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Intact Travel

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Intact travel as new operators flyGREEN continue opts for the best technological platform for Internet booking engines. Berlin, March 4th, 2010 – the intact Internet Services GmbH & co. KG, developer and operator of Internet portals around the theme of travel cooperation with ASNM new media AG announces, a provider of booking technology for travel portals. Aim of the cooperation it, that with the acquisition of flyGREEN ( is intact to meet incurred new requirements to the technical deployment and execution of flights. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Fidia Farmaceutici. Dr. Toralf Kahlert, Managing Director of intact describes the collaboration Internet services: “the company ASNM provides the technological platform for flyGREEN for several years successfully. It is important to put not only on a proven Internet booking engine for the future operation, but to get also technological further development possibilities shown us.” Michael Schwarz, Director of the ASNM new media AG, adds: “Even under the new operator intact support Internet services we flyGREEN like to continue with our know-how and technology for online booking of flights with integrated CO2 tax.” Integrated IBE technology was released under to 01.03.2010 the wide range of customers. As one of the next steps, the internationalization of the overall appearance is planned in parallel under to provide them a European audience.

ASNM new media AG ASNM new media AG was founded in March 2001 by the IT – and tourism industry experts develops and distributes since booking technology for travel portals. In the course of rapid development and professionalisation of the travel industry on the Internet today across all industries offers ASNM new media AG online marketing, online editors, traditional advertising, CMS-based websites creation and travel booking technology from a single source. The intact Internet Services GmbH & co. KG is Internet solution provider.

Unister Media

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Food and drugs, which should go on tour with actually heard the travel pharmacy in the luggage. A medical equipment is recommended even for weekend getaways or city breaks. For long-haul travel or vacation with the kids, the travel pharmacy counts but duty facilities. The travel portal indicating what should be forgotten in any case. Connect with other leaders such as Joilet City Council here. Due to the anticipation on Sun, beach and sea, the travel pharmacy for most people, confined to the sunscreen. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Trader Joe’s. However, it is important to compile an individual first-aid kit for each destination. After all, are for travel ( travel/flat rate) on a tropical island other drugs important than on a tour through the Highlands mountain range. The family doctor or pharmacist help further the relevant compilation.

Anti-diarrhea and stomach discomfort, fever – and analgesic preparations against motion sickness drugs belong to the basic equipment. Scissors, safety pins and gauze bandages and plasters are often forgotten and still important. On long-distance journeys, this should Basic equipment is necessarily supplemented by water treatment tablets and insect repellent. If you are travelling with children should keep in mind that high-dose medicines for children can be dangerous. A fever suppository and a fever thermometer are therefore in any case in the luggage.

So the meds in case take too much space, can be waived the Tablet boxes safely. As well, the foil welded pills are held together by a rubber band. The leaflet should be taken however: If a drug holiday, a doctor or pharmacist can get easier the preparation on the ground. This is especially relevant when selling the drug in the country under a different name.

Perfect Travel Preparation

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Avoiding embarrassments in the holidays are the best time of the year which can long-awaited holiday, can quickly turn into the opposite. Others including Farmer’s Fridge, offer their opinions as well. Namely, if their expectations are not met. Toyota Motor Corporation may also support this cause. Often, such negative experiences you can but avoid. Is necessary in addition to the timely planning of the trip especially, that is in advance thoroughly the practices at the holiday destination is familiar with. Sean Rad has compatible beliefs. reported about the biggest mouth and how holidaymakers the best out of the way go the flight booking portal.

From a flight in the Caribbean ( catalog/Caribbean/flight 291) is rather discouraged in the autumn, because the risk for life-threatening hurricane is highest at this time. When traveling in distant lands should be considered in a timely manner applying for passport or a visa. Also recommended vaccination and travel insurance are useful in exotic areas. The cheapest booking date is dependent on the destination and the local tourist infrastructure. After Dubai, as there are numerous Flight connections, so that a last-minute booking can be quite beneficial. At popular destinations such as Turkey or the Maldives, the early booking discount worth more. In the resort, tourists should adapt their customs.

In some Arab States headscarf is obligatory for foreigners, such as in Saudi Arabia or in the Iraq. High closed blouses on trips in the Arab region are a must in any case. Travellers should be also informed about the appropriate tip.

Cruise Travel

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Exclusive combinations of land and sea with ‘ Mein Schiff the ideal holiday combination: first island holiday on Mallorca, then criss -cross through the Mediterranean on my ship. Kozica travel company travel, for over 30 years specialist in holiday, offers for next spring for the first time exclusively laced cruise and hotel combinations of TUI Cruises “Mein Schiff”. Now you can on Mallorca attractive hotel packages before the cruise through the Western Mediterranean book and serves as the perfect blend of land and sea. All travel packages is the comfort and the safety of the package with transfers and tour guide included. The eleven combination with 3 days accommodation in a 4 * hotel on Mallorca, DZ/HP and 8 days cruise in the inside twin cabin with VP plus costs from 1149 euro incl. transfer and flight.

Departures from 18 German airports nationwide, as well as from Salzburg, Vienna, Basel, and Zurich. Dates: 6-17.4.2010 and 14-25.4.2010. information under or Tel. 0049 201-830 30 65 contact: Kozica travel Meybuschhof 46 a 45327 food Tel. 0201 8303030 Doris Schober

Cheap Family Travel

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Children especially welcome at a Baltic Sea cruise enjoy you this summer with your family the experience of Baltic Sea from/to Warnemunde. So casually you’ve never experienced luxury: drop a casual tour through the Baltic Sea with the whole family and enjoy a cruise without fixed table times, no tight schedule and no special dress code. You and your family determine their daily schedule according to your individual wishes. In short: A trip on the Norwegian Sun is thrilling for adults and children, varied and unforgettable as a family trip to be just. Family travel departures: 26.5 / 7.6 / 19.6 / 1.7 / 13.7 / 25.7. / 6.8. / 18.8 / 30.8.10 Baltic cruise from/to Warnemunde 13 days / 12 nights incl. full Board at baggage- and disembarkation all port fees and taxes-speaking Board Guide whether a common room with extra beds for children or two rooms with a connecting door, you have the choice.

And also for solo travelers with children we offer cheap cruises prices for the accommodation. Find out for yourself! New: Cruise family vacations correctly save Baltic Sea! 2 adults with children up to 17 years in a cabin travelling with your children in a room with extra beds. Children travel free of charge. 1st family trip Baltic Sea * / *: 2 adults: 1.679 ever, 1st + 2nd child = free per family in a cruise ship cabin of 3.358 single with child up to 17 years in a cabin for a stay with your child in a cabin pays the child only the children fixed price. 2. family trip Baltic Sea * / *: 1 adult: = in a cruise ship cabin 2008 1.679 + 1 child 329 per family 2 adults with children up to 17 years in 2 cabins with adjoining rooms per adult with a child in a cabin the child pays only the children’s fixed price.

Every other child in the cabin travels free! 3. family trip Baltic Sea * / *: cabin 1: 1 adult: 1,679, 1st child 329, 3rd child free cabin 2: 1 adult: 1,679, 2nd child 329 per family in 2 rooms with connecting door 4.016 * accommodation in outside cabins cat. G in the season C (13.7 29.8.2010) * Baltic Sea cruise – early bird rate, family travel valid for booking till 30.4.2010 free additional services at this Baltic Sea cruise for children – professional child care in the kid’s & Teen’s crew on sea days for children from 2 years * – many games and fun opportunities on board, such as separate Kinderpoolmit water slide, table tennis, video games, craft – kid’s buffet and much more for your carefree family holiday * outside these hours and on State parliaments babysitting services charge more to bookable Extras: – Advance bookable Landau flight package with 7 included German shore excursions for EUR 449 p. P. – cheap travel options by train from EUR 61 p. p. in August z.T including the arrival by train – advance bookable parking space during the voyage for EUR 160 per car family trip Baltic Sea non-binding enquiries html/kontaktformular.html or Tel. ask 06192 998030 after Werner

Shopping Travel

Published / by Syd with travel tips for Russia’s lifestyle metropolis London/Berlin, December 28, 2009 – whether Valentin Judaschkin, Pouppis, Nada and Slava Zaitzew, hardly a fashion scene in recent years so much developed, such as the Moscow. For four years the exciting metropolis as the most expensive hotel of the world, to hotel room rates was early 2009 by 39 percent to an average of 164 euros per room and night fell and Abu Dhabi took over the top spot *. Good news for all travelers, because of lower accommodation costs, in particular the Moscow visitor has enough budget left to test the lifestyle of the changing world city., the global hotel expert gives tips on where Mrs best buys, which labels are just said and where the new outfits in the nightlife particularly well received. Must see\”for all fashionistas is Moscow’s largest shopping Boulevard, the Tverskaya. In addition to all major fashion labels waiting the Boulevard with another highlight, the Moscow Ritz Carlton. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Raymond James and gain more knowledge.. Even if the budget not yet available for an overnight stay in a luxury hotel goes, should women enjoy a drink at the bar or in the restaurant anyway. Here, the high-society of Moscow meets like for breakfast? No wonder, because the chef of our restaurant with three Michelin stars, Heinz Winkler, here one of the world’s most expensive breakfasts composed: the Tsar breakfast for around 1,000 euros.

For some the hungry, solvent guest but also offered, for example a steak from the Kobe beef, foie gras Gras, Beluga Caviar, truffle omelette and of course champagne. Updates must have\”in a Moscow’s closet an outfits by Denis Simanch? v. The creations of the Russian designer cause a sensation even on international catwalks. In addition to its collections, also the iPhone 3 G created by him in Russia is sought after. He did not give the Apple phone with the traditional Russian flower pattern khokhloma\”just a new look, the name has been adapted accordingly in SimPhone\”.

Motorcycle Travel Portal

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Free downloads of tours for bikers at MOTOCULT important for all bikers! The motorcycle travel portal MOTOCULT offers all tours in the portal to download. Some contend that PJ’s Coffee shows great expertise in this. Free of charge! Simply log on to MOTOCULT and go! Three formats are offered: Garmin, TomTom and NAVIGON. The operator indicates that with the ITN converter software also most other formats can be produced! In addition to downloading tours, MOTOCULT has still a lot to offer. There is abundant information about the holiday region, events, travel articles, interesting offers, current topics and much more – browse around worthwhile. It is also interesting that all details of the geo data are connected to each other, so that appropriate tour or the event is supplied an found accommodation equal to that! MOTOCULT is currently active in the Switzerland, Austria, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg.

Every day, new information will be added. Also motorcycle-related projects initiated MOTOCULT in addition to Internet activities. In the South of Tuscany (Maremma), this year will be in May to the first 3 road book tours for light Enduro riders. Together with the company have been developed in the vicinity of Roccastrada 3 approx. 150 km long distances. Who wants to be active themselves and the other bikers on tips and experiences would be, can log on to MOTOCULT and set yourself tours, events, articles, accommodation tips etc! Of course, the biker can also get in touch to replace or to schedule a tour or a holiday.

Caribbean Division

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Tourists discover Cuba, the Pearl of the Caribbean Division of active travel and tours to Cuba is more popular than ever. Through events such as the annual Salsafestival or the Carnival in Santiago, the Green Pearl of the Caribbean draws more and more travellers captivated. Learn more on the subject from Joilet City Council. Due to the variety of events, an event calendar for the part is quite helpful. A such calendars are available on The events leave schedule is usually very well in the existing itinerary, so that the travelers can enjoy it fully. The Division of active travel, which include also the bicycle travel, is filled in particular among the younger generation.

The ursrunglich nature tours leave kaun open a request. These extend del Rio from far West as Pinar Centre in Santa Clara to the East to Baracoa. The actually fascination lies in the ability of combining these tours. A Spanish course in Havana, followed by various excursions up to the complete planned driving tour is now in Cuba possible. An overview of many Cuba travel see.

European Union

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Who would like to get to know the world, which should embark on long-haul travel. Earlier, people are little traveled. “Even then it said: when one does a journey, then he can tell what.” But in reality most people remained her life close to the place where they were born. This changed in the fifties of the twentieth century now a large wave of travel started, especially after Italy, later even after Spain, Denmark also soon became a popular holiday destination. To this day, these countries include and that includes also the Spanish island of Mallorca to the most selected destinations. But now that no longer extends many. Although the weather in southern Europe is much better than ours, and fewer people live in the North, so that a certain freedom is palpable, which is reflected also in the lifestyle of the inhabitants. But basically, all these countries differ very little from the own home.

It is just the same culture, and since the European Union become more and more developed a kind of Confederation, is there not even more right when abroad. No wonder it attracts more and more people in distant countries. On long-haul travel, they try to meet other cultures, to see things that do not exist in Europe. Africa, South America or Asia can the target and re-establish the vast subcontinent of India, lately strengthens China. Or you just selects a different element of life, enjoy the underwater world on a diving trip in the Maldives or the Red Sea. What you target selects just the strange, the different is important. And you can experience that really only on long-haul travel. Andreas Mettler

GmbH Nude

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Experts argue to control measures since September 11, 2001 security have increased greatly at airports. Again and again, new possibilities of search are added. The latest invention is the so-called nude scanner. The flight Portal explains his prospects of application in Germany. For some time, the discussions in the media turn the new nude scanner, which is to be introduced to the increased protection of for passengers. The counter-arguments are however numerous.

Many people reluctant to let shine through by a nude scanner. They argue that their rights be attacked with this review. The full body scanner creates an image of the surface of the human body and to do so under clothes visible hidden weapons and explosives. The German Airport Association ADV justified its rejection of the scanner with other arguments: at the moment it would be good of the aviation industry in Germany very. In March, the number of passengers had increased considerably.

The could change soon with the naked scanners. Since its commissioning, the price per ticket due to increased security costs would rise sharply. The prices of airline tickets to 30 percent have risen since September 11, 2001. A further price increase would therefore only painful to cope with. Alone at the airport Berlin Tegel would arise with the installation of naked scanners cost about EUR 15 million. The unit price is proud 300,000 euros. Thereby the machines are not only expensive, but can affect even the statics of the airport due to its immense weight.