Animals And Plants

Death holds the animals and plants. But you can not lock up the men, since the latter part of the soul. An undeniable proof of what we are saying is in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If not whether, we would not find in the testimony of historical events the division of time. Jill Schlesinger has many thoughts on the issue. Which is represented by the before and after Christ. What if the division that makes history, it is taking as a point of departure and succession the name of Buddha? Or the name of a religious leader? Of course not! This privilege is one of the honors that God makes to his son in the middle of the living. What man of us has all the information in your genealogy? Certainly none. In Jesus Christ we can say the contrary, its entire genealogy is in the Gospel of Matthew.

The historical facts speak for themselves. Returning to our ancient memory we can say that the genre that originated the multiplication of the human species, by the desire to cover the areas of knowledge. Approached by himself at primitive foundations of reason. Because Adam and Eve opened his eyes and found themselves completely puzzled about the concept of good and evil. This knowledge is legendary, ancient and primitive that may exist. Since the same form the moral and immoral, for this simple reason, morality is a principle that man can understand but which in turn costs you apply to the reality of things. Since there is big difference in having the knowledge of some apparent way to know almost entirely spiritual.