Get Rich Slowly

You have to remember that you already paid your debts, but it does not mean that you are financially secure, you must have a significant amount of savings for those gray moments. Always speak of the national strike in Venezuela in 2002-2003 because it was my experience: for November 2002, I had an account with enough money to cover my essential expenses for about 5 months, without However, I bought an apartment and used it for the arrays of the same (new floor, new bathrooms, new white line) because my intention was to rent it (passive entry, talk about it then) and wanted to generate good impression among my potential clients. What ever would imagine nobody, including me, is that he was going to stop working, or that it would be dismissed. But this experience and subsequent reflection made me create this blog and discuss the steps that take people to acquire financial security. And this is why I think this second saving is the most important of all. Once you did pass by a similar situation? Did you have an emergency fund and a second savings to cushion or solve the problem? What is the savings fund that you recommend? Links of interest: J.D. Roth of Get Rich Slowly talks about accounts of savings in the United States that generate high performance. Bankrate displays the list of all the United States savings accounts. Central Bank of Venezuela shows savings rates 15% for December 2008 Central Reserve Bank of Peru shows rates of savings of 6.5% in December 2008 in Mexico, the referential interest rate is located at 8.25% as of October 2008. Original author and source of the article.