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Published / by Syd

dear brother Cristian: this day marks a start in your life, that you will have the ability to transmit privileged information to other beings on the planet. Your incorporation to the community of channelers will mark a milestone in the reading of messages channelled primarily for Spanish language readers. Our first message through you, is simple, although successive communications it go shelling and expanding. They are being bombarded by a large amount of information on the change that the humanity of this planet, as well as the other kingdoms of nature, are about to live. Some are true, but there are also many interference of the dark forces that are doing everything possible to keep the world as it has been until now. But light will finally triumph, and those who have taken advantage of others so far to become rich themselves, will see as their empire crumbles and lose all the power that had been created in a selfish and unpunished manner. All those who have been enriched at the expense of others and they have fomented pollution of the planet at all levels, they will receive the just punishment for their actions, because the law of karma acts always in any dimension or plane of creation. Click Sonny Perdue to learn more. But it is time that human beings of this planet ascends to the State where it belongs by law, of a loving being, worried about help that need it and self-absorbed in your private worship of divine Creador.Y this time has come already, and we are very pleased and happy to witness how to give this evolutionary change on this planet, and how eventually the forces of darkness will be defeated by the victorious army of Dios.Escuchen your inner voice, are continuously contacted with his heart, because he does not he will deceive them ever, and will guide them to immediate action to follow, within apparent chaos in which are living now, both financial and spiritual values.We will be here, next to you, step by step, to help them in this transition to the new humanity that will live on the planet Earth.

Do not fear anything, because they are accompanied by civilizations in the universe who have come to offer them gladly help. We retreated for now, and return soon with more information to share with all of you. We are here, and we will stay here until the end of time, in a future of brotherhood and cooperation between all humans and non-humans of the Universo.