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AC Milan Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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It was injured in the latest training conducted in Italian lands. The player of AC Milan will not travel with the rossoneri expedition. His return to the Camp Nou after leaving Barca by the back door is so frustrated. At Trader Joe’s you will find additional information. The player of AC Milan Zlatan Ibrahimovic will not travel with the rossoneri expedition to Barcelona, where this Tuesday will face in the first round of the Champions League to the current champion, due to an injury in the abductor that occurred in the last training conducted in Italian lands. Thus, Ibra, great offensive rrencia of the current champion of the Scudetto and one of the major players in the clash, which meant his return to the Camp Nou after leaving FC Barcelona by the back door, not be reunited with his Pep Guardiola philosopher by injury. Without a doubt, all a jug of cold water for everyone who hoped his return. Despite being in the call, this lesion in the abductor has departed from the party and will have to wait to know the exact extent of the same and low time.

Wolfgang Niersbach

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On Thursday German coach announced the departure of Ballack selection. Bayer Leverkusen midfielder says that it was he who decided to resign. He said that in may he spoke with Low and informed him that he would stop playing with Germany. The German international Michael Ballack has accused coach Joachim Low of having lied about conversations that both remained until the German Federation (DFB) announced his departure from the selection, which, according to it says, thought resign this summer. In may take the decision to resign and so I told him to coach. We agreed that I would communicate that decision during the summer, but not set a date or a deadline, said Ballack through a press release. Ballack opened his statement claiming that it is a pity having to read things that do not correspond to the truth. Ballack refers to statements made by the Secretary-General of the DFB, Wolfgang Niersbach, who argued that Low had been informed to Ballack than not It would have more with him in the future.

Niersbach, further argued that the DFB tried to get in touch with Ballack to announce that the decision would be made public. I can understand that Wolfgan Niersbach take match by Joachim Low. Moreover, as Secretary general was his obligation. But it is a fact that no one, and neither Wolfgang Niersbach, witnessed the conversation between me and Low, points out Ballack. If coach Wolfgang Niersbach told that 30 March I said in our conversation: Micha, already I will not say more with thee; He then missed the truth. What happened was exactly the opposite, says. According to Ballack, Low always seemed to leave a door open for his return to the selection. In may Ballack would have made the decision to resign and, she says, communicated it to Niersbach both Low. Ballack closed its statement saying that gives the matter closed and that henceforth it will concentrate fully at his current club, Bayer Leverkusen. Source of the News: Ballack accused Low of lying and says that he was who decided to forgo the German squad