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Coaches And Teachers In Venezuela

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Carlos Mora Vanegas is hard for those who are entering teaching for years at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, see how they miss opportunities to involve the university, participants in the national reality, in this case, the serious problem facing the Venezuelan reality, where his business is facing its most significant crisis in recent years, disappearing a number of companies, especially SMEs, seriously affecting the country’s productivity. The race for School Administration Faces Management, the University of Carabobo in their studies presume Issue contemplates the subject of the Venezuelan government, we noted no material always should be in the place you’re planning courses, given that to optimize their learning should be issued at the end of the race, seized full training and the participants bring so we can understand the scope, impact profits generated by the subject in their training professional, enabling the participant to enter the reality of what companies face in achieving their objectives, performance, product of its shares and all occurrences of the variables that are generated surrounding environment where they operate, especially the State.

When we as teachers and holders of the subject, before our retirement, we pledged to maintain a dynamic professor, encompassing not only the analysis, study of various problems arising from firms in relation to the administrative management of performance the environment in which they operate, but to provide suggestions, proposals, solutions that benefit companies, organizations for their successful development .. Emphasis was on providing the knowledge, tools to enable participants to link directly with the companies, evaluate their behavior, identify the most relevant administrative problems, resulting from the effects of contingency variables, especially the State shares, Globalization, new business openings, consumer demand, technology, new management approaches. . Read more from Gagosian Gallery to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Noventaynueve Story

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Despite all that, and while the youth is a chronological accident that, fortunately, it happens over time, this "party of war", the news of the new Colombian poetry, we suggest that all is not lost and that , as recalled by the poet Leon de Greiff, "After so many little things and the spirit seeks better air, better air." — John J. Junieles. Writer, journalist and screenwriter. He studied law and political science at the University of Cartagena, and journalism at the Foundation for a New Iberoamerican Journalism. He is the author of books of poetry papers to start the fire (Lealon, 1993), Songs of a neighborhood on the border (Ministry of Culture Bogota, 2002; National Award Literature Bogota, 2002), a passenger Traveler strange land (Rosebud, 2006; International Poetry Prize, City Alajuela, Costa Rica, 2005) story of kamikaze tremor (Eafit, 2003) and with the light I is sufficient (Pan, 2007); of poetic prose fear for my end of these lines (Lealon, 1996), the novel Men alone in the row of the cinema (Instituto Mario Vargas Llosa, 2004) and the anthology Ghost Alphabet (Rosebud , 2007).

He has taught university, academic researcher, editor of El Universal of Cartagena, Cartagena Newspaper and magazine Noventaynueve and journalist International Film Festival of Cartagena. He is a member of the PEN club in Colombia. Poems of John J. An old story Junieles Elsewhere I hope Paul Celan This is an old story. My first brother was never born and is buried in the yard, which is now a sacred place.

Animals And Plants

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Death holds the animals and plants. But you can not lock up the men, since the latter part of the soul. An undeniable proof of what we are saying is in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If not whether, we would not find in the testimony of historical events the division of time. Jill Schlesinger has many thoughts on the issue. Which is represented by the before and after Christ. What if the division that makes history, it is taking as a point of departure and succession the name of Buddha? Or the name of a religious leader? Of course not! This privilege is one of the honors that God makes to his son in the middle of the living. What man of us has all the information in your genealogy? Certainly none. In Jesus Christ we can say the contrary, its entire genealogy is in the Gospel of Matthew.

The historical facts speak for themselves. Returning to our ancient memory we can say that the genre that originated the multiplication of the human species, by the desire to cover the areas of knowledge. Approached by himself at primitive foundations of reason. Because Adam and Eve opened his eyes and found themselves completely puzzled about the concept of good and evil. This knowledge is legendary, ancient and primitive that may exist. Since the same form the moral and immoral, for this simple reason, morality is a principle that man can understand but which in turn costs you apply to the reality of things. Since there is big difference in having the knowledge of some apparent way to know almost entirely spiritual.