GmbH Nude

Experts argue to control measures since September 11, 2001 security have increased greatly at airports. Again and again, new possibilities of search are added. The latest invention is the so-called nude scanner. The flight Portal explains his prospects of application in Germany. For some time, the discussions in the media turn the new nude scanner, which is to be introduced to the increased protection of for passengers. The counter-arguments are however numerous.

Many people reluctant to let shine through by a nude scanner. They argue that their rights be attacked with this review. The full body scanner creates an image of the surface of the human body and to do so under clothes visible hidden weapons and explosives. The German Airport Association ADV justified its rejection of the scanner with other arguments: at the moment it would be good of the aviation industry in Germany very. In March, the number of passengers had increased considerably.

The could change soon with the naked scanners. Since its commissioning, the price per ticket due to increased security costs would rise sharply. The prices of airline tickets to 30 percent have risen since September 11, 2001. A further price increase would therefore only painful to cope with. Alone at the airport Berlin Tegel would arise with the installation of naked scanners cost about EUR 15 million. The unit price is proud 300,000 euros. Thereby the machines are not only expensive, but can affect even the statics of the airport due to its immense weight.