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"Karl stole corals from Klara, Klara stole a clarinet from Karl" – a fun little family, really! After living for more than thirty-five years together, they continue to frolic like children! Or play in role-playing games? You may ask why I have such a confidence that Charles and his wife Clara lived together for more than thirty-five years? The answer to this question is very simple! That's 35 years of living together, notice how the coral wedding. It's no surprise that caring husband Charles, after so many years of living together could present his wife Clara, coral jewelry! And when you consider that a coral is referred to as a stone spoiled people, and tongue-twister is a good reason there was … This is all a joke, but Nevertheless, one of the great gifts for coral wedding can become just adornments of these stones. What you need to know about corals, if you choose to present them as a gift? First of all, what give red corals men, white – women. Secondly, the coral any signs of the zodiac does not contradict, but Capricorn.

It will be useful to know, and that in ancient Greece, red and pink coral used in the manufacture of amulets, symbolizing happiness and immortality, that turn misfortune and illness. In the stone travel warning against the dangers of pirates, floods and other natural disasters. According to legends, like coral amulet protects Owner of lightning, bad people, maybe even take damage. Coral gives the owner of wisdom.