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Chamber Of Commerce

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Registration of financial investment intermediaries new sovereign task which has plenary Assembly of the IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg Chamber of Commerce in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany the business plan for the fiscal year 2013 adopted. In the coming year are the basic contributions as well as the very low levy rate of 0.17 per cent of the commercial yield is again unchanged remain “, Chamber of Commerce President Dieter Teufel noted. Around 42 percent of the members of the Chamber of Commerce are also still exempt from membership fees because of allowances. The IHK working aims to help it to continue to improve the competitiveness of regional companies. In addition to the statutory tasks, such as, for example, the care of around 7,000 apprenticeships, the premium income of the CCI be used selectively “, added IHK – Chief Executive Officer Thomas Albiez.

A major focus of the work in the next year will be the specialist backup. It especially more girls for technical professions should will be delighted. Continue to become the regional Development concept perspective 2030 “detailed to have a guideline for the sustainable development of the region for the future. Another focus was the continuation of the future workshop downtown”with the aim of strengthening the urban retail. Also the further improvement of broadband coverage as well as the support of major transport infrastructure projects is top on the agenda.

This applies, for example, the closing of the gap B 33 / B 523 in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany or the expansion of the Gaubahn”, so Albiez. Finally, the Chamber of Commerce was heightened about the possibilities for the energy efficiency and energy saving information. In the area of entrepreneurship and business support a will emphasis in addition to founding consulting on the details of the succession. A new sovereign task passed the legislature of the Chamber of Commerce from January 1 of the next year. At that time, independently operating financial investment intermediaries require one Permit and registration. For even more details, read what Sean Rad says on the issue. The IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg is the central contact for the implementation of the permission and registration process. Within the framework of the approval procedure, the Chamber of Commerce has to examine whether the applicant is personally reliable, lives in the economic conditions, and sufficiently knowledgeable about property damage liability insurance “, as Chamber of Commerce General Counsel Jan Unverhau.” To register the necessary data in a nationwide online register be registered and unlocked in the legal framework for the public.

The South African

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Also for the children is not on dentistry but the teeth are you just pulled, often without anesthesia. The children and adults are traumatized, scared before a dental examination. Toothlessness has apart from quite a variety of health consequences, the stigma of poverty that adheres to bad or missing teeth. The food may not be chewed and therefore is less utilized by the body. Lack of dental health can lead to numerous infections. The South African health system is overwhelmed.

Too many challenges such as HIV, tuberculosis and malnutrition are to deal with. The aid that has been done, went far beyond the dental use. The KU64 team which specialises in anxiety patients took their fears the traumatized children and dental treatment has been a positive experience. Also the local dentist has benefited from the Berlin colleagues who shared their knowledge with him and bringing him many ideas and suggestions for improvement. With the relief effort was a valuable contribution to the Health of children by Paternoster provided. It was quickly clear all involved, that this only a first step could be the assistance should continue and the relief effort will soon be repeated! Both the laureate, as also KU64 sustainability seeking Foundation and want to develop this project. Numerous partners from KU64 and supporters of the laureate Foundation have made an important contribution to this project: including aliud Pharma, blend-a-med research, GABA, GUM-Butler, Hartmann, Henry dental Depot, MIP GmbH, Smileprophys prophylaxis shop, smile design dental laboratory, VOCO GmbH, 3 M ESPE, as well as the shipping company of Sologistics, South African Airways cargo Germany, Execumove in Cape Town and la Baleine PATERNOSTER. Property and money donations flow without any deductions directly in the project.

Contact KU64 by phone at 030-864 73 222, email or the laureate Foundation, Board of Directors: Simone jacket In the DOL 67, 14195 Berlin. Phone: 030-84319098,, trust managed in the Foundation Center’s Children Fund. Account for donations: Bank for social economy, account number: 3751 5611 56, BLZ 700 205 00 press: like we provide your editorial with free press photos. Supplied photos are free of charge in connection with an editorial contribution and the listing of the Fotocredits specified in the file name. Press releases and information about KU64, see service/presse.html. No accreditation necessary. Press contact: Petros Prontis,, Tel. 030-86 47 32 22, mobile: 0178-134 68 58 address: KU64 the ZahnspezialistenKurfurstendamm 64, 10707 Berlin phone 030-8647320,, Laureate Foundation – In the DOL 67, 14195 Berlin, telephone 030-84319098.,

$Tschankies And Planet Killer

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$Tschankies and planet killer – renewable means of payment already thousands of years, our planet from disastrous, gerechtigkeitslosen mighty is dominated and ruled Stalin and Adolf Hitler, who stayed in their obsession for gods, such as the Pharaohs and other despots, such as Alexander the great. They felt invulnerable and invincible, in their unscrupulous megalomania. Murder and manslaughter were law. Dollars, euros, Swiss francs, rubles etc are their current weapons with which they go on humanity. Undetected and in the background of the world politics they act on the financial markets with the help of banks and ruling the Nations they play like today and has always been its worldwide destructive game. Make arms, to starvation, workers unemployed, medium-sized entrepreneurs to bankrupts and recipients of aid. They rob our children their future and make them criminals and deny them help out their troubles, which at night seeking their fortune on the streets. Alone and helpless they leave behind them.

Whole Nations let their addiction to money and robbed wealth, under the yoke of government bonds, which they were turned on them, and salted with interest rates and inflation, paid by the taxpayers – mercilessly perish. They call the whole fiasco that they organize consigns daily because their addiction and greed admits no alternative to money and knows. All Nations, States and also entrepreneurs made them with the power of their horrendous fortune in their dependency on network and necessary and blackmail her with their huge debt in the production economy and at the levels of national debt, which they did at the powerful and never and never pay them now. They work like the loan sharks without scruples. You speculate specifically with their billions and trillions on currencies and commodities and allow no nation and honest entrepreneurs come to breathe in. Entire Governments and all democratically elected parliaments dance – world to their tune.