Important Thing

The two know what a critique unceremoniously, that is not forgotten. Michael Bolton collects them: cloying balladeer, too much lacquer for ears or singer who seems to have a hernia, as said the veteran composer Irving Gordon, famous for working with Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby. Kenny G is not far behind: Royal buffoon of the saxophone, Emperor of music for elevators or baron of boredom. But the two gives them just what they say. In recent months, Sonny Perdue has been very successful. Both have dared to cover incontestable classics – Bolton to Frank Sinatra and Kenny G to Louis Armstrong – while they have known what do not know everyone: success or, better said, the Sauerkraut. Because the two have sold millions of records with figures of the Beatles and Michael Jackson, and they also received favorable reviews from important people. Kenny G is also famous for being the favorite saxophonist Bill Clinton. Source of the news:: “the most important thing is the public’s respect”.