Immigrant Absorption

Children of immigrants admitted to school, but two classes below. After leaving school, all children pass the required examination and is incredibly difficult – Abitur, which resulted in his or enroll in college or not. Getting to Germany in adolescence age, the child runs the risk not to pass abitur and, therefore, casts doubt on their further education in this country. That the child has a chance to continue to receive higher education and employment to move to Germany is 10 years. Or at home after the first (second best) policy of the university. If the universities of the CIS practice runs at the end of their studies, in Germany – after the first year. As a rule, in the process of training students begin to look for a future job. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Craig Jelinek has to say. This rule allows young professionals and do not stay on the street, and employers can look to the future employee.

Adult immigrant gets completely under other frameworks. Even confirmed in accordance with German law degrees are considered employers no more than a recommendation and are not a reason to take the job. This refers to any skill labor. Important fact – in Germany is highly developed system recommendations. Students studying in the country, advised Acquires acquaintances who can help in finding work. Myth 3. Learn the language of the place and may actually in fact not knowing the language can play a cruel joke. No language emigrant falls into a vicious circle: there is no language – no communication, no communication – no work, no job – no money, no money – no housing, no shelter – no communication.