What To See In Paris

Catch all – is simply unrealistic, if vynapravlyaetes in another trip to the French capital Paris. It's just a stunning city, so filled with different sights and monuments, which see their Everything is possible in just a few months, maybe more. But at the first visit you will have to choose what is left in your mind, you should choose for themselves the most vivid memories from this trip. Among Attractions France has 6 of those who circumvent the terms simply can not. Here they are: the Champs-Elysees – the main street of Paris, which takes all the important public events, parades, etc. Arc de Triomphe – Arch built in the 19 century, is now near which burns an eternal flame in memory of the Unknown Soldier.

Notre Dame, or some other Noter Dame De Paris – this council is not even worth telling, as its name in on everyone's lips – it should just see their eyes. Eiffel Tower – a symbol of Paris, a monument to the metal, which is among the most famous wonders of the world. Jardin du Luxembourg – in the past to enjoy its views could only be distinguished lady, now in the Luxembourg Palace The Senate meets, and the garden is accessible to everyone. Disneyland Paris – a place where your children will have so much emotion that he will remember them for life. Moreover, even adults, visiting a place are children. There are in Paris and other famous places, but without the six sites in your journey do not exactly.