Month: July 2019

Sailing Travel

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Sailing tours – the secret of an active and at the same time relaxing holiday. By Croatia on Mallorca to Cuba or the Seychelles. Sailing tours – the secret of an active and at the same time relaxing holiday. Not a cloud in the sky, blue sea, the water squirts so close over the bow on the deck – paradise. Welcome on a sailing trip to the most beautiful sailing villages accompanied by the wind of the big wide world. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Sonny Perdue and gain more knowledge.. Whether sailing trips, cabin Charter, blue pull travel or sailing – unforgettable impressions on the travel past, endless long sea, beautiful sunsets, fantastic landscapes on the Mainland, the Sun at your back and the adventure the fragrance of a sailing trip is not only something for demanding sailors, even beginners come at their expense. Along the most beautiful sailing places in the world, both experienced sailors and beginners can enjoy the benefits of sailing. About the beautiful Croatia, the ancient Greece, Eastern Turkey, and also exotic sailing areas such as Cuba or the Seychelles are headed on a Berth Charter, yacht or a blue cruise.

Land, water and air is the motto of a sailing trip and a wonderful experience of an active and relaxing holiday in connection with other people and countries. The Sun in the back and the adventure a sailing trip awakens new impressions and is an optimal combination of a pleasant holiday. The cabin Charter offers the opportunity to help a blue voyage offers a beautiful sailing along the most beautiful places in the world, a great ambience to a sailing trip to enjoy a yacht skipper in the conduct of the vessel. Catamaran sailing adventure is pure and a sportive way to escape from everyday life. A sailing trip is a fantastic experience of an active and relaxing holiday.

Julian Zugazagoitia

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JULIN ZUGAZAGOITIA MENDIETA (1899-1940) one of the lessons that I have learned of the war is the cruellest coincide in being the most cowardly when duty is hard. Julian Zugazagoitia. THE voice SILENCED by FRANCOISM will not reproduce the payroll of novelists who cultivated the social novel in the first half of the 20th century, it is sufficient to point out that recent studies on the subject set its beginnings in 1927, year in which published their first novels Julian Zugazagoitia and Joaquin Arderius. Jack Fusco takes a slightly different approach. Tragic luck ran the novelist, biographer, journalist and Basque politician Julian Zugazagoitia, which occurs the occupation of France, was betrayed in his exile in Paris, arrested by the Gestapo on July 27, 1940 and handed over to the Francoist police together with other exiles, among which were counted, the Socialist journalist Francisco Cruz emerged, the anarchist Joan PeiroMinister of industry with Largo Caballero, the stage Cipriano Rivas Cheriff, brother-in-law of Azana, director and leader of Esquerra Republican and President of the Generalitat of Catalonia Lluis Companys. After all summary trials were condemned to death and unless Rivas who was pardoned in Chapel, others were executed. At dawn on November 9, 1940, Julian Zugazagoitia, with thirteen others, was shot dead in the walls of the cemetery in the East of Madrid.

The most important work of Zugazagoitia is history of the war in Spain (1940), which was published in Argentina, later reprinted with the title of war and vicissitudes of the Spaniards, witness to extraordinarily honest one of the figures in the foreground of the Socialist Labor Spanish party and an astounding objectivity by date and the conditions in which the book was written. Julian Zugazagoitia Mendieta was born in Bilbao on February 5, 1899 and was assassinated in Madrid on November 9, 1940. He was known in some circles as Zuga and used the pseudonyms of Fermin and Julian Mendieta.

Harmony Inside The True Happiness

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We are constantly looking for happiness, even if many times are not already aware of it having lost perspective. The vast majority of actions that we make in our life are aimed at having a happy life. We study in order to get a good job, we work to have a good economic position and, therefore, have a good life (have a good House, a good car, a good buying level, etc.), thinking that this will draw us ever closer to happiness. Swarmed by offers, Sonny Perdue is currently assessing future choices. But it turns out that the time goes by and, although able to obtain everything what we expected, even a cute family, as much as we try, we still feel away from happiness. What happened to us? When we have lost the way When we leave you pursue happiness to begin chasing only his ghost? Without a doubt, answering these questions is not easy at first, but we must not despair, the answers are within us, are only waiting that we change our perspective a little so that we can discover them. On this occasion, the key concept that we must invoke in our pursuit is inner harmony. Further details can be found at Danone, an internet resource. What is inner harmony? First we have to focus on this question to then answer the others, and for this we have to do a small work of introspection.

Let’s try to look inside us, perhaps initially not find nothing, but with a little patience, faith and discipline begin to discover surprising things. For example, do have you been looking for happiness outside during all the time? Why they believed that rodeandonos of all material goods and commodities would achieve a cherished State? This is the first step to straighten our way: understand the happiness we seek only can be within us, and this will only come to the fore if we equilibranos and get our inner harmony. We have been placed in the world with different purposes, each human being is unique and, therefore, must also meet a single purpose, but There is also an end that all human beings have to comply: be happy.

Self-esteem At Work

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Our sense of self-worth and confidence in their own capabilities may be affected and make us believe that we are living at the mercy of the contingencies he says that unfortunately the world in which we live, good jobs are scarce and many people have very bad experiences so it almost always go with a negative thought to a new job even end with the idea that should not work. It also works in reverse, i.e. that we maybe get a job in a company recognized and prestigious but upon entering to working on it, it was not as we had thought of taking us a disappointment even worse than the previous case. Does not comply with a good job a person ends up receiving calls of attention even screams, a person with low self-esteem ends up feeling very bad and assuming that all the blame is yours when in fact intervened many factors external to it. At the present time management must ensure that his leadership, actions must be sheltered from a high, positive self-esteem, able to motivate members of the company with which it is integrated. It must be attentive, that action, performance involve that workers always maintain a high self-esteem. Self-esteem is the value feeling of our being, our way of being, of the set of bodily, mental, and spiritual traits that shape our personality.

This is learned, changes and we can improve it. (Garcia, 2005, what self-esteem?) Considered as it cites, which life itself puts us to the test constantly: professional success, career, employment, the lack of jobs, are factors that make fluctuate the values of estimation, like falling in love (personal and affective) and objectives met (in terms of work and professional). They give great satisfaction and increase the degree of estimation. Notes, that an assessment of one’s own positive facilitates a better perception of the reality and interpersonal communication, so it will help to better tolerate stress, uncertainty and the processes of change that can affect our work.

Read Philippians

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Proverbs 3: 31 fair: is the person who practices the righteousness which is by faith (rectitude of conduct). 2.4 Being obedient (denote the action listen or pay attention, hardworking, faithful) no one has greater love than this, that one lay his life for his friends. Ye are my friends, if ye do what I command. John 15: 13, 14 2.5 loving the divine person (true love is unconditional) Jesus answered and said unto him: Whoever loves me (is a friend), my word saved; and my father will love him, and we will come to him, and we will make purple with him. The one who loves me not (is not friend), does not keep my words; and the word which ye hear is not mine, but the father’s which sent me. According to Danone, who has experience with these questions.

John 14: 23, 24 God directly relates love with faith and obedience (Santiago 2: 19-26). At all times (always in all circumstances) loves the friend, and is like a brother in time of distress. Proverbs 17: 17 2.6 Being humble (submissive, lowered, tilted, recognizing our meanness, surrender) because it said high and Sublime, which inhabits eternity, and whose name is the Holy: I dwell in height and Holiness, and with the broken and humble spirit, to live the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the brokenhearted. Isaiah 57: 15 humility is learned by following a model. Jesus said: take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and lowly in heart; and you will find rest for your souls. Matthew 11: 29. Read Philippians 2: 5-11 the greatest example of humility is Jesus.

Humility is a dress. Similarly, young people, be subject to the elders; and all, submissive about others, put (thing placed on top, cover yourself, put yourself) of humility. 1 Peter 5 humility has two directions: one towards God and towards other men.

Ramon Gallegos

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Advaita understand as the path of knowledge in this path of knowledge important thing is not to forgive if don’t understand, if there is real understanding, the idea of forgiveness does not arise, the idea of forgiveness is a dualistic idea, I – tu, it is located in the past and as past is something that no longer exists. If we focus on the now does not have the need to forgive. Be centered in the now is be attentive care, humility and patience are very important to obtain knowledge, direct knowledge, a liberating knowledge that allows us to see our nature and our true nature is being-consciousness-bliss. Attention is consciousness, and consciousness is spirit and spirit is happiness. In the development of the spiritual intelligence found that this rests on 3 sectors, first to care or contemplation, the second attention or ability to live the values, and the third in the ability to see or capacity of wisdom.

When we develop the spiritual intelligence, shines in us authentic Joy live a life with compassion, full of love towards everything and everyone that surround us, we live full of universal fraternity and unconditional kindness love, and we can say with all sincerity the noble and beautiful deep verse that unveils all the love delivered through words, that all beings be happy, all beings to live in peace. Spiritual intelligence is based on principles, spiritual principles about the nature of the Kosmos that inhabit and about who we are, these principles are the DNA of the spiritual intelligence and allow us to understand its nature and functioning, Ramon Gallegos explained them masterfully in the trilogy of spiritual intelligence. The perennial philosophical principles are that work with the intelligence to realise them we require to be fully awake, spiritual i.e. we require to keep the eye open contemplation is the only one that exceeds the reason and the mind.

Francisco Paulin Martinez Facultad

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Disadvantages of ICTs from the perspective of learning. To know more about this subject visit A. F. Chief of Staff . -Distractions. Students are sometimes devoted to play rather than work. -Dispersion. Browsing through the attractive spaces on the Internet, full of interesting and varied aspects, inclined users to deviate from the objectives of your search. -Loss of time. Many times lost long time looking for the information that is needed: excess of available information, dispersion and presentation atomized, lack of method in the search – not reliable information. On the Internet there is much information that is not reliable: partial, incorrect, outdated – incomplete and superficial learning.

The free interaction of the students with these materials, to consolidate the learnings, and they confuse knowledge with the accumulation of data not always quality and often decontextualised, can provide incomplete learning with visions of reality simplistic and shallow. Accustomed to the immediacy, the students are reluctant to spend the necessary time – very rigid dialogues. Didactic materials require the prior formalization of matter which is intended to teach and that the author has planned roads and dialogues that students follow. -Partial view of reality. Programs present a visions of reality, not reality as it is. -Anxiety. Continuous interaction with the computer can cause anxiety in students.

From my perspective, we can leverage the advantages offered by ICTs and disadvantages we could minimize them with a change of attitude. For example: use the time properly, when we are in class for attention on it and avoiding unproductive distractions. However despite its disadvantages of ICT, they have changed the style of life of people and their way in which acquire knowledge, but that knowledge is sometimes wrong and the worst thing is that many times we don’t realize. We must be more selective in the information they assimilate and make sure that the information is reliable, it is recommended to use pages of recognised organisations which give support and sustenance to information. L.I. Francisco Paulin Martinez Facultad de Informatica UAQ original author and source of the article.