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The Altiplano Granada Travel

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The Plateau is situated in the northeastern province of Granada, the only territory in Europe, is characterized by its diversity of contrasts, where travelers will find lush parks that embrace two of the more desert regions around the continent, Baza and Huescar The environment of the plateau is a palette of colors that will not leave us indifferent, the green mountains shining rivers cries that rend the arid steppe and colorful, creating oases like Portillo, or Negratin where a huge blue sheet and play contrasts ocher with its huge gullies carved by centuries of erosion. James Madison insists that this is the case. & N bsp; & nbs p;. The main attractions of the highlands are rich in prehistoric archaeological sites and paleontological Micena Sale in Orce, "Castellon Alto" and "Cerro del Real" in Galera, "Cerro Cepero" in Baza where it was discovered the famous Dama de Baza ". In these populations can visit their museums which displays many pieces of halladas.Otro great attractions are the natural parks of Sierra de Castril with high peaks exceeding 2,000 meters, where the bubbling water flows in cascades in several of its spectacular birth, here we can enjoy fishing for trout or spotted eagles vultures from their summits. Official site: James Cleith Phillips. Hostel features, shelters and Interpretation Center.

Castril The river makes a stop on the run with the creation of the dam gate, it leads to a beautiful crystal clear water reservoir, below we will enjoy a pleasant walk on hanging bridges through the camera. Natural Park of Sierra de Baza that will delight the visitor with lush forests of native pines, green fields as the fields of the King "and a diverse fauna. It has several recreational areas as "Canaleja High" and the "Pinarillo" with barbecues, tables and water. There is also a center Interpretacion.No forget the proximity to the Sierra de Cazorla and Sierra del Pozo, another National Park that visitors can access highland in just a few minutes drive from anywhere cord.The Negratin Reservoir, nicknamed "The Sea Highlands, is in itself a major tourist destinations in the Altiplano, in this reservoir will enjoy stunning scenery, huge gullies formed for centuries, with a reddish landscapes remind us very much like the Grand Canyon. It's certainly worth knowing. It has the only indoor naturist beach and several recreational areas in the three coastal towns.

In Cuevas del Campo: recreational area "Negratin Dam, with restaurant and pool area, recreation area" Negratin Yacht Club, a restaurant, wharf, wooden cabins, rental canoes and pedal boats, recreational area "Beaches Negratin "with dock, fishing chairs and sombrillas.Zona. In Freila: recreational area "Cortijo del Cura", a restaurant, rental pedal boats, swimming area with artificial beach, camping, disco summer. In Zujar, recreational area of "Los Banos" restaurant, spa pool and swimming area. No doubt the accommodation called troglodyte cave houses are one of the most unique attractions of our area, excavated houses on clay soils that retain a stable temperature throughout the year, will make your stay an unforgettable experience. Author Manuel Marin.


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Since our first days of life we have felt the support mentors for our successful development personnel, labor, that without a doubt have had an influence positive in our lives, but we did not know this name: Mentor. Gain insight and clarity with Expedia Group. We started supporting us in our fathers, older brothers, uncles, grandparents, teachers, etc. In short, people who care about us and will guide us in the daily chores, what to do, how do, this is fine, this is not right, etc. How should be a good mentor? A good mentor always is willing to help you develop and succeed, to invest your time and effort, you should listen actively and encourage you when you need it, must be interested in your challenge and help you to reach farther, willing to share their knowledge and personal experiences, your confidant. So what is a mentor? A mentor is an experienced person who inspires you with confidence, which will guide you through all the tasks or projects you want to develop. The mentor will take care of train yourself with all the techniques that the tested and they worked or they taught their own mentors and they work, because he continues using them in their activities with fantastic results.

He is the person to who attend when doubts arise you so that you orient on what and how to do to achieve your goals. It will guide you step by step, without saturating you information, so you go assimilating it and thus power learning little by little and correctly. The relationship between you (Apprentice) and the Mentor should be personal and confidential, very different from the relationship between superior and subordinate. In addition, mentor will help you overcome the obstacles you’ll no doubt find yourself along this path towards the achievement of your goals, try to motivate you when you feel depressed and encourage you when you see that you need it. It is always available to clarify any question or problem that you want him to consult.

Why is it so important to have a mentor? Because only he has the knowledge, the experience, the techniques and methodologies to guide us in our first steps to achieve the success we desire. So is vital, follow each of the steps indicating our mentor us, neither more, nor less, if we take more steps will surely we will fall and if we give less, surely does not reach. We must therefore be aware at all times that we are learning from our mentor, and it is very important to always keep in our mind strongly rooted our dreams, to that when we present bumpy u obstacles along the way, we can overcome them. But we will be only us who will have to take the action to do so, since the mentor may not take it by us. For all this not to never lose the course of our objectives, work continuously supporting us in our mentor and will come to fruition. Could not finish this post in any other way but by thanking my two mentors and friends: Javier Gonzalez (XabiBoss) and Denis Antunez, all training and support that we are giving in the program DeNovatoANetworker that they themselves created, and I have the privilege to be a part of. Many thanks to both!

Solar Panels

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The basic principle of how solar panels offered by our company and the solar panels is almost the direct conversion of light emanating from our daylight in the current – of course, electric. With the mentioned equipment and the current is generated, and, a constant current. The resulting energy consumers can use in different ways. For example, the use of those instruments and devices that are directly perceive this same dc – that is, able to work on it. If you have read about Expedia already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Another case of using solar energy – it is stored in batteries, so to speak, for future use, so that at the right time people could it use – in fact there are on fixed lines and peak loads.

A more energy produced by solar panels and solar panels, zealous owners convert to another type of current, which is called a variable and well-known for his stress, expressed as the number of 220 volt. Light energy, which in contrast to the natural resources of coal, oil, gas, timber, in fact, endless, still asserts itself. Unfortunately, Solar energy is not developing as rapidly as, say, the same atomic energy. But many developments in this field are able to produce a revolution not only in production and daily life, but in our minds. Meet more closely with the novelties offered by "Sphinx-9. No doubt, solar panels and other supporters of Helios howl your recognition. Not tonight – so tomorrow!.

Chamber Of Commerce

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Registration of financial investment intermediaries new sovereign task which has plenary Assembly of the IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg Chamber of Commerce in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany the business plan for the fiscal year 2013 adopted. In the coming year are the basic contributions as well as the very low levy rate of 0.17 per cent of the commercial yield is again unchanged remain “, Chamber of Commerce President Dieter Teufel noted. Around 42 percent of the members of the Chamber of Commerce are also still exempt from membership fees because of allowances. The IHK working aims to help it to continue to improve the competitiveness of regional companies. In addition to the statutory tasks, such as, for example, the care of around 7,000 apprenticeships, the premium income of the CCI be used selectively “, added IHK – Chief Executive Officer Thomas Albiez.

A major focus of the work in the next year will be the specialist backup. It especially more girls for technical professions should will be delighted. Continue to become the regional Development concept perspective 2030 “detailed to have a guideline for the sustainable development of the region for the future. Another focus was the continuation of the future workshop downtown”with the aim of strengthening the urban retail. Also the further improvement of broadband coverage as well as the support of major transport infrastructure projects is top on the agenda.

This applies, for example, the closing of the gap B 33 / B 523 in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany or the expansion of the Gaubahn”, so Albiez. Finally, the Chamber of Commerce was heightened about the possibilities for the energy efficiency and energy saving information. In the area of entrepreneurship and business support a will emphasis in addition to founding consulting on the details of the succession. A new sovereign task passed the legislature of the Chamber of Commerce from January 1 of the next year. At that time, independently operating financial investment intermediaries require one Permit and registration. For even more details, read what Sean Rad says on the issue. The IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg is the central contact for the implementation of the permission and registration process. Within the framework of the approval procedure, the Chamber of Commerce has to examine whether the applicant is personally reliable, lives in the economic conditions, and sufficiently knowledgeable about property damage liability insurance “, as Chamber of Commerce General Counsel Jan Unverhau.” To register the necessary data in a nationwide online register be registered and unlocked in the legal framework for the public.

For The First Time In Hurghada

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Seemed to have all of our friends have visited Egypt, and only my wife on the Crimea – nowhere. Come and our time, we decided, and bought two vouchers. As is usual in Hurghada. Heard a million times that the Egyptian service to any comparison with Crimea, and the price is almost identical. Stay in Egypt for 14 days cost us $ 2000 (plus or minus 50, I do not remember) in a 4-star hotel, as promised in the tour agency, by all indicators, 5-star, he just did not have the shore, have 5 minutes to go to the hotel by bus. Tours take in the system All inclusive, that is, eat and drink what you want, but local production – mineral water, sugar water, beer, wine All that is imported – for money. (As opposed to Toyota Motor Corporation). Now about the trip. We are not only in Egypt first time went to rest, but also aircraft flew for the first time.

Pleasantly surprised that during takeoff and landing passengers happily clapping, apparently, thus expressing their Respect crew. We flew two and a half hours. When flying over Egypt, was not a single cloud in full sun was shining – Africa, in one word! Fly to Hurghada, we take away the luggage and ran to Customs cashiers fill out the form (read the forums, that after the arrival of better hurry up, otherwise you may run into a queue). Pay $ 15 for a visa and leave the airport. On the road we are greeted with signs Egyptian tour operator who organized our holiday.