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The Orbit

Published / by Syd

But before you must pass the test of your voluntary change (from the inside) towards a complete HARMLESSNESS. What moves to an intelligent being to not wish no harm to other beings, and expect their well-being and happiness, the so misunderstood on this planet is Supreme energy of love. If a being is completely devoid of-SEO whatsoever of doing no evil or want something that has another being, your loving ener-gia will flow from his heart and embrace all beings that is. A being so Dios provides many internal tools, because he knows that he will use them only for the good. A person who loves, by the very fact of loving, without having any intention to evening for their own benefit, will be a precious instrument to our service.

But alas, these per-sonas them have to look with a magnifying glass! So few are in comparison with the rest of humanity, that when they become instruments our son for us more precious that the! Gold! And even some people who are at the service of our ships and the overall purpose, are sometimes tempted by the satisfaction of being recognized by other people or see your nom-bre reflected in their actions that should be impersonal, and motivated uni-cally for their commitment to serving others. But this is a detail with which we must live together and have patience. My brethren, be humble and have access to work for us and for the evolutionary Plan without wishing any recognition, elderly applause from others and without elderly any spiritual promotion, as well as any privileged posi-tion. Because to be humble and without any personal desire, will be given to that person more. Love and humility walking always hand in hand, and in fact one can not climb without go hand in hand with the other. They will observe if they lock, all men and women who have obtained one evolutionary level higher on their planet, have been extremely loving and were also characteristics-curly for a humble and kindly nature. Yes, love, kindness and humility These are the characteristics of an ofrendado be to God. Dear mine, make an effort to develop these qualities in its interior, because this is more important than accumulating information or preen – be in metaphysical discussions between each other.We, from Alpha ship and other ships that are available in the orbit of the Earth at the moment, salute you and wish you a new year full of internal progress and spiritual advancement, and who can share their achievements with their peers, in a humble, helpful and selfless way.