Month: September 2013

Martinez Diseno

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Dozens of demonstrators who are protesting this afternoon against the reform of the Constitution not have been able to approach the Congress of Deputies. Police have arrested one of them for refusing to identify himself. There was another skirmish against the Prado Museum and the demonstrators have tried to return to Neptune. Hundreds of demonstrators against the reform of the Constitution passed Friday by Congress have cut off traffic during a quarter of an hour in Madrid’s Paseo del Prado between struggles with police, which has been handcuffed to one of the participants in the protest. It is the second young man who has been handcuffed by the police in the manifestation of this evening, since around 1940 hours, at the corner of Neptune with the plaza de Las Cortes, agents were in a police vehicle to another guy who refused to be identified. The first of them is accused of resistance and disobedience, after refusing to identify themselves, while the second was stopped by cause damage to the vehicle of a taxi driver.

After about half an hour focused on the square of Canovas del Castillo (Neptune), where ctive of the national police prevented them from approaching the Congress, protesters have tried to surround the square and have cut off traffic on the Paseo del Prado southbound for about fifteen minutes. At the height of the Ministry of health an incident among demonstrators who walked by the road and a taxi driver has caused an uproar and a first intervention of agents, struggles and screams of the concentrates. With increasingly frizzy tempers, police has handcuffed to one of the young, sitting on the blacktop, while other demonstrators forcejeaban with agents. The police has come to make use of the batons regulations to reduce some of the protesters when they tried to prevent will take the young handcuffs. Meanwhile, several colleagues appeared a spontaneous sit-in and completely stopped the transit vehicles heading towards Atocha. There was another skirmish against the Prado Museum and the demonstrators have tried to return to Neptune, but the Police, organized, have succeeded in grouping them in the plaza of the Martinez Diseno grafico, where protests have continued for a few more minutes, surrounded by a string of agents and police vehicles. After these events, several demonstrators have managed to return to Neptune, and passes 2115 hours attempted to surround the square to move closer to the Congress of Deputies. Source of the news: dozens of people protesting the constitutional reform between struggles with police

Wolfgang Niersbach

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On Thursday German coach announced the departure of Ballack selection. Bayer Leverkusen midfielder says that it was he who decided to resign. He said that in may he spoke with Low and informed him that he would stop playing with Germany. The German international Michael Ballack has accused coach Joachim Low of having lied about conversations that both remained until the German Federation (DFB) announced his departure from the selection, which, according to it says, thought resign this summer. In may take the decision to resign and so I told him to coach. We agreed that I would communicate that decision during the summer, but not set a date or a deadline, said Ballack through a press release. Ballack opened his statement claiming that it is a pity having to read things that do not correspond to the truth. Ballack refers to statements made by the Secretary-General of the DFB, Wolfgang Niersbach, who argued that Low had been informed to Ballack than not It would have more with him in the future.

Niersbach, further argued that the DFB tried to get in touch with Ballack to announce that the decision would be made public. I can understand that Wolfgan Niersbach take match by Joachim Low. Moreover, as Secretary general was his obligation. But it is a fact that no one, and neither Wolfgang Niersbach, witnessed the conversation between me and Low, points out Ballack. If coach Wolfgang Niersbach told that 30 March I said in our conversation: Micha, already I will not say more with thee; He then missed the truth. What happened was exactly the opposite, says. According to Ballack, Low always seemed to leave a door open for his return to the selection. In may Ballack would have made the decision to resign and, she says, communicated it to Niersbach both Low. Ballack closed its statement saying that gives the matter closed and that henceforth it will concentrate fully at his current club, Bayer Leverkusen. Source of the News: Ballack accused Low of lying and says that he was who decided to forgo the German squad

Travel To Riga

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Those who decide to travel to Riga, which has an interesting and exciting time ahead. The Latvian capital, both as leisure culture in a highly sophisticated degree. In 1990 some people did not think that it would now be possible to travel so easily to Latvia. Riga is an important transport hub for Latvia, became even for the whole Baltic Sea region. So it is possible for travelers to arrive by ferry without any problems, train, plane or by car.

In Riga itself, there is a well-grown bus and tram network and the connection to the suburbs by train. The historic old town stands high on many tourists in the course. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and provides a number of interesting sights: St. Peter’s Church (13th century), church (now a concert hall and museum), the landmark of Riga “Milda” (symbol of freedom), the new Guildhall of 1854, the House of Blackheads with the Roland statue, the Powder Tower, the Riga Castle, the Riga Town Hall and the University of Latvia. Here you find also offer a lot of hotels that good ambience and comfort. But the new town invites you to wonder and linger. When walking, the beautifully restored Art Nouveau facades are considered, the Palace of Culture and Science invites you to interesting exhibits, the Orthodox Church is an architectural monument.

Not least, the outlook for the 368.5 meter high TV tower is worth seeing, and calls on one to come again and again. But not only for the eye Riga has something to offer. Also ears and palate come at their expense. In the evening, especially in spring and summer, you can go strolling in Riga and enjoy themselves. Thus, there are numerous theaters, cinemas, restaurants, pubs and bars enliven the nightlife of Riga. For people who want to stay during the day to offer the large green areas. But on the banks of the Daugava, there are beautiful spots to relax. To whom this is not enough, the need to drive a few miles further and then the Baltic, with its fine sandy beach . Enjoy

The Greasy

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Too much washing of the arms may dry your skin out layer. Hand cream should be put by you on after your hands are washed by you. You’ll be able to hold both hands moisturized by doing this. Hold a small hand cream s measured when you yourself have to go shopping or travel that are having to make use of a public toilet. If your skin appears to be on the greasy side, search for products specifically made for your skin type, so that your skin appears clean looking and oil-free. You can also use toners and astringent to stop excessive oil on your face. Oil can be eliminated by you in your skin moisturizer for oily skin created utilizing.

Once you shower, make use of a loofah to wash off the dead skin cells which means your skin is rejuvenated and healthier. In your human anatomy as you reduce steadily the dead skin cells, you ll notice that the look of spots and scars will also diminish. It is possible to look more aged if dead skin layers remain. Removing dead cells is a good way to revitalize your face. With sun protection agents are one of many best ways to avoid lines. Main causes of fine lines and wrinkles on your face from sun damage is showing.

Using a daily moisturizer with sunscreen to help combat these side effects. Structure assessment is just a simple method for determining your skin type. Apply a clean tissue in your face in the morning. Oil will appear on the tissue: this will be a good indicator of how your face is greasy. With this specific knowledge, you ll have a much simpler time creating a skin care plan. Having great, healthier skin does not mean paying a bunch on elegant products and services or complex methods. Rather, good skin care wherewithal from an understanding of how exactly to properly care for and treat your skin. If you follow the guidelines using this post, you ll believe it is simpler to get and hold lovely, healthy skin.