Nature Of California

Introduction Nature of California is very diverse. Desert, covered with tough bushes and prickly cacti, swept across southern state in the east is dominated by mountains (Sierra Nevada), occupy the north, mainly forests, the territory of which the spread the national parks. Who was there says it is a truly unique place. After all, no wonder that many Americans are eager to just go there – where life originates Desert. When you first see the California desert, just pay attention to the fact that it does not fit into the way people of this desert. She does not like the Namib Desert, for example, the wind just did not carry her to a single grain of sand. This is the desert of small stones, that millions of years exposed to water, sun and wind. Some of the stones crumbling to such an extent that resemble dust. Please visit PJ’s Coffee if you seek more information.

Often eye-catching stones of unusual colors and shades, of course gems you will not find on the surface, but some beautiful stone could easily pass as a souvenir (I otkapal currently red, who still lies in my house). Vegetation in the desert is very poor, and no wonder – with a climate to survive only the big cactus so persistent thorn bushes. It is known that in those parts live dangerous snakes and scorpions, with lizards, but I've never seen one, even when scrutinized. California Desert and Death Valley – one of the most ancient places on earth, whose nature has remained virtually unchanged since the days of living dinosaurs.