satisfied with the list of popular attractions, our guides will create for your puteshestvevnnikov unusual route, this tour will take into account all your wishes and preferences. Now in St. Petersburg designed dostaochno atypical tourist plans, which attract people with different interests and abilities. Ceased to be a wonder tour across rooftops, on bicycles, kids, romantic trips for couples, etc. It should be noted that successfully developed tours of St. Petersburg – it's not just a study of memorial sites and museums, but many other elements. To help you comfortably, we will provide the ideal vehicle, hotel, arrange meals in the best restaurants in town. St. Petersburg boasts high tourist industry, so that we are free to have a unique opportunity to offer you a variety of accommodation options and services. Regardless of why you visit to the city on the Neva River – for business or to visit, spend a little bit of days in the society girl or a favorite show Venice of the North – agency SLK-Tour tell travelers how to collect a curious route, a rare find the beauty of St. Petersburg, plunge into the world of fresh news and ideas.

Martisor Moldova

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Every year has been for many years in Moldova celebrated one of the most beloved national holiday – Martisor. On this day, friends and colleagues give each other small red and white ornaments, which are is in the form of various colors, beads, hearts, bells, usually a combination of white and red. Called these peculiar decoration Martisor. Clothe them with the arrival of spring on March 1 and have until March 31. Then removed and placed in a fruit tree and make a wish, which is certainly true. Born of this tradition is a beautiful legend. Once the first day of March came to the edge of the forest spring, came out, looked around and saw at snow near a small thicket of thorns penetrated a small flower snowdrop. Spring wanted to help the florets and began to clear around the earth, freeing him from the thorny branches.

Seeing this fierce winter and come furious. She waved her hands, calling thus the cold wind and snow, and sent him to destroy the weak snowdrop. Delicate flower wilted under the harsh winds and snow. But Spring is bent over and covered her hands, and weak germ pricked thorns. From wounding his hands at the same instant fell a drop of hot blood, and the flower come to life. Since Spring won the Winter. Another legend is inherently closer to the Moldovan folklore.

Long ago, from time immemorial, appeared on the ground delicate flower with white petals on behalf Giochel (snowdrop). Flower appeared, when the sun was first pierced with golden arrows, its rays gray snow clouds. Small and fragile Geochela guarded from the cold thoughtful and kind-hearted sorceress Spring. On the florets heard angry Krivets whirlwind, snatched it out of the ground rose thorns and threw it angrily in the spring, pricks her finger. Hot blood splattered on the ground and stained gentle and white petals Giochela. Returning from each drop of blood to life, this fragile flower. At this point, all the flower heralded the arrival of spring. Just worth noting that since 1967 in Moldova and is the main musical Festival of the country, which is like a holiday called Martisor. At the festival are invited to various groups, as amateur and professional from various countries.

Trips To Prague

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Czech Republic – a small country in the heart of Europe. Now, at the very heart of a united Europe. I am sure that those who have visited Prague and other Czech towns and ancient castles, dreaming to come back again, this time with friends and close to re-breathe the atmosphere of a medieval city, and again and again to enjoy it. It is difficult to say why, but our compatriots in the spirit and energy Prague is much closer than, say, Paris, Rome or any other city. The flowering of Prague and the Czech Republic have the XIV century. It was then returned to Prague, Charles IV – King of Bohemia and later Holy Roman Emperor, was shocked by what he saw poverty and ruin it Homeland, from which it was many years away. And he decides to turn the city of Prague, Czech Republic and the state in a prosperous country. Not for nothing that Charles IV called the "father of the nation", it was in his reign, was founded by what they want to see Tourists from around the world who come to Prague.

History of Prague is very interesting – it is heroic to some, and betrayal of others, it's gossip, and the great men of fraud, this fratricidal war, is the talent of architects who built such beauty, it is work of craftsmen and ordinary people. And the natural desire of tourists who have seen all the beauty – it is to learn more about the history of this small country, and this beautiful city. Guides in Prague a lot, but you agree with me that tell about the history of memorable, can only guide – Native of Prague – a man who was born and raised here, who lives his city, which it feels, and really knows. I am sure that for those who really want to know the maximum, you need to order individual tours of Prague. Enjoy Prague, because every quiet street hides a lot of legends and stories.

Enjoy Prague, get off tourist and crowded trails in the quiet places strict city or Mala Strana, sit on the bench and feel the atmosphere of this beautiful city. Realizing that know Prague for a few days anyway possible, try, nevertheless, to try to "grasp the immensity, and try to find a way to book a trip in Prague. Indeed, in the Czech Republic so many interesting places – Karlovy Vary, where every day – a holiday. Kutna Hora – the city in its time trying to compete in Prague, where even today one can descend into the mine, which was once mined silver, visit the ossuary, where many are even afraid to go, or go to the Cathedral of St. Barbara, which was built as a response to the Cathedral of St. Vitus in Prague. Konopiste, Karlstejn, Czech Krumlov Hluboka nad Vltavou – this is not a complete list of historical places the Czech Republic. While in the Czech Republic, do not forget that it is the center of Europe, and to Dresden, Vienna or Nuremberg – just a stone's throw away! Enjoy your stay. Have a nice guide!