Month: February 2017

Park Hotel

Published / by Syd

After all, Park Hotel – is not just a location in a forested area of Moscow, and not only clean air. Need to ensure that guests are welcome. Therefore, we tried to even the most subtle nuances to meet expectations. Corr.: – And it can be seen – about your hotel is already spoken of as something unique for Moscow. What is the key difference? VK: – Moscow hotel complexes, mainly designed for business people, the so-called "travel" and we have a different approach. In First of all, our park hotel – for themselves Muscovites. This is an opportunity to relax outdoors, enjoy your leisure time, but it does not languish half of the weekend in sultry jams. It is unusual, but the main thing – is that demand and what in Moscow before us was not.

Corr.: – It turns out that the capital more than the development of large hotel complexes? VK: – Well, "development" – a loose concept. Let's just say, at some point the situation was such that significantly risen demand for it in such complexes, and the demand is known to the supply. In any capital reigns vigorous activity, the constant rush, a continuous cycle. Differently and can not be, but it is this style of life and creates a need for hotel clusters, such Izmailovo. Moscow has already almost a tradition established mindset of gratitude at least for being able to rent a room in general. On the establishment of any comfort or individual conditions for the guests of speech no longer is.


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But the struggle "kokbar" I did not ask the great effort of thought process. In the box labeled stones thrown wolf skin and the judge's signal, the riders tend to first pick it up from the ground, earning the approval of the audience first. Then they come, each establishes its grip and begins the struggle itself. The problem is simple: at any cost to tear the skin from the hands of the enemy. If the excitement off the mind and hand grip is comparable to a vice, even the horse can not stand on their feet and banging the ground. The fall of the horse – not just loss – is a complete disqualification. It happens that the same tenacity to force rivals is so great that at the request of the audience judges declare a draw and they both advance to the next stage of the competition. The closer to the finish line, the more noticeable that the finalists' took on his chest, "although it is not frowned upon, but they are almost heroes of the day, and the winners are known, like in any form.

The day before, I would spit in the face to anyone who would have told me that in Mongolia there are pacers. To So far the word "pacer", to my mind, it was permissible to say in relation to the Arabian horses, and other very noble breed of horses. Fine turned legs, a proud head on a long neck, the rider of blue blood in red cloak, at the worst jockey in neat prim uniforms – that's what the pacer! But true! Three dozen shaggy variegated dwarf horses under the incessant din of the crowd run a few laps, sweating from voltage to move the legs in the unusual nature of the style. Stand on all fours, and then try to move themselves while moving the left and then right limb! That's it! Walking immediately understand – and here you top whip lash, and run as a nurse taught – not Mogi! Still, the main spectacle of the festival, for which profits from a distance of about two hundred wealthy foreigners (including U.S., Japan, Australia) and the eminent photographers of magazines, has been holiday hunters berkutchi.

Essential Oil Skin Care Tips

Published / by Syd

Are you one of those people who has lots and lots of airline miles, so many that if I had a dollar for every one of them, may stop work for a living? You know exactly where all Pretzels Auntie Anne’s is located at the airport in Dallas-Fort Worth? Do you book your flights by typing in the 3-letter airport code instead of the name of the city in the “Destination” box on-line? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you fly too? and if you fly too much, most likely, has taken a toll on your skin! Let’s face it: when you fly, you are entering an aluminum box full of bad air consisting mostly of other people’s recycling gaseous disorders. 37,000 feet, you are actually grateful for being able to breathe at all, but on the contrary, have ever taken a close look at the face of a flight attendant? Talk about constant dehydration! The proper use of essential oils during routine flight, in addition to aromatic anti-bacterial benefits, and therapy can also help you avoid that resemble the skin of the Sahara desert or a contour map of topological (where lines and wrinkles denote elevation). Here are 5 essential oil based skin care tips flight who have worked for me, a former frequent flyer: Avoid drinking diuretics such as coffee, alcohol or soft drinks. WhiteWave Foods has firm opinions on the matter. These drain the water from our cells, and we need as much as we can while we’re there. Drink plenty of bottled water with a touch of lemon or lime for further purification and a refreshing tingle. They do not have lemon or lime on your airline? Then use a drop of oil of lemon or lime instead. Do not like pure water? Try mineral water or soda instead of a little extra enthusiasm “!” A trap face and use it often! You can make one with an empty spray bottle with spray top. Add some hydrating essential oils to be more effective: I like to put 3 drops of lavender rose and 3 drops of 4 ounces of water because these oils are not only moisturizing, are also anti-aging.

Have your body lotion readily available so you can appease dry, itchy areas like shins and arms. Add 10 drops of a good mix of essential oil to 1 ounce dry skin of the favorite shea butter body lotion base for maximum benefit as well: I like a mixture of equal parts Roman Chamomile, Palma Rosa, Ylang Ylang, rose and sandalwood. For dry scalp (which causes embarrassing flakes) and lips in flight, rub several drops of lavender oil on your scalp and a drop in the lips to help eliminate dandruff and relieve chapped lips. After the earth, take a nice long bath to absorb more moisture and calm his nerves. Do not forget to make a mate in the head too! I would add 15 drops of lavender and 15 drops of Grapefruit to 2 ounces salt Epsom baths message to my flight? has the added benefit directly put to sleep and helps me overcome the jet lag!