Travel To Riga

Those who decide to travel to Riga, which has an interesting and exciting time ahead. The Latvian capital, both as leisure culture in a highly sophisticated degree. In 1990 some people did not think that it would now be possible to travel so easily to Latvia. Riga is an important transport hub for Latvia, became even for the whole Baltic Sea region. So it is possible for travelers to arrive by ferry without any problems, train, plane or by car.

In Riga itself, there is a well-grown bus and tram network and the connection to the suburbs by train. The historic old town stands high on many tourists in the course. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and provides a number of interesting sights: St. Peter’s Church (13th century), church (now a concert hall and museum), the landmark of Riga “Milda” (symbol of freedom), the new Guildhall of 1854, the House of Blackheads with the Roland statue, the Powder Tower, the Riga Castle, the Riga Town Hall and the University of Latvia. Here you find also offer a lot of hotels that good ambience and comfort. But the new town invites you to wonder and linger. When walking, the beautifully restored Art Nouveau facades are considered, the Palace of Culture and Science invites you to interesting exhibits, the Orthodox Church is an architectural monument.

Not least, the outlook for the 368.5 meter high TV tower is worth seeing, and calls on one to come again and again. But not only for the eye Riga has something to offer. Also ears and palate come at their expense. In the evening, especially in spring and summer, you can go strolling in Riga and enjoy themselves. Thus, there are numerous theaters, cinemas, restaurants, pubs and bars enliven the nightlife of Riga. For people who want to stay during the day to offer the large green areas. But on the banks of the Daugava, there are beautiful spots to relax. To whom this is not enough, the need to drive a few miles further and then the Baltic, with its fine sandy beach . Enjoy