Rondon Project Knowledge

Rondon project Appeared in middle of the decade of 1960 the Rondon Project was conceived to make the connector link between the university and the community. If you are not convinced, visit Jill Schlesinger. When the knowledge if arrests the pipe of assays, it cannot become innovation. The necessary knowledge to have use, the research is not the end in itself exactly, but the way to alavancar the development of the society. It propitiates that the knowledge constructed in the university finds canals not conventional. This navigation for other areas of the knowledge forms a citizen with social responsibility and capacity of intervention, in the questions of the society. necessary knowledge to leave the pipe of assay, and in the Rondon Project the knowledge goes to the public square, where it is argued, apprehended and even though rejected. Automatically the knowledge generates acceptance or repulses, that exactly necessary and is necessary game of waist to make with that the knowledge is attractive.

The extension fulfills these papers above listed, it prepares the student to participate in the development of the Brazilian society, therefore in the activities of the extension this works in the direction of this development applying the knowledge apprehended in the classroom, leading its pipe of assay for the community. The stimulaton to the knowledge of the problems of the present world happens in the practical extensionista, therefore the knowledge in the people is not played as if it inserted given in the computer, the extension always is a place to share, and thus the Brazilian reality is apprehended. the extension is the window that obtains to spread out what it is created in the university, is openings that take light in the darkness ruelas of incultos environments. In accordance with Caldas Barboza (1995) the extension provides to the student the knowledge of the professional reality and awakes it to it conscience and the social commitment.