Czech Visa

Getting Czech visas for many foreign nationals remains an important aspect of life in the pursuit and desire to live, work and raise their children in Europe. It must be noted that the complication of procedures for receiving documents Embassy or Consulate of the Czech Republic, the introduction of interviews for admission of documents for long-term visas happened to the entrance of the Czech Republic in December 2007 the Schengen area. Combining databases for the offenses Foreign nationals residing in Western Europe, Czech obliged public authorities to limit the documents and the issuance of long-term visas at the consulates of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other Eastern Europe. The European Union has sent its commissions in all branches of Czech consulates, to check the conduct of activities and detection of illegal actions of individual employees of consulates. Many employees were fired and in their place came the young batsmen prospects. List of documents for visa to the Czech Republic remained the same, only increased the visa fee for the examination of documents and requirements for the correct completion of documents and their legal registration. Changed requirements for citizens of photos submitted documents to the consulate. A visa to the Czech Republic has received additional information that it is a Schengen and allows visa-free regime cross the borders of Western Europe. Change in admission procedures and document control, turn to the consulate in the form of pre-recording all the consequences of the new requirements of the European Union to the Czech Republic.