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.Other people! Which were with his own light thus lighting to the monumental Hall where we were we thrilled we headed towards them began to tour the Hall and see the faces of people hoping to find someone familiar .it played our arms as a way of greeting there was no familiar face but at least I wasn’t alone, I said to myselftrying to comfort me – were all different, and we talked about different languages I stopped once it had traveled to all people in the place… Ask the person next to me, that made everyone on this site? I look and very calmly said to me: – we hope – and strangely resembling me complies with that reply, at least someone knew something!-time passed, and began to reach more people of different tunnels, which allegedly flowed all in This room was weird had no hunger, thirst, or physiological requirements, but I felt well, you ask the group to my around if it same thing happened them and they responded positively, – the that they understood my question, clear – I started to think about the theory that we were dead, and it did not seem so crazy. I’m not sure how long step with accuracy, suddenly they hear a voice that could be heard in the Hall, in a clear and perfect, and reassuring spoke all languages, directed particularly to each of us, and told us:-well adventurous are, children of my children of light creation, I brought them to my time through, because I have the need to bring a message through you to the earthly paradise that I built for all living beings paradise is sick and only you can save them, because there are human beings who are not light, beings that live in the dark till the voice and us Indian that we could ask you questions, that all would be answered. People with whom I was began to ask them questions, some in languages that did not understand and others in my language could not believe that this was happening, I realized that the ship I had seen with my family was there it was to transport us to some and felt no pain, only hope and today I find myself among you, taking the message of light for those who are in darkness. Like me, also there are more people around the world. many more people light. The end.


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Theosophy gives us information, knowledge in pro help us understand the why go through this dimension, our reason for being in it, to give answers to countless questions that originate at the very moment of appearing on this plane, really determine who we are, what happens once we meet our time, chance at life, which happens when we face death In short questions that many have sought answers on different topics of our reason for being on this flat earth. An interesting take into account topic is regards the Devachan, notes, and we are reminded is a Sanscrita word which literally means place of the gods, where the soul enjoys complete happiness; but as the gods do not have bodies like ours, I impersonal at Devachan is devoid of mortal body and as well, he points out, says phx-ult-lodge.org/ca14.htm (source where we rely for these notes): having already shown that just more than the threshold of the human life there is a place of disintegration where the upper part of the man is separated from its gross and lower elements, we turn to examine what actually is, after death, the State or condition of the true being, that immortal being traveling life in life. In an effort to get rid of the physical body, the men all enters Lama-Loka, in purgatory, where again the fight and disclaims for itself the lower Skandas. For even more opinions, read materials from PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans. Once completed this period of birth, the higher principles of Atma-Buddhi-Manas begin to think in a different way to that body and brain allowed him during life. Us adds the source of cited information, which in the ancient books it has been said that this state persists for an infinite number of years, or for a period proportional to the merits of being; and when peculiar mental forces in that State have been exhausted, being is attracted back toward Earth for rebirth in the world of mortals. .

Travel Time

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What time is it? Sure that well played anyone respond to that phrase interrogatoria either ask it to alguena. Give the reply to that question so common is not so easy. As regards this question almost 450 years ago went wrong which worried many people. Almost three years he travelled on a ship the first expedition around the world. The issue in question was directed by Magellan who died during navigation. The journey undertaken five ships of which only the ship Victoria returned to the city of Seville on September 6, 1522.

In this boat returned only 18 people, weak, sick and thin as skeletons. It should be noted that the journey was undertaken by 258 people. Immediately from the ship 18 persons mentioned carrying lighted candles, reeling from weakness, headed to the Cathedral of Seville to apologize to God of the sins that had been unwittingly during the long journey. What sins would have Unable to commit? Way back the sailors of the ship Victoria landed at the Cape Verde Islands for reservations of provisions and water, they realized that it was then in the Islands Thursday, but in Victoria according to the log-book was Wednesday. Day that the Victoria landfall in Seville does not fit doubt that in the log-book had been wrong in a day. They had left one day without counting. It turned out that the sailors had been held all religious holidays a day before, so, in all Church asked forgiveness to God for their sins.

Strangely it seems then Mariners not had been wrong, since all dates were mentioned in the log-book. Where was the mistake? The Earth gives one full turn of the West to the East in a 24 hour period. The Victoria Mariners travelled in the opposite direction, i.e. from East to West. The three consecutive years, which lasted for navigation, of the victory gave a complete revolution around the Earth, but in the opposite direction to which moves the planet. Thus, during the three years they gave one lap less than our planet, and that was the day that lacked. If the expedition made the trip in the same direction of rotation the Earth, i.e., from West to East, had happened the other way round, i.e., they had turned one rather than the Earth. When the distances are small, the time difference, is not taken into account since this is small. But travel around the world makes us keep an eye on the time and setting time. For example, if at 12 on the night of December 31 we refer a message via electronic mail from the city of Vladivostok to Moscow, the message you receive in the capital of Russia at 7 pm on December 31. That is, the message receive 5 hours before being sent.

Las Franchises

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mundoFranquicia consulting, the leading consultancy in franchises of our country, comes to Ruby with their encounters of franchises to publicize totally free facilities and advantages offered to start an adventure already seated and business backed by a prestigious brand in the market. On this occasion this Catalan resort will be the stop of this tour of meetings, which began last May 18 in Zaragoza. There attendees and future franchisees may resolve their doubts and receive the information needed to start their own business. The franchise is a good system of business cooperation. On the one hand because of the opportunities that it offers to people who want to start an activity and become independent entrepreneurs, covered by one with experience in the market, and secondly by the advantages offered to consolidated entrepreneurs to expand their business from a concept way quickly and effectively argues Mariano Alonso, managing partner of mundoFranquicia consulting. The shift of Catalonia the appointment It will take place on June 15 in the Municipal Library Mestre Marti Tauler between 0900 and 1330 hours (for more information call 902 05 05 64 or send an email to).

There will be present, among others, the following franchises to publicize its business model to attendees: – Abbasid Doner Kebab (fast food) – Caffe di Roma (coffee shop, ice cream parlour) – Creperie del Mar (restoration) – Santa Maria (restoration) – Epilae (beauty) – Dehesa Home personnel Services (home services) – Mail Boxes (Messaging) – Manterol House (home) – Portaldetuciudad.com (advertising, Marketing and Internet) – Tailor & Co (textile arrays) in terms of the development of this Conference noted that it will be as follows: 1) Presentacion de las Franquicias by a consultant of mundoFranquicia Consulting: shall consist of an introduction from the hands of a local institution, after which there will be a presentation by a consultant of mundoFranquicia of each one of the franchises that attend the meeting. It will have a duration of 60 minutes. (2) Work tables custom and individual of each flag: each of the franchises will have a table in which advise in a personalized way to all who come and wish to obtain personalized and detailed information on existing offerings. For more information, interviews or other issues management: Nuria Coronado Sopenasalvia Comunicaciondirectora Avenue of the industry, 13. 1St plant. Local 2028108 Alcobendas, MadridTfno: 91 657 42 81 / 667 022 566www.salviacomunicacion.com original author and source of the article.

Work By Internet

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Work by Internet jobs on the Internet have become an excellent tool to generate very good income, with the advantage that we can do from the comfort of our home. When we are unemployed, looking for a new job or simply seeking ways to earn additional income, we can unfortunately fall into what I call a vicious labor. We deal resumes-blasting action, visited the offices of personnel of how many places of employment occurs to us, visit job fairs and the unfortunate thing is that opportunity awaited often takes too long to arrive or simply never arrives. Read more from Sonny Perdue to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Rarely people think themselves have the potential to generate money that can make him so lacking. We got used and mentalisamos to work for others and do not give us the opportunity to develop our own potential for our own benefit.

Work on the internet is the same; use our potential (for what are good), and make it available to millions of people around the world and make a great profit, especially economic. Who knows that knowledge we have and we can sell, which can be useful for a person from a distant country to ours? If you would like we can help companies to promote and improve its products, with simply evaluate your products on the Web? The myriad of things we can do to work on the Internet cannot help generate revenue solid and permanent, and above all, taking control of the time that we spend. Work on the Internet is one of the best alternatives we have to use our own skills for our benefit, without relying on work for others or simply achieving a great opportunity within increasingly more competitive world of work. If you want to in life different simplemete wish you make things different. Visit my website: original author and source of the article.

The Roman

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Paradoxically, one of the leaders of Israel, to whom Jesus had said that it was necessary that he was lifted as the serpent in the wilderness, was who, along with another leader (Jose de Arimatea) descended the inert body of Jesus to give him burial in the tomb of one of them, fulfilling is thus the prophecy (John 19: 38-40). Thank God, now the tomb is empty! It is true that the glorious message of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is a wonderful good news of hope, however, Jesus Christ had come to this world to die. Jesus became incarnate to die. We could say that Jesus was born to die, lived to die, and died because Dios loaded upon him the sins of us all. Read additional details here: Secretary of Agriculture. Jesus raised because he had died. While one of the malefactors crucified next to Jesus injuriaba him asking that he drops the cross, the other wrongdoer recognized him as the true bronze serpent, thus rebuking his companion said: do not fear your God, being in the same condemnation? and then looking at what Jesus said to him: Lord, Remember me when you come into your Kingdom. This thief saw Jesus lifted up on the cross of Calvary was attracted towards him and believed in him, so it will be with Jesus Christ in Paradise (Luke 23: 40-43).

The Roman soldiers themselves not only ruthlessly punished Jesus, they also were those who nailed him to the cross and mocked him hinting that he drops the cross; until one of them finally recognized him as the spotless Lamb of God lifted in a cross like the serpent in the wilderness (cf. Luke 23: 47). Today, the message of Christ crucified is avoided or simply eclipsed by other interesting Biblical stories or inspirational anecdotes, or is drowned by the thorns and scree of the spiritual desert. However, both today and yesteryear, the only hope of eternal life, lies in looking at the bronze serpent raised on the cross of Calvary. . Sonny Perdue is often quoted as being for or against this.

Los Mutantes

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For all lovers of retro games! Pay attention to this world of the mutants free online flash game a very interesting shooting game that what really draws attention. The classic shooter game will take you to the epicenter of events in the distant galaxy. The alien invaders trying to conquer the world of mutants. You’re playing by the mutants defendores and only with your help they can resist the invasion. The player must break through all the troops aliens and kill the Boss.

All 6 this shooting game levels are quite challenging. Fortunately, your character is upgradeable, which means that you need to take all the extras, which, in turn, is not easy at all, so you fly and struggles in a small army of combatants. In addition, your weapons become more powerful and at the end you will face with the boss. With your progression through the game aliens quantity quantity is constantly growing. Suffice it to say, that it is not a big problem kill enemies, the most difficult of the game is to avoid them, also tries not to crash with the aliens, they are moving and jumping.

Shoot constantly, their bullets don’t kill you first, but even a slight contact with them is fatal to it. The form of controls in the game is quite complicated, is a bit difficult to maneuver among the enemies, especially when you’re not alone, is probably the most unpleasant element of the game. The only thing that can save your life flies in eight and circled for greater radius of damage. Move with the arrow keys and shoot with the help of the mouse. The music adds a sense of quick action and a tone of nostalgia for fans of retro games. A fresh gameplay and unforgettable futuristic atmosphere are guaranteed! Fans of shooting games will surely appreciate this free action game. Original author and source of the article.

Learn German Not Is Difficult

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The German is no more complicated than any other language, what happens is that many people want to learn it perfectly to start talking without making any mistake and thats almost im-po-si-ble. The greater difficulty of language lies in three interrelated points: articles: every noun is accompanied by a male, female or neutral article. The issue is that there is no general rule to learn that you article corresponds to which group of nouns, we must learn the article of each noun of memory. Cases: German is composed of four cases, I won’t go into details, I just want to mention that the difficulty in this aspect lies in that while there are some few general rules, is not simple recognize each in particular and in each case the article differently (declination) of the substantive decision. Declinations: German is a language in which virtually all the components of a sentence are declined, depending on the gender and case.

For example, adjectives are declined based on whether the corresponding to each adjective nouns are defined or not, based on the gender of the noun, and based on the case in question. Here are the three main reasons that language has gained the fame of impossible, being among Spanish speakers we have many advantages when learning German, for example the amount of transparent words that come from Greek or Latin among the Spanish, English and German. Another advantage is the pronunciation, although everyone says that the pronunciation is difficult, I do stress that the pronunciation of the German language is easy. Just because we sometimes see those endless names full of Hs, doesn’t mean that they are impossible to pronounce, only must have a basic knowledge of the pronunciation of the alphabet, which is very similar to the pronunciation of ours, and have knowledge of the pronunciation of the main language diphthongs. In this way we will begin seeing with other eyes the words, recognize as they are composed, and therefore pronounce them without problems. Taking these points into account, it is very easy to begin to speak German, thats what students should begin to do, begin to speak and practise and not expect to be able to speak perfectly, free of grammatical errors, must begin to speak without worrying at first if the article is correct or not, there time will be to refine the details. That is the key to mutate into the German language since the difficult state toward the State easy. Juan Paulo Altamirano Castle CEO AlemanAutodidacta.com original author and source of the article.

Get Rich Slowly

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You have to remember that you already paid your debts, but it does not mean that you are financially secure, you must have a significant amount of savings for those gray moments. Always speak of the national strike in Venezuela in 2002-2003 because it was my experience: for November 2002, I had an account with enough money to cover my essential expenses for about 5 months, without However, I bought an apartment and used it for the arrays of the same (new floor, new bathrooms, new white line) because my intention was to rent it (passive entry, talk about it then) and wanted to generate good impression among my potential clients. What ever would imagine nobody, including me, is that he was going to stop working, or that it would be dismissed. But this experience and subsequent reflection made me create this blog and discuss the steps that take people to acquire financial security. And this is why I think this second saving is the most important of all. Once you did pass by a similar situation? Did you have an emergency fund and a second savings to cushion or solve the problem? What is the savings fund that you recommend? Links of interest: J.D. Roth of Get Rich Slowly talks about accounts of savings in the United States that generate high performance. Bankrate displays the list of all the United States savings accounts. Central Bank of Venezuela shows savings rates 15% for December 2008 Central Reserve Bank of Peru shows rates of savings of 6.5% in December 2008 in Mexico, the referential interest rate is located at 8.25% as of October 2008. Original author and source of the article.


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Therefore, it must be understood that this is a trigger factor for the transmission of information and the agility of the communication and as such, facilitates and supports the management of knowledge, but it is not neither the only nor the most important requirement for this to be generated. Another important aspect in the emergence of the new paradigm is the introduction of a new factor of production: in recent years, knowledge has become a strategic for any type of organization resource, private, State or non-governmental, happened to be an intangible capable of generating value. The society is developing more and more, activities that require a high degree of knowledge. In business, knowledge management creates value and difference products and services with respect to the competition. From the economic point of view, a resource is added to the already defined as land, labour and Capital economic theory, these go to constitute, for some organizations in secondary production factors or happen to be replaced by knowledge. At the macroeconomic level, perceived a greater participation of the intangible capital in the gross domestic product (GDP) of Nations, due to the increase in investment in knowledge development, i.e. training and research activities and human capital. According to the Organization for the economic cooperation and development (OECD), its member countries have increased investment in intangible capital.

Paul and Dominique, (2002), argue that taking into account the simple but little representative indicators of investment in research and development, public education and programs for computer, notes that annual investment rates have risen significantly since the Decade of the eighties (at an annual average rate of 3% in the OECD countries). In addition, is estimated to be in the majority of countries that are members of this organization, more than 50% of GDP its origin in technology based companies. Stimulus to learning: the flexibility of organizations to allow its members to learn from my own experience and reflect on what has been done has dramatically increased the number of innovations and has stimulated the capacity to adapt to change.