Park Hotel

After all, Park Hotel – is not just a location in a forested area of Moscow, and not only clean air. Need to ensure that guests are welcome. Therefore, we tried to even the most subtle nuances to meet expectations. Corr.: – And it can be seen – about your hotel is already spoken of as something unique for Moscow. What is the key difference? VK: – Moscow hotel complexes, mainly designed for business people, the so-called "travel" and we have a different approach. In First of all, our park hotel – for themselves Muscovites. This is an opportunity to relax outdoors, enjoy your leisure time, but it does not languish half of the weekend in sultry jams. It is unusual, but the main thing – is that demand and what in Moscow before us was not.

Corr.: – It turns out that the capital more than the development of large hotel complexes? VK: – Well, "development" – a loose concept. Let's just say, at some point the situation was such that significantly risen demand for it in such complexes, and the demand is known to the supply. In any capital reigns vigorous activity, the constant rush, a continuous cycle. Differently and can not be, but it is this style of life and creates a need for hotel clusters, such Izmailovo. Moscow has already almost a tradition established mindset of gratitude at least for being able to rent a room in general. On the establishment of any comfort or individual conditions for the guests of speech no longer is.