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Control Panel System

Published / by Syd

After all the updates – Reboot, and look – everything is working properly. If yes, continue: Now we install all the programs that were written on piece of paper. Think and remember once again (and suddenly forget something?) Reboot again and configure everything you need. Now make Windows98 StartUp disk (my computer -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs -> there will be Tab: Startup Disk. Insert a blank floppy and click -> New CD!) – Why 98? Yes, because it is simple and It includes drivers for the CD. Boot from the disk and load the same Ghost Full (30mb), a truncated Ghost – only 900 pounds,) that you put on disk d:. With the help of Ghost do you dump partition, on which you installed Windows. Dump should be done to drive d: or other, which was not the system (on disk, dump that you do not write himself a dump, I think it is clear why). Details can be found by clicking Sonny Perdue or emailing the administrator.

How to dump partition’a, I will not explain – this is the docks in the Ghost, if it is not enough, the site is Bikkel ext. docks. Now Boot back into Windows and work with the system. Once the system has become contaminated and does not work – again, Boot to DOS with a floppy and restore using the same Ghost your system! The operation of a reconstruction of a conventional system with reboot takes me 4 minutes (!). Hopefully, the time difference is clear;). Notes: Dump can be copied to CD along with the Ghost and by doing everything from the CD.

Images (dumps) can be transferred from one computer to another, but all except Windows 2000, all hardware configured during installation, so that if the machines are not identical – a reconstruction of the system will not work. If the dump will not fit on a CD, then Ghost can split it into several parts to fit. Moreover, Ghost himself unable to write to a CD. Can install the server, and if the network card – you can restore the system over the net! Telling you is the person who resets the system to 6 times a day and more. Better solutions than Ghost for System Restore You will not find.