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Public Administration

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Consideraes Initial One of the laws more controversies in the Public Administration is of N 8,666/93 and its alterations. Since of its entrance in vigor, the administrator comes trying to improve it and to perfect it in order to prevent that the purchases and services contracted for the Administration, are white of frauds and shunting lines of the public resources. Many serving times until involving responsible for the control of these licitations. This is not everything. Another serious problem that the Administration is obliged to coexist is the fact to contract many times, in the good faith, companies incapable to carry through such service or to supply the bid on good, and in this last case, many times acquired goods of low quality. The present text aims at to comment Provisional remedy N 495 of 19 of July of 2010, that it mentioned above modifies the law, as well as, other laws. They are: Law N 8,958 of 20 of December of 1994 and Law N 10,973 of 2 of December of 2004 and revokes 1 of art. 2 of Law N 11,273 of 06 of February of 2006.

Alterations of the MP the first alteration that calls attention the MP is in its Art.1 that modifies art. 3 of Law 8,666/93 that it starts to invigorate with the following text: ' ' Art. 3o the licitation is destined to guarantee the observance of the constitutional principle of the isonomy, the election of the proposal most advantageous for the administration and the promotion to it of the development national, and processed and will be judged in strict conformity with the basic principles of the legality, the impessoalidade, the morality, the equality, the advertising, the administrative probity, the entailing the convocatrio instrument, of the judgment objective and of that them they are correlatos.' ' One strong intention of the government in stimulating the national industry in the acts of contract with the public power in all is glimpsed here the spheres, therefore Law 8,666 is National, reaching: the Union, the States, the Federal District and the Cities.

International Islamic Relief Organization

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Most of the givers for these types of meritorious organizations they do not know that this was infiltrated by a terrorist group. However, some givers can know to have supplied such deep for charity intentionally, to occult> true intentions of its activities of financing. This type of operation is riskier of what the previous model. Infiltrating an existing organism already with the intention to guide its resources in others the risk of not only being exists discovered for the authorities, but being discovered by internal mechanisms of supervision of charity institutions. This financing is understandably a less common boarding. Charity alegadamente associates to the Al Qaeda include some branches of Arabia to the base of Al Haramain, the Global Relief Foundation, the Al Humanitarian Organization Wafa, Afghan Support Committee (ASC) and Al Barakaat. Several other organizations actuam as despistagens to raise money from multiple sources of financing and multiple terrorist groups. The Muwafaq (' ' Blessed Relief' ') Foundation, commanded for the entrepreneur Saudi wealth Yasin al-Qadi, it helped to finance some Islamic terrorist organizations, including the Al Qaeda, acting as an organization onward that rich Saudis transmitted dollar millions.

An example of a charity without conscience of the destinations of its money is Kuwait Revival of Patrimnio Islmico Society (RIHS). In similar way, the International Islamic Relief Organization (lIRO) had some of its offices infiltrated by the Al Qaeda operations without the knowledge of other offices. There for example, lIRO Phillipino was penetrated by Mohammad Jamal Khalifa, the brother of Bin Laden- in the law, and was used to support filiados terrorist groups of the Al-Qaeda. Moreover, lIRO Pankishi Valley in the Gergia incased E.U. almost $ millions to the Chechnia since 1999 – 2000, pparently without any knowledge of that the deep ones were destined for militant Islamic. Cell of the financing mechanisms Cells, on the other hand, generally do not receive directamente from beneficence or other great organizations deep, although caridosas mosques to be able to help coupon scams.

Latin America

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In such a way, knowing itself of the power that the miditica propagation is capable, it is looked, for me, to adjust it this format, and the speech politician starts to take care with performances that if incase as ‘ ‘ facts jornalsticos’ ‘ , since the impostao of voice and you say sidewalk in accomplishments for its hearing as great expense of energy for ‘ ‘ production of facts polticos’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ that they sensetize the media and, for intermediary of it, they reach the sphere pblica’ ‘ (MIGUEL, 2006). Bernard Manin also points, in project, with respect to the ticket of ‘ ‘ democracy of partidos’ ‘ for ‘ ‘ democracy of audincia’ ‘ (MANIN, 1997) .3.3. It informs Latinobarmetro 2007, Bank of Datos en Lnea Still in accordance with Informe Latinobarmetro 2007, Bank of Datos en Lnea (p 4, 5 and 6), which intends to mensurar in indices that demonstrate support to the democracy, to the private initiative and the intervention of the State or in the economy. In the research with the population of each one of the 18 countries of the region (except Cuba), they had been included all the electoral cycle of Latin America, of 2005 the 2007. It consisted in the reports to the eleven carried through presidential elections between November of 2005 and December of 2006, followed in 2007 for the elections of Guatemala and Argentina and, in 2008, for the elections of Paraguay and the Dominicana.Em Republic the question confidence, the television had a 47% punctuation, periodicals 45%, and radio 56%, inside of a scale established for.